Denisov visited the park, pointed to Kaluga downstairs and invited Kaluga residents to the hydrosulfide lakes and the opening of the stadium.

Visit to the hydrogen sulfide lakes

On June 11, the mayor of Kaluga visited the hydrogen sulfide lakes in Kaluga, having personally seen how the rest of Kaluga residents are organized. Dmitry Denisov urged the townspeople to come here, just asking them not to throw rubbish.

“I checked how the rest of Kaluga’s people are organized here. With the onset of summer, there are more and more visitors: one restores the body, one sunbathes, goes to the bathroom, grills a barbecue and then burns the calories gained on the volleyball court.

The hydrogen sulfide sources themselves are located in the Kaluga forest.

Come and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauties of our area! The main rule is to take the garbage with you. And nature will thank youwrote the mayor on social media.

Denisov pointed down Kaluga

On June 13, Dmitry Denisov posted on social media photos of Kirill Salnikov, which he took during a hot air balloon flight over Kaluga.

The plan clearly shows the scale of the major construction projects in the city and, most importantly, the dynamics of the transformation of Kaluga’s favorite leisure areas: the renovated “ball”, Volkov Square with stadium and gym equipment, a slope with equipped paths and lighting, the Yachenka embankment and the famous museum of the history of our astronauts! “ – the mayor commented on the images.

Promise to repair 64 roads in Kaluga

On June 14, Dmitry Denisov announced on social media that the 64 roads would be repaired in Kaluga in 2022. The mayor also personally visited Bolotnikova Street, where road builders filled the potholes on the side of Zhukov Square. for which the inhabitants of Kaluga complained.

“A good help for us is the fact that the city operates completely independently – the repair is carried out by the municipal company MBU SMEU and the materials are provided by our own asphalt factory. This approach will allow us to save on asphalt purchases and get rid of potholes. emergency on the road with a budget “, – said the mayor.

Meeting with SNT leaders

On June 15, Dmitry Denisov met with leaders of nonprofit gardening partnerships uniting 223 cooperatives in Kaluga and its suburbs. The meeting was also attended by representatives of CREO, Kalugaenergo, Vodokanal and other utilities.

Among other things, it concerned the supply of electricity and water to the residents of the summer, the collection of municipal solid waste, the improvement and protection of the SNT, as well as ensuring their fire safety.

“The city authorities are well aware that the municipality is simply obliged to deal with the current issues of SNT life support. Our presidents are active. We will work together and provide the necessary assistance on our part.”wrote the mayor on social media.

Visit to the Youth Theater Park

On June 15, Dmitry Denisov visited the park of the Theater for Young Spectators on the site of the former market. He turned it all around, in some places he revealed the shortcomings he ordered to be eliminated.

“The multimedia fountain works perfectly, on sunny days the children play in it, and at night they enjoy the color show.

Last year a free toilet was installed in the park. The cleaner keeps order inside, she told me that the residents of Kaluga treat the new facility with care, but there are also hooligans. I checked – everything works, there is water, the changing table for mothers with babies is safe and harmless.

We discussed with colleagues the option of introducing an automatic irrigation system for lawns and plants. He was instructed to work on this issue. “– said the mayor of Kaluga on the Internet.

Thanks to the soloists and creative teams of Kaluga

On June 16, Dmitry Denisov personally expressed his gratitude to the soloists and creative groups of Kaluga for their performances during the celebration of the 77th anniversary of the Victory.

“I know that behind every concert number there is hard work, diligent rehearsals and a team of assistants. I thank each of you for your professionalism, responsibility and active participation in the development of our city.”the mayor later wrote on social media.

Denisov invited Kaluga residents to the opening in Volkov Square

On June 17, Kaluga Mayor Dmitry Denisov announced that a new stadium and sports facility would open in Volkov Square on June 18 at 10:00. The new stadium will host a football match, as well as performances by athletes and other sporting events. This was stated by Kaluga Mayor Dmitry Denisov.

“There will also be a rich entertainment program in honor of the All-Russian Olympic Day: a parade of sports schools, a track and field race, demonstrations by athletes, concerts and competitions, a TRP site, a photo zone and various master classes.”– said the mayor.

Olympians of different years will also take part in the inauguration: Stanislav Lopukhov and Yulia Tabakova, as well as the President of the Olympic Council of the Kaluga Region, Eduard Stankevich.

“I’m sure everyone will have a great Saturday afternoon. Come on!” – the mayor urged the residents of Kaluga.

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