Top 5 popular summer marine recreation destinations

Modern Russian tourism is undergoing enormous changes. Travelers are looking for new routes and leisure items. Vechernyaya Moskva learned from experts whether sailing tourism is popular in Russia and which destinations are more popular.

The director of the Sailing Academy Denis Shapovalov gave some advice to those who are going to start sailing tourism and dispelled popular myths.

According to him, many are afraid that they may be shaken. However, the expert assured that in Moscow and St. Petersburg you will certainly not experience seasickness.

– The most popular fear of beginners is nausea. But in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you certainly will not get sea. There are practically no waves. However, if you are still experiencing this illness, I advise you to take the wheel. This is the best way. You can also work with sails, this will distract you. And it’s better to take seasickness pills as a last resort, he assured.

The “VM” interlocutor noted that it is not necessary to be trained as a captain to set sail. You can take many lessons with an instructor who will explain and show you everything you need to know.

Many beginners are afraid to fail, but after a detailed update, your fear will disappear. Girls also find yachting difficult. No way! All modern yachts are designed in such a way that everyone has enough effort. “Now they are even leading all-female crews,” he said.

The expert noted that sea travelers do not need to buy special uniforms. The most important thing is to protect yourself well from the aggressive sun.

– There are special clothes for sailing trips that protect from the sun, the wind and the bad weather. But for a short walk, it is enough to wear a tracksuit and sneakers. I note that you definitely need a hat from the sun. “On the ship, the water strongly reflects the rays and you can burn,” he concluded.

Shapovalov noted that the main thing is to go on a tourist trip in a good mood and enjoy the trip!

White Sea

One of the most popular summer sailing destinations in Russia is the White Sea. Hundreds of tourists make this trip every year to enjoy the sea air and beautiful nature.

– Our team is organizing a sailing mission in the White Sea for the fourth year already. This summer, more than 250 people will travel with us. “Tourists will be able to immerse themselves in the abyss of calm, serenity and become one with nature,” said Tatyana Lebedeva, product manager at Power of the Wind.

– Yachting is now actively developing in the White Sea. There is amazing nature in this area. People love to travel there. “During sailing trips along the White Sea, they gain the freedom to hunt,” said Denis Shapovalov, director of the Sailing Academy.

Price: from 60 thousand rubles

Sea of ​​Japan

The Sea of ​​Japan is surrounded by wildlife and differs significantly from the resort areas known to tourists. To most Russians, such a trip would seem rather exotic. However, it is ideal for sailing enthusiasts through uncharted landscapes and wild beaches.

– Sailing trips to Vladivostok appeared not so long ago, but are already in great demand. Five-day sailing missions are requested on cruise ships along the Sea of ​​Japan with visits to nature reserves. In addition, a sports camp on sports boats for racing fans is popular, – said Tatyana Lebedeva, Product Director of Power of the Wind.

Price: from 30 thousand rubles


Sailing tourism on Lake Baikal is becoming more and more popular. The Russians are trying to see the beauty of the deepest lake on the planet.

– Sailing trips on Lake Baikal are very popular. Many prefer to rent a yacht with a captain or go on an independent sea voyage. “There are routes where you can stop and walk along the coast, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of wildlife and uncharted sites,” said Denis Sapovalov, director of the Sailing Academy.

– This year’s innovation is Baikal. One of the most interesting and demanding directions. We are organizing a six-day sailing mission from Irkutsk to Olkhon. “We go hiking, watch the seals and taste the masterpieces from the chef,” said Tatiana Lebedeva, Product Director at Power of the Wind.

Price: from 80 thousand rubles

Black Sea

Krasnodar Territory has become one of the most popular tourist destinations among Russians this year. People go there not only for the usual beach holidays, but also for sailing. Tourists can enjoy the sea air, the unforgettable mountain views and experience the marine life at the stern of the yacht. For example, dolphins love to accompany tourist boats.

– Sochi is on our lists of popular destinations for the third year. We consistently collect large sports yacht camps for 100 people and also make more intimate camps for 40 people throughout the year, “said Tatyana Lebedeva, Product Director of Power of the Wind.

– Sailing and sailing are actively developing in Sochi. There are many interesting routes there. However, in the Black Sea it is difficult to hide from the bad weather, which is unpredictable. The storm may start unexpectedly and continue for several days in a row, – warned Denis Shapovalov, director of the Sailing Academy.

Price: from 28 thousand rubles

Lake Ladoga

During a sailing mission on Lake Ladoga, tourists surf the endless expanse. It is the largest in Europe and in terms of navigation features it is by no means inferior to the sea. The lake has all the prerequisites for an exciting sailing trip in the form of quiet coves and narrow corridors of Ladoga stones.

– This year we started similar missions on Lake Ladoga. Getting to Ladoga is easier. This area has an excellent sailing infrastructure in the form of comfortable berths, as well as beautiful boats. “We enter a wild parking lot there,” said Tatyana Lebedeva, Product Director of Power of the Wind.

Price: from 50 thousand rubles.

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