Where to go on the weekend of June 18-19

What to watch

Festival of the most fashionable documentaries

The Beat Film Festival starts on June 19. The latest documentaries on the new culture, including winners and nominees for international and Russian film reviews, will be screened at Khudozhestvenny and Karo Oktyabr cinemas. The program is rich: “Kubrick about Kubrick” – the life and films of the great director in his own comments, chronicles of the life of an ordinary cow in the English film “The Cow”, the debut of Charlotte Gainsbourg – a film – a conversation with Jane Birkin’s mother. In addition, the hits of the past years will also be screened: fascinating documentaries about the famous artist Jean-Baptiste Basquiat, the great Finnish architect Aalto and closed rave parties in Iran. The festival will also have its own parties: on June 19, the festival center will open at the Pole club, where screenings will complement discussions, lectures, online sessions with writers and film characters.

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New summer cinema in Krasny Oktyabr

In the courtyard of the bar Strelka on the embankment Bersenevskaya, opened a summer cinema Summer cinema by the service KION and Khudozhestvenny. The program includes the current artistic current, classics, a series of horror films, favorite films, though not premieres, and works by KION itself. All movies in the cinema will be screened in their original language with subtitles. The program for this weekend is as follows: June 16 – “Assa” by Sergei Solovyov, June 17 – “Wolf” by Natalie Biancheri, June 18 – “Clone” by Riley Stearns.

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Exhibition of contemporary artists in Zaryadye

In Zaryadye Park, even in the fairgrounds, the seasons change. The project, which represents contemporary Russian artists of different generations and artistic movements, began in the winter. The first exhibition was dedicated to the holidays, the second – to the renewal of spring and the awakening of nature. The new exhibition again includes nature motifs and, of course, where there is summer, there are holidays, fun and sweet childhood memories. In the exhibition you can see works created in different techniques and genres – paintings, sculptures, moving objects, installations and NFT by Russian artists. The project involves Yuri Kuper, Alexandra Vertinskaya, Vadim Leukhin, Georgy Totibadze, Kirill Kipyatkov and many others. Also on display are paintings and artifacts by Russian-American artist Peter Opheim and South Korean sculptor Jay Yong Kim.

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“ABC of a masterpiece” – the last chance

On June 19 the magnificent exhibition “The ABC of a Masterpiece. Russian geniuses from the first to the last letter. Serov, Malevich, Kandinsky, Serebryakova, Kuindzhi, Deineka, Aivazovsky, Polenov, Kustodiev – 80 artists, the entire iconostasis of Russian painting. 120 works arrived from all over the country – from Vladivostok to Tula. The preparation period of this project lasted two years. The visitors of the exhibition are guided by the alphabet, each letter corresponds to a section. The first A is self-portraits, a convenient way to present the artists whose work is on display. B – meaningless, I – improvisation, W – generosity – this principle allows artists of completely different eras and styles to meet in one department. And, for example, D is a detective and visitors are waiting for the complete secrets of the history of the examination of the paintings.

To hear what

Jazz in the Hermitage Garden

On June 17, as part of a major jazz festival that has been going on for a week in Moscow, a remarkable concert will take place: the diva of the opera Khibla Gerzmava will appear with the jazz band of Sergey Makeev. The same night on stage is Sergei Zilin’s “Phonograph” quintet and a Serbian group. And throughout the weekend, visiting Russian jazzmen – in Alexei Kozlov’s club, Igor Butman’s club, in the jazz club “Esse” – there will be concerts and jam sessions. On June 19, the festival will conclude with a concert on the stage of the Zaryadye Concert Hall. The joint program will be presented for the first time by Igor Butman’s Moscow Jazz Orchestra and opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov.

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Concert in the Japanese Garden

June 18 at the Botanical Garden. Chichin will host a concert entitled “The Moscow Conservatory Visiting the Japanese Garden”. Not Mozart and Tchaikovsky – everything will be as unusual as possible. The concert takes place as part of the Sorafest festival, which brings together lovers of Japanese culture, so on this day in the garden will sound taiko drums, koto zitra and shamisen. The combination of the beauty of nature and traditional Japanese music is the shortest path to harmony. Organizers promise free admission to guests in traditional Japanese attire.

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Sheremetyevo seasons in Kuskovo

On June 17, a concert from the traditional summer program will take place at the palace of Count Sheremetev’s Kuskovo estate. The palace, built in the late 18th century, is wooden – both rain and humidity are catastrophic for it, it closes periodically for weather visits. Therefore, summer is the best time to visit the palace, where, by the way, no one stayed: the front suites were intended exclusively for receptions, here Count Sheremetev was the master. There are now concerts at the Mirror Gallery, whose large windows overlook the park – and the view and music please. Works by Verdi, Handel, Schubert, Piazzolla, Schubert and Bach will be presented at the Ave Maria concert on Friday night.

Summer is the time of travel. Idea for a new restaurant Cape Anna and Nikita Tataev, owners of the Tkemali Café, were born in the remote Cape Town on the Atlantic coast. The advisor was the famous chef Liam Tomlin, founder of Chefs Warehouse restaurants, including the “Best New Restaurant in Africa” ​​according to the World Culinary Awards 2021. Liam’s authentic dishes and signature dishes by chef Ilya Pampukh, who made a series of internships in Africa, formed the basis of the menu. Sea bass seafood with passion fruit sauce, mint, mango and coriander, oysters seasoned with a mixture of spices ras el hanout, jalapeno, ginger-lime caviar and fresh apple, cabbage rolls with crab and shrimp – here you must forget the usual and started on the road for unexplored flavors. Everything is served on wooden plates with a forged core, on copper plates with curved handles, a bone knife is supposed to be served with butter, as well as an ideal single cookie and a large sweet potato bun for a larger group. – Bread is carefully made in the restaurant.

Restaurant name at Bolshaya Dmitrovka, a new work by Gleb Marach and Oksana Malashkina, shows a fresh look at Italian cuisine. Chandeliers hang from the second to the first floor – colorful canvases, reminiscent of either wrapped dough or bright clothes drying on ropes after a large Italian washing machine. On the menu, the carpaccio, the tuna, the tartar, the arancini, the risotto and the gnocchi are classic, but each sounds different: the beef carpaccio has sorrel sauce, the tuna seasoned with hemp seeds and the cod gnocchi is still more tender in milk sauce.

Some dishes of chef Alexander Chelmakin have a slightly Pan-Asian accent, for example, Black Sea radishes, unagi sauce, smoked feta cheese and rice popcorn are added to Nero Venere rice. Experiments on the menu will continue with risotto with steak rib with sage and pizza with duck, pumpkin and dor blue.

Restaurant brand chef Uhvat At Trekhgornaya Manufactory, Viktor Beley inspired the nature and products of Kamchatka, Krasnodar Territory and Altai for a new seasonal menu. There is a lot of seafood and fish here. For example, tuna in a spicy sauce with stratsiatella and strawberries, scallops with tomatoes, basil and seaweed, and even okroshka with Far Eastern tuna. In hot dishes, halibut with blue skin from the oven with fern and celery stew with cucumaria (“sea cucumber”) and fried grilling with morel-sour-cream sauce are responsible for the innovations.

The restaurant opened in the spring Paternal decided not to miss the magical morning hours and launched summer mornings. Every morning from 9 to 12, under omelets, cereals and croissants, rivers of freshly squeezed juices and sparkling cocktails flow. Omelet with a generous portion of crabs and sorghum, mix under a thick layer of sea urchin caviar and sour cream, millet porridge with sweet potato and stratsiatella, mango pancakes – on such a breakfast you can make it until the evening. Well, the panna cotta in a “shell” of milk chocolate with “yolk” mango, black “caviar” of coffee and banana brioche will excite lovers of photogenic sweets.

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