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“I advise the Zemsky Teacher program to all colleagues who are not afraid of change”

“I chose the area for three reasons”

– For the first time I learned about the Zemsky Teacher program from the Internet and for reasons of interest I went to the website to find out the details. The goal is to attract highly qualified teachers in cities and towns with a population of up to 50,000 inhabitants.

True, when I saw the housing provided in the form of houses with stove heating, I closed the tab and swore that I would never go to such villages. But our lives are sometimes an amazing thing, you will never be one hundred percent sure about tomorrow. So a year later, having decided to buy my own home, I looked at all the ads differently.

The choice of the area was obvious due to the double payment and why I had never been to the eastern part of our vast country. By the way, I like to travel and thanks to my work, active participation in the pedagogical communities of the Republic of Kalmykia, where I come from, I have visited many cities in Russia. This includes a trade union seminar in Samara, a workshop seminar in Yaroslavl and a summer school for German language teachers in Pyatigorsk. I consider participating in the German language video competition one of my main professional achievements. As a win, I was paid for a week-long internship at a teacher training seminar in the German city of Lübeck.

For the third year in a row, the Zemsky Teacher federal program is implemented in the Amur region. Since 2020, thanks to the project, 88 serious shortages of teacher vacancies in villages and small towns in the area have been filled. The participating teachers who passed the competitive selection and now continue to work were paid 176 million rubles.

But I, a travel lover, had to leave home for five thousand miles for the first time. Last May, when I learned that I had won the program, I weighed the pros and cons again. And I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

Why the Amur area? Because in this area there was a large selection of vacancies for language teachers. It is true that choice is both good and bad. I had to choose a school very quickly, because the conditions for participation in the program were over. Without hesitation for a long time, he suggested – MBOU SOSH with. Nikolo-Aleksandrovka, Oktyabrsky district.

“We were welcomed in the village as locals”

“At school, my colleagues welcomed me warmly, they immediately offered help in the form of products from their own gardens and orchards, basic necessities, they told me about their village. The management of the school showed the housing of the service and provided work equipment for the arrangement of things and the cleaning of the apartment.

Not only the school, but also the village administration helped me a lot in preparing the registration documents and pedagogical benefits. Galina Tikhonovna Panarina at the beginning of my arrangement in Nikolo-Aleksandrovka always gave advice, suggested what and how to do better. In the fall, he helped clean the pipes to keep them warm and well warmed, and in the winter he shared a personal heater, thanks to which I did not freeze in the cold winter of Amur. Such a kind, sensitive, indifferent attitude towards people says a lot about her.

To whomever the teacher says thank you

– We, the Zemstvo teachers, are supervised by experts from the Ministry of Education of the Amur Region and the Institute for the Development of Education. This is a huge support for all participants in the program. You can always contact with any question, the experts will provide all possible assistance. I am grateful to Dmitry Prodasanov, who answered many of my questions even when I was at home, dispelled my doubts, supported me. I would also like to express my gratitude to Alexander Mishchenko for his help and meticulousness in completing the contract and other key documents.

With his fifth class in the competition until February 23. Photo from personal archive

Many relatives and friends often ask how my first year of school went in a place that was completely new to me. I answer it imperceptibly, quickly and in my opinion productively. In December last year, he took part in the Amur Education Forum “Networks: A New Level of Education”, giving a master class on innovative technologies used in English lessons. I was invited to the forum just as a zemstvo teacher, so that a friendly exchange of experiences and knowledge could take place between the participants. The forum left an indelible impression: the organization was at the highest level, the program was informative and interesting and most importantly, there was live communication with colleagues from different parts of the area and schools in the capital Amur.

I did my first open lesson in the 3rd grade and I carried out an open extracurricular activity for the children of the 5th grade whose teacher I am. In April, I had a great opportunity to share my experience in the regional traditional master class “Creativity without borders”, where I spoke about the successful use of interactive forms in my lessons.

“Share the traditions of the Kalmyks”

– In addition to the main work, I participate in extracurricular activities of school and village life. I try to follow the example of my senior colleague, physical education teacher Vera Sergeevna Fodchuk, a very energetic, active, experienced, happy teacher and a person who cares about work, sports and his students. He went skiing, volleyball and running with her. It is gratifying that in the Amur region, especially in the Oktyabrsky region, there are many adults and children who are involved in sports and love it sincerely.

At the events of the village, with great awe and pride, I introduce my fellow villagers to the culture, traditions, customs of the Kalmyk people and I myself learn a lot about the life of the people of Amur, their way of life and their way of life. ZOE. I support the view that the diversity of cultures, languages, mutual respect and friendship of the different peoples living in Russia is a unique asset and a strong force of our state.

“I was lucky with the Amur people”

– I would definitely recommend the Zemsky Teacher program to those teachers who are not afraid of life changes and are always open to something new, who have set a specific goal and want to achieve it. Personally, I believe that getting out of the comfort zone is a good impetus for a person’s development, because difficulties, overcoming them harden him, make him make non-formal decisions and find a way out of any situation.

If at the beginning of my career I had a number of certain difficulties and problems, then by the end of the academic year I can say: there are even more benefits to participating.

The first is, of course, the children. I was lucky with my class. Agile, a little noisy, but always cheerful, cheerful, kind. They are direct in communication, active, curious.

The second is people. Despite the severity of the climatic conditions, the geographical distance, many of the people of Amur, with whom I was pushed by fate, are friendly, open, kind, compassionate.

Third, it’s amazing nature. In autumn, you can see all colors from bright gold to dark cherry shades. In winter, everything around is white and white, but at the same time the sun is shining, so Pushkin’s lines “Ice and Sun – A Wonderful Day!” are inadvertently recalled. I probably felt the real spring in early May. Nature came to life very beautifully, the trees bloomed and everything slowly started to turn green. The summer caught only a little in August last year and now, in June. I definitely like it. It is not as hot here as in Kalymkia and it is generally summer with variable rains and optimal temperatures.

To all the newly arrived colleagues of zemstvo and those who are already working on the project, I would like to wish them not to lose their faith in themselves, their strength, their prosperity, their mutual understanding with the people around them, their wisdom , perseverance and positive thinking! After all, optimists are the ones who live easier, as people say.

Teachers under the age of 55 can take part in the Zemsky Teacher program. One of the basic conditions for receiving compensation is employment for a period of at least five years. In addition, the study load should be 18 or more hours per week.

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