“Two meters from the missile there is a sandbox”: a family from Yekaterinburg left for Donbass to help those in need

Together with his wife, Fagim went to Donbass to help people who were left homeless. Photo: ICPO “Food for Life”

– The eye contracted. So what to do? At some point, you realize that such things happen, that you can not stay away, – says Fagim Sadyakov, a programmer from Yekaterinburg.

Together with his wife, Fagim went to Donbass to help people who were left homeless. He admits that it was scary to go to the front lines because he had not had such an experience before.

-People are so bad and there are so few people who can help them that they already have to go do something. “I’m at least trying to make it easier for people to make a living by sharing food,” explains Fagim Sadyakov. – And then, finally, you do not climb under the spheres.


The “Food for Life” detachment has developed hot food preparation points near Starobelsk in the village of Veseloye and in the town of Rubizhnoye. Photo: ICPO “Food for Life”


The “Food for Life” excerpt, which included the Sadyakov family, set up hot spots in the Lugansk Democratic Republic near Starobelsk in the village of Vesele and in the town of Rubizhne. Until recently, there were fights. And now it is a liberated territory. However, locals and volunteers can clearly hear explosions and gunshots. Rare, but there are “arrivals”. It’s very scary…

Fayyim pours a glass of tea for an elderly man. A man drinks a drink in seconds, but here:

– Just … – he looks at Fagim confused and tries to justify why he was in such a hurry.

– You also get an orange, – smiles Fajim smiles and spreads the fruit amicably to the retiree. The man feels supportive and sets aside with relief.

Fagim works as a developer.  Photo: MBOO

Fagim works as a developer. Photo: ICPO “Food for Life”

In some areas, electricity is sometimes turned on and gas is supplied, but most of the time they cook over fires. The people of Rubizhne do not ask for much food and are in a hurry to leave. They understand that there is not enough food and behind them there are still hundreds of hungry people. Everyone should have enough.

“People react very well, they welcome us with joy and, most importantly, they understand who we are and why we are here. There are no halftones here. Whether the person is hungry or not. Whether there is someone to take care of him or not. Whether he has a roof over his head or not. “There are no half measures in rubles here,” Fagim shared his feelings.

More recently, fighting took place near Starobelsk, in the village of Veseloye and in the town of Rubizhny.  And now it is a liberated territory.  Photo: MBOO

More recently, fighting took place near Starobelsk, in the village of Veseloye and in the town of Rubizhny. And now it is a liberated territory. Photo: ICPO “Food for Life”

– Contrary to the traditional view that women cook, all our cooks are men, with health booklets and work experience. You have to cook thousands of portions, carry heavy pots. You can not do without strong hands, – reveals the kitchen of the project Olga Starostina, press secretary of the extract. – Dry mixes make life very easy, from which you can quickly prepare hot meals. Even if there is no electricity, no gas, you can pour mixtures with boiling water and get pea soups, mashed potatoes and other dishes that hungry people have not seen for a long time.


The Food for Life quote tries to help the people of Donbass with simple discussions. Many remember the 8-year-old boy Kolya. When he spoke to the volunteers, he said that the other day he miraculously escaped during the bombing.

The boy was playing on a hill and suddenly the “arrivals” began. There was a huge crater in front of Kolias, so big that he did not manage to run around it and reach the bomb shelter. An awkward grandfather was running next to Kolias, he was no longer himself from the deep old age and the shocks of the last months. The grandfather accidentally pushed the boy and fell into the funnel. Kolya rolled his heels in the pit: his arm and forehead ached. Kolya said that the clumsy grandfather was his savior. A few minutes later, a shell was fired at the hill where he was sitting.

And this is Kolya, and he miraculously survived.  Photo: MBOO

And this is Kolya, and he miraculously survived. Photo: ICPO “Food for Life”

“God, God, if this horror did not happen”, repeats this phrase little Kolya, showing the volunteers what prayer he said. – When “boom” I read it at night. And sometimes during the day. I did not study it. I always knew her. As soon as I read it it stops beating. As soon as I stop, he starts again, – the boy explains calmly, and his hands feverishly twist the foam rubber lining of the armrests of the chair in which the child is sitting.

Olga Starostina remembers how, during a raid to distribute food packaging, she came to the yard, where there was an unexploded shell. The head stuck to the ground with one end. The locals surrounded it with stones so that no one would step on it by mistake.

– There was a sandy beach two meters from the projectile. Contains cheerful and cheerful plastic toys in neon colors. I thought, ‘The abandoned sandbox looks like the kids are running here. “But that is no longer possible.” Immediately, a three-year-old runs out of the entrance and cheerfully runs to the dune. He plays next to a dangerous missile. This is how people live there now. “We can not let them go,” said Olga Starostina.

In the team

The Food for Life excerpt includes 15 volunteers and another 300 backups. Photo: ICPO “Food for Life”

The Sadyakovas, along with Food for Life, have been in Donbas for sixty days. The detachment of volunteers is formed by volunteers from different cities of Russia: from Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Volzsky, Goriaci Klitschko. There are 15 people in the detachment – some are leaving, some are coming. There are about 300 people in the reserve.

– There is a feeling that we did not come in vain. We have what to do, how to do it, with whom and for whom. Because wherever you look, there is disaster and hungry people everywhere. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

At present, Sadyakova spouses are far away, there is no mobile communication in these areas.

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