Dinner for millionaires What are the guests invited to SPIEF 2022

Novy Prospekt found out what dishes and drinks are served this year at SPIEF 2022, how waiters were hired to serve a high level audience, what Rospotrebnadzor controls on the site and what prices are offered to visitors sets and individual dishes on the forum.

Tasted investment

Adler smoked salmon sandwiches, Kuban borscht, Cossack fish soup from a mixture of Black Sea fish (Adler perch and trout), Black Sea cutlet with pike caviar with creamy rice – all this and other delicious delicacies from the Kuban restaurant. (This is how it is placed).

In general, the territory of Krasnodar proved to be almost the first region to realize that the easiest way to attract visitors to its pavilion is with the aroma of gastronomy: in the forum, the Kuban pavilion is presented in the form of a restaurant since 2017. Last year, The motto of the Krasnodar Territory kiosk was “Kuban – the most delicious export”, this year – “Kuban. Investment with taste.

The prices on the menu are quite consistent with the cuisine offered (writing, national, high quality natural products) and the form of the event: borsch Kuban – 850 rubles, Cossack soup – 950 rubles, sandwiches – 800-900 rubles, main dishes – 1.5-1, 8 thousand rubles per serving.

Photo: Sergey Kulakov / Roscongress

double enjoyment

The Republic of Bashkortostan, escalating the Cuban tasting experience, went a step further and presented at the forum not only national dishes: the famous Sarmatian gold figures from the collection of the Ufa City Museum are inscribed in the design of the Bashkortostan restaurant. Thus, guests enjoy a double pleasure – gastronomic and aesthetic.

But we are talking about gastronomy. Smoked roast beef with tomato stew and aromatic butter, rich broth with farm chicken and homemade noodles, grilled Baskir goose with cakes and rustic cheese, homemade cranberry juice – this is one of the restaurant sets that Bashkost offers .

Bashkortostan Restaurant

This democracy is famous not only for the goose. Vak belesh (unleavened pie) from beef and potatoes (290 rubles), gubadiya (closed pie) with red cottage cheese (440 rubles), traditional kystybay, zur belesh, chak-chak and other Baskir delicacies are cooked .

The Beshbarmak with three types of meat will cost 2,700 rubles, the same roast goose with curd pie and farm cheese – 2,590 rubles and, of course, you can try the dish – Young Horse Meat (1.1 kg for 9.9 thousand rubles). rubles).

“Young horse meat”

As for the sets, their cost in the forum ranges from 4,000 rubles for a business meal in the PARC restaurant of the Hilton Expoforum hotel to 5,000 rubles in Bashkortostan. And this price does not exceed the average cost of restaurant sets in St. Petersburg. And since the total of a gastronomic establishment is rarely less than 10 thousand rubles, the prices in the restaurants Expoforum can be considered quite mediocre, especially taking into account the situation of the local public.

The same goes for the prices of coffee: somewhere a cup of cappuccino sells for 500 rubles, but in the same “Bashkortostan” you can buy it for 300 and you can drink espresso for free on a site.

Maximum mode of operation

“We are in Expoforum and it is impossible for you to reach our site without accreditation. Therefore, all restaurants only serve forum visitors these days, ”says Elena Reyzentul, Managing Director of the Hilton Expoforum (4 star) and Hampton by Hilton (3 star) hotels in St. Petersburg.

There are three such shops: the 70-seat Gril ‘a la carte restaurant, the PARC restaurant (usually open for breakfast and catering, but now serving breakfast and business meals) and the Light Bar lobby bar, which also serves business meals , which has been developed in the form of a set – vegetarian or meat, of your choice.

“We chose this option for lunch because there are so many people, everyone wants to eat and do it fast,” explains Elena Reyzentul.

She emphasizes that during SPIEF no tables are closed in the restaurant in principle. People, as the expert explains, do not have the opportunity to arrive at the exact time, as they may be late for the event or meet someone after it and the table is empty, while other guests with already paid check and is nervous, why time is running out, they are few, and here a table is idle, at which no one is served.

The Gril ‘restaurant at Hilton St. Petersburg at the ExpoForum.

“The main food problem that occurs during SPIEF is that the sessions end at the same time and a huge number of guests have to eat somewhere within an hour. “Therefore, all the focus points inside the Expoforum are under a very heavy load,” says Elena Reyzentul.

PARC has managed to optimize the guest experience to the maximum, simplifying the selection of dishes and thus reducing their preparation and serving time. “Without reducing the restaurant level of these dishes and without losing the quality of service!” – emphasizes the expert.

At this time of extreme workload, says Elena Reyzentul, all staff, including her, are working to the best of their ability to serve the forum guests: one guest leaves and while the next takes his place, the table already has coated. Then the flow of people subsides, a new session begins and you can work in a more relaxed mode.

The financial burden has increased

The Gril ‘restaurant is a la carte, offering guests its usual menu. The average check here is also 3.5-4 thousand rubles, but during the forum the cost of dishes increases by 20%.

Elena Reyzentul explains the price increase with numerous additional difficulties that arise during the work of SPIEF: “Given that we are in closed space, we have certain conditions for the arrival of suppliers. “In the days of the forum, we can only deliver food and drinks by night, so we have to make large enough stocks.”

In addition, all suppliers have to do new PCR tests, get accreditation, and not everyone agrees on this: it is one thing to send any empty car to deliver products overnight and another to wait for a specific driver to be released in a particular car. “The financial burden is really increasing these days,” says the expert.

The Gril ‘restaurant at Hilton St. Petersburg at the Expoforum

After the forum, we can open a restaurant on the Moon

Artyom Gudchenko, co-founder of the gourmet restaurant Eclipse Classic, which operates on the forum in an emerging format, agrees with his colleagues. “This is a form of visit, when the existing restaurant is moved for several days (in this case, for 4 days of the forum) to another place. This year, we were entrusted with the most status venue – a panoramic restaurant on the 7th floor of the main building of Expoforum: here we moved our Eclipse from Repino “, explains Gudchenko.

This place was already equipped with a kitchen, but the Eclipse Classic team needed not only to bring food and start preparing its own menu, but guests had to feel at the pop-up restaurant as well as at the parent complex. Therefore, the restaurant team brought not only the dishes, the stock, the tablecloths, the handbrakes, the waiter and chef uniforms, but also decorated the room. “In fact, we had to open a new restaurant in a month. This is a huge amount of work done in a very short time. “After that, we are not afraid of anything, we can open even on the Moon, even on Mars, even on Jupiter!” the specialist smiles.

The interior of the Eclipse Classic restaurant in Repino. Photo: eclipserest.ru

In addition, if the classic Eclipse is designed for 50 seats, then the emerging Eclipse is for 300 seats. “And we have to serve up to a thousand people a day, while adhering to all standards of quality and service,” says Artyom Gudchenko.

Therefore, among other things, the restaurant had to hire and train additional staff. The staff of the forum was expanded from 50 to 140 people. “Of course, we gave priority to people with a lot of experience, because in this case we have no room for mistakes, as well as time for long hours of training,” says the leader. Therefore, they chose the top experts, offering them the highest prices.

Experts note the unprecedented demands from Rospotrebnadzor and all federal security services: visitor status is a must! “A representative of Rospotrebnadzor is constantly present in the field: it monitors quality and compliance with safety standards,” says Artyom Gudchenko.

Not only the menu and the cooking technology maps were agreed with Rospotrebnadzor, but also the suppliers: “We declare, for example, that we buy meat from such a company and Rospotrebnadzor goes there with an additional control. “Such requirements have been developed for all international events of this level,” says Artyom Gudchenko.

The fact that the restaurant had to go through this year, of course, gave the team its own unique experience. Of course, all the employees were subjected to strict selection and control by the security services, and not only in the Covid test, but, as the leader laughs, “they studied us almost to the pedigree”.

The enjoyment of the gastronomy of St. Petersburg

In general, the concept of the Eclipse menu was retained: the team tried to move the items from the menu to the new place as much as possible, which was very popular with regular visitors, but some changes had to be made.

“There are technological aspects: on this site we can not do everything we prepare in Repino. “Moreover, we were not allowed everything,” Gudchenko explains.

For example, beef tartare was immediately rejected: raw meat is not always well received by visitors. “We had a hard time defending the black caviar, which we add to a number of dishes,” adds the expert.

He says that although the menu had to be slightly adapted, “our style, our high standards in cuisine and service, were transferred to this platform for forum visitors as much as possible.”

Dishes of the Eclipse Classic restaurant. Photo: eclipserest.ru

In terms of prices, Eclipse’s pricing policy was simply transferred to the new project: the changes turned out to be small and some menu items were even cheaper.

“We do not offer too expensive places for alcohol or products (conditional lobsters),” says Artyom Gudchenko, and therefore the average control in the emerging Eclipse is the same as in the classic Eclipse, 5-7 thousand rubles, rubles.

It has already become a tradition in the forum to give place to Russian wine producers and in the Eclipse wine list they are also represented quite extensively and, as the expert says, the menu uses the Russian product to the maximum.

“Our goal is for the guests of this status event, in addition to information and the opportunity to discuss professional issues, to enjoy a good impression of the gastronomy of St. Petersburg”, the expert concludes.

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