Where to get married in the Moscow region: beautiful estates, holiday hotels, yacht club and horse ranch

Arkhangelskoye Museum-Estate

Address: Krasnogorsk district, Arkhangelskoye settlement

Contacts: +7 (498) 568-95-80

Prices: photography in the park (no time limits, but within the park opening hours and under the following conditions: for a camera, for non-commercial purposes, without the use of additional equipment, decorations and change of clothes) – 3000 rubles; professional photo in the park (duration – up to three hours. With entrance tickets for all participants in the shooting, by prior agreement on the date, time, location of the shooting, as well as special equipment with the administration) – 25,000 rubles

Website: https://arhangelskoe.su/

“Arkhangelsk” considered one of the most beautiful estates near Moscow – it was a favorite part of the Moscow aristocracy for several centuries.

The museum-estate has everything for the most wonderful wedding: a wonderful architecture and park with alleys, sculptures and fountains, a magical park with scenic views, as well as friendly staff to help you make your favorite dreams come true. this unforgettable day.

In the park area you can organize a professional photo shoot. To do this, you must purchase special photo tickets at the museum box office and submit a request in advance dir@arhangelskoe.su

Serednikovo Manor

Address: District of the city Solnechnogorsk, settlement of the sanatorium Mtsyri, property 1

Contacts: +7 (925) 304-35-07

Prices: the cost of organizing a wedding is calculated individually, you can fill out an application up to Link

Website: https://serednikovo.su/

wedding inside Serednikovo estate It is an unforgettable day in the park, where Mikhail Lermontov and Fyodor Chaliapin walked, and in the Front House, where the famous Russian artist Valentin Serov and the composer Sergei Rachmaninov worked. Everything here is neat and infinitely romantic, and the photos against the backdrop of the estate, built in the style of Russian classicism, are simply wonderful!

For a banquet, a formal ceremony and an entertainment program on the property there are several venues: a Front House banquet hall, a tent, a summer wooden terrace and a Manege banquet hall. by phone: +7 (925) 304-35-07.

Museum-Reserve “Manor Muranovo with the name IFI Tyutchev”

Address: Pushkin urban area, Asukino urban settlement, Muranovo village

Contacts: +7 (985) 317-38-98

Prices: entrance to the territory of the mansion park for the guests of the event – 50 rudders (adult ticket), 30 rubles (reduced ticket). photography in the area of ​​в αρχ. в.. the mansion park – 2000 rubles. thematic tour – 250 rubles. in the interior of the Main Manor House – 10,000 rubles

Website: https://muranovo-museum.ru/ru/

Wedding on the Muranovo estate

The atmosphere of the Russian aristocracy, the preserved interiors of the Main Manor House, the picturesque nature and a large shady mansion – all this makes “Muranovo” estate a wonderful place for a wedding in the country.

You can choose one of the three sets of services provided under the “Wedding in the Manor” program. Among them is a themed tour with costumes in the exhibition spaces on the first floor of the Main Manor House, a unique photo shoot inside the Main House and much more. The marriage registration takes place at the estate. Wedding programs take place on Fridays.

Church of the Sign of the Virgin

Address: Podolsk district, Dubrovitsy settlement

Contacts: +7 (496) 765-16-44

Prices: it’s free

Website: https://www.dubrovitsy-hram.ru/

Church of the Assumption in Dubrovitsy

This temple near Podolsk has long been one of the favorite places for wedding photography. The appearance of the church is far from the standards of Russian temple architecture – instead of a dome, a crown is displayed here and the facades are decorated with stone sculptures of the apostles, carved ornaments and plaster carvings.

They do not charge money for photography here, you can carry out your creative ideas completely freely. For unforgettable shots, newlyweds from all over Moscow come here. There is always enough people in the temple, so we recommend that you arrive as early as possible.

The wedding takes place in the church after the registration of the marriage. Before performing the mystery, you must pass an interview. It is organized on Saturdays at 12:30.

Serpukhov Museum of History and Art

Address: Serpukhov, Chekhov Street, 87

Contacts: +7 (496) 712-83-80 (ext. 221)

Price: a group of up to 15 people – 15,000 rubles, the cost for groups of more than 15 people – check by phone

Website: https://serpuhov-museum.ru/

Museum with the richest collection of works of art in the Moscow region offers special holiday programs for newlyweds. After the formal wedding at the registry office, you can spend the most memorable day at the museum. There is a fascinating theatrical program waiting for you: 17th and 19th century consuls will introduce you to the intricacies of family ties and talk about the characteristics of their work. In addition, the young family will have great honor: an audience with Catherine II herself!

The program is designed for 15 guests and includes permission from the museum for wedding photography and video recording.

M’lstra’l Hotel & SPA

Address: Istra, village Rozhdestveno, area of ​​the capital Stroy, building 1

Contacts: +7 (495) 994-40-00

Price: calculated individually, check by phone

Website: https://m-istra-l.ru/

M’Istra’L Hotel & SPA – a five star resort on the scenic shore of the Istra Reservoir. The elegant eight-storey hotel with stunning views of the forest and the lake is named after the wind that blows on the Mediterranean coast of France.

The solitude of a country resort, the picturesque nature, the luxurious banquet halls and interiors, the refined luxury of the interior architecture, the gastronomic cuisine and the highest service – all these will make your wedding bright and perfect!

It offers equipped rooms, spacious air scenes, artists and presenters, modern music and lighting equipment, experienced chefs and waiters, specialists in the field of design and floriculture. To apply the most creative ideas for the newlyweds, there is also a platform on the roof of the hotel with stunning views of the unique nature of the Moscow region and the Istra Reservoir.

Country Club “Bear Lakes”

Address: Schelkovo area, Medvezhye Ozera village, Lakeshore street, house 1

Contacts: +7 (495) 988-26-83

Price: calculated individually, check by phone

Website: https://moclub.ru/

Country Club “Bear Lakes” is located on the shores of two lakes, just 12 kilometers from the Moscow ring road. For a wedding, there are five reception areas on the club grounds (“Big Bear” with a real fireplace, “Little Bear” in a mountain village style, “Restaurant on the Water” with an open terrace, “Pier” with large windows or ” Panorama “) and a pier for off-site registration in the water.Guests are also offered a reception menu for a sophisticated audience.

The list of wedding services includes: the work of a webmaster, decorators, florists, presenters, queer groups, photographers and videographers, fireworks and fireworks, performances by artists, a champagne slide, wedding flash mobs and more.

Vodnik sailing club

Address: Dolgoprudny, Naberezhnaya Street, 24

Contacts: +7 (495) 576-14-13

Price: average restaurant check – from 3000 rubles per person

Website: https://club-vodnik.ru/

Vodnik Sailing Club is located on the banks of the Klyazma reservoir and is surrounded by picturesque nature. You can celebrate your wedding in one of the romantically decorated banquet halls: the PlavOtel restaurant or scenes with panoramic views: Rimini, El Gunna, Boarding, Les and Golf, as well as on the terrace. In addition, on-site registration and a professional photo shoot on the yacht are available to guests.

The natural locations of the country club “Vodnik” are ideal for on-site recording in the fresh air. The beautiful view of the Klyazma reservoir and the sailing bunk, the green meadows of the Moscow region will definitely make this event bright and unforgettable.

Outpost ranch

Address: Mozhaysky urban area, the village of Isavitsy

Contacts: +7 (929) 697-51-37

Price: from 2000-3000 rubles per person

Website: http://bezpovoda.ru/

If you do not want to arrange a party with competitions, but your soul is asking for something original, welcome ranch outpost! Here, the newlyweds will be able to make a real trip in space and time. A wedding with an interesting script, colorful costumes and historical scenery will leave vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions in the memory of the guests for a long time.

Every wedding scenario is different and depends on your wishes, the number of guests, the optimal budget, the time of year and other factors. These can be, for example, costume programs, group competitions, treasure hunts, quests or a romantic trip.

The ranch areas are suitable for accommodation from 10 to 120 people. There are offers for different budgets.


Address: Stupino urban area, Malino airport

Contacts: +7 (977) 257-49-60

Price: photography at the airport with the equipment in the background (1 hour) – 5000 rubles. a date in the air – from 9000 rubles (30 minutes). VIP flight for two – 25,000 rubles

Website: https://fly-zone.ru/

Fly-zone flying club will help you organize a spiritual ceremony for your loved ones. Imagine: a wedding arch in the middle of the airport, lovers take vows and exchange rings, and planes fly over them, throwing thousands of red rose petals τε τε you prefer an airplane type wedding, where the bride and groom will be dressed in and exchange rings right in the air while flying?

The newlyweds have at their disposal: VIP flight for only two, rose petals from the sky (aircraft passing to a safe height), check-in area at the airport, flights for guests at the same time with two Yak18-T aircraft, taking photos and videos at the airport and during the flight, tent for guests, catering (buffet, banquet of any complexity), flowers, balls, banners, photo zone, presenter.

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