The member of the Legislative Assembly supported the residents of Chelyabinsk who defend the forest in Topolinka

Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region Olga Mukhometiarova Today, June 16, I came to the defenders of the Chelyabinsk forest in Topolinka. The MP spoke with the residents of the northwest, who disagreed with the construction of the UralGUFK ice rink in the green area, and expressed her support. Earlier, Newton and Poplar Alley residents set up tents near the tree-cutting site and organized a signature collection to create a park named after Vladimir Putin at the site. The construction of the sports facility is disputed by the residents of the city and in court.

“I received a call from the residents of Chelyabinsk that a birch grove was being cut down next to their houses, which they consider to be a forest. Due to the fact that in the city and in the region as a whole there is a problem with the cadastre of forest areas, it is necessary to evaluate this situation objectively. That’s why I came to the people who set up tents near the cutting point. During the short time I was there, I saw people walking in the forest – either a young couple or a retiree, mothers with children – coming and putting their signatures on the preservation of the forest. People keep going. Today (not as a deputy, but as a resident of Chelyabinsk) I will write a statement to the police. Since, in my subjective opinion, the actions of the Chelyabinsk administration, which are related to the issuance of a building permit for this area, are contrary to federal law, – mentionted Olga Mukhometiarova.

The MP added that, at the request of the citizens, he will act under the 59-FZ and will send requests to the competent services. Olga Mukhometiarova noted that according to the Forest Code of the Russian Federation, all forests must be registered in the land registry. Such work requires significant expenditure, but funds for these purposes are not available to municipalities from the regional budget. At the same time, A Just Russia MPs have come up with such an initiative more than once. By the way, it takes about 70 million rubles to put all the forests of the Chelyabinsk region on the land registry.

“If urban forests were recorded, then this conflict would not have occurred. And now they are being manipulated. “– stressed the deputy.

According Olga MukhometiarovaFirst of all, it remains to be seen what condition the green space next to the Newton residential complex was in until 2021, because it was not included in the land registry as an urban forest, but was transferred to a recreation area, thus reducing its environmental condition.

“We will analyze the history of the object, we will find out at what stage this forest passed in the recreation zone and if it turns out that since this site really belonged to the category of forests, then we will challenge the decision to develop it.”– said the choice of the people.

The MP stressed that the Land Code of the Russian Federation (Article 1) established the main principle of land use: first, land is used as a natural object and then in agriculture and forestry, and only if the site has no natural value, it passes under residential development. However, now the Chelyabinsk administration is prioritizing the Urban Planning Code, which is, in principle, secondary. And the compensatory plantations that officials are talking about can not restore the full variety of species that will be destroyed as a result of logging, Mukhometyarova believes.

The ZSO MP also had questions about the work of the judiciary, which did not take any interim measures and did not ban construction work on the site.

“Now the installation of the fence is in full swing there. Does the developer understand that citizens can win the court? Who will pay for the damage in this case?he asks Olga Mukhometiarova.

We remind you that after the intervention of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of Chelyabinsk Sergei Mironov Tree demolition work near the Newton apartment complex was suspended and Chelyabinsk residents removed the tents from the construction site. However, the guarantees given by the police colonel were valid only until June 14. After that, the workers continued to enclose the area with a fence and the residents set up a tent camp again, but this time next to the cutting point. The high-profile court hearing will take place on July 16 in the Soviet District Court.

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