A Belarusian working in a Paris restaurant opened his own bakery in Minsk

The Mroiva bakery opened in Minsk, a project of two brothers, Dmitri and Nikita, who decided to make the city even more comfortable. It didn’t take long for us to find inspiration: Dmitri worked as a confectioner in Paris for almost seven years, so he just brought home a piece of French gourmet cuisine. He learned what came out of it.

The new cafe is located in Malinovka, on the first floor of an ordinary high-rise building. Inside is hidden a simple laconic interior. It is distinguished by the abundance of natural materials – here you will find wooden tables and a stone bar counter, somewhat reminiscent of the investment of old Parisian houses. The design is complemented by such interesting details as the orange-green chairs (a very bold combination, you have to admit), lamps that look like iced champagne glasses. Most of the things you can see are made by Belarusian craftsmen.

“We did repairs for about seven months, literally changing everything: there were terrible office ceilings, a plasterboard partition with artificial green. But the spacious kitchen caught up with me – in Paris I used to cram into cramped rooms, where there was not even a hood. I wanted my employees to enjoy their work.– admits Dmitri.

The young man had two passions from his childhood – music and cooking. He tried to bake his first cupcakes at the age of 6 – the experiment ended with a baked dessert. Then everything got better and better, but he decided to connect his professional activity with music. After school, he entered a music school, then the Institute of Culture …

– I was playing jazz on the guitar and I realized I had to go where it was actively developing in the 1950s – in Paris. He went there to study. To pay for the lessons, he got a job at a restaurant. First he washed dishes, then he practiced as a confectioner and worked with him for the next seven years.

When the study was over, Dmitry thought about what to do next. I got on a bike and went on a trip to France. In Provence, I went to a patisserie and it dawned on him: I have to go back to Minsk and open my own institution.

At Mroiva, the focus is mainly on bread. The Belarusian brought his own yeast back to Paris.

“It has no particular secrets, we just give enough time for fermentation. And due to the fact that there are many types of flour, pastries, such as wine, take on many flavors that can be explored.

So far, nine types of bread are made in the cafe. There is homemade with the addition of rye malt, there is with buckwheat, there is whole grain cereal with different fillings – mozzarella cheese, Spanish olives. It is true that only four options are baked each day – so the menu is constantly updated. In addition, Dmitry plans to find new combinations, thus expanding the range.

One serving weighs about 650 grams. Some visitors react with great surprise: “Why do I need it so much? It will remain stale “. Thus, our bread “lives” for six days. The first three days it stays fresh. On the fourth or fifth day, it can be reheated in the oven or toaster and will become soft again.

At Mroiva you can order ciabatta, baguette, croissants. They also make cakes here.

– I wanted something unusual, so that you do not see an anthill and count debris in our shop window. Not because it’s tasteless: there are just places in Minsk where you can try them, Dmitri assures. Of the unusual choices, we have, for example, a tarragon pear – this is a light dessert with sour, which combines pear and tarragon. The strawberry-lime-basil cake, in addition to the obvious ingredients, includes the citrus kalamansi of South Asia. It gives it a fresh, unusual taste. Add tonka beans to the cherry tart – it is widely used in perfumery. It is very fragrant and reminiscent of a mixture of vanilla and nutmeg. In general, we try to create something so that people are interested and want to return for something new.

The prices are quite reasonable. A baguette costs 3-3.5 rubles, bread – 5-7 rubles, desserts – 6-9.5 rubles.

As drinks, the bakery offers many options for Chinese tea (5 rubles), coffee, espresso up to four types of raf (4-7 rubles), as well as cold drinks – cold beer, ice latte, bumble and lemonade (7 rubles).

Mroiva is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 22:00, Saturday and Sunday – from 9:00 to 22:00. Located at: 119 Dzerzhinsky Avenue.

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