The life of Gomel’s wonderful children: Yan Svintsitsky loves to paint Gomel nature

There are many wonderful places in our city that you want to return to, but it is the artists who can not only admire the world around them, but turn the visible landscape into a real work of art. Gomel resident Yan Svintsitsky is just eight years old, but his artistic talent has already been featured more than once in international competitions. Maybe in the future, with the help of his canvases, he will be able to talk to the whole world about our city.


According to Jan, he has been painting for so long that he can no longer remember when it started. The boy’s father is more accurate in his memories – the son’s ability to plan in the family was observed when he was three years old. It suddenly turned out that the then very young child could draw very straight lines without any ruler. Jan’s parents gave him pencils and markers and let go of his imagination – so the boy began to create his first paintings, captivating the audience with unusual images born of his imagination. At the age of five, the parents, having decided to support the child’s interest, brought him to the art studio “Colors of Life” under the teacher Alina Zharina and the boy’s talent was revealed even brighter.

“I like to paint with different materials: watercolors, gouache and pencils, I especially like pastels,” says Jan. – I like to go out in nature and look at different plants – we grow a lot of beautiful flowers. Whenever possible I should have all three of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. There are several interesting places in Gomel, for example, a lake with swans, carousels, various fountains, but most of all I like to go out of town, to the village. There is such a nature!

At the same time, most of all, Jan likes to create paintings based solely on his imagination. The number of diplomas he brought to Gomel from various international competitions shows that the boy is doing well. This is also noted by adult teachers, for example, a member of the Association of German Artists, Willy Boos, who, seeing how six-year-old Jan was painting at the time, said with admiration: “I do not understand how he does it at his age. “I could not do that.”


When Ian is asked how he manages to literally project on paper images that many of the adults would not even take out, he shrugs modestly – they say, I do not know myself. Of course, he does not like the result – how many designs were torn from him and thrown away! But now, feeling a little more mature, Jan says the following:

– If something goes wrong, I just put the plan aside and get on with my usual work. The mood then still lingers – and I’m done. And it happens that I start planning, and then once – and everything is ready. I did not notice how everything happened. I keep all my paintings and often give them to my parents.

For several years, Jan became the winner of the 1st prize in the international competitions “On the banks of the Neva” (St. Petersburg), “Skryzhavanni. Minsk”, the international sponsored art competition “Spring Triumph” (Moscow) and others. After two years at the Colors of Life studio, Yan Svintsitsky began studying at the Gomel Children’s Art School, where for the last year, under the guidance of teacher Olga Shilovskaya, he discovered new aspects of his ability.

  • Jan’s favorite movie is Home Alone and his book Pushkin Tales. The most important advice he wants to give to all those who dream of becoming artists is: “Do not be afraid of the empty plate!”


Jan’s work “Roses on the Balcony”, painted in the terms of the competition held in 2020 in Saratov (Russia), based on the painting “Roses and Earrings” by Russian painter V. Borisov-Musatov, was recognized as the best. As a result, the boy was among ten young artists from all over the former USSR, who were invited to a meeting with the famous sculptor Zurab Tseretelli. And although the pandemic has intervened in big plans, preventing him from getting some advice from a recognized teacher, Jan looks to the future openly and without undue worry. He is much more interested in playgrounds, which in his life are no less than achievements in the field of art.

“I have not yet decided who I want to be,” says Yang. – Maybe an artist, maybe a developer – I like what I do. Apart from design, I also like swimming and robotics. I am now in my third year of high school.
No. 59 of Gomel, and I have a whole summer ahead of me! The last thing I painted was the sea, the palm trees and the sand!

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