How to customize the lock screen on iPhone with iOS 16? Everything you need to know is here

Obviously, the most notable and one of the most important innovations of iOS 16 is the completely redesigned and customizable lock screen. In this guide, we have collected all the details of the new feature.

How to enter the lock screen editing mode

There are two ways:

  • Unlock your iPhone with iOS 16, then tap and hold on the lock screen.
  • On the Home screen, drag from the top box to the center to lower the notification shadow, and also tap and hold on the wallpaper.
  • The Collections window will open with the lock screens. Swipe left and right to move between already created loxrin.

IOS 16 lock screen

There are two buttons at the bottom of the Collections screen:

  • Customization – lets you edit an existing lock screen.
  • “+” – creates a new lock screen.

What options are available

Clicking the plus button opens a menu with all the available editing tools. First, let’s look at ready-made solutions. As I mentioned in the iOS 16 review, the interaction with customizing the lock screen is similar to the process of customizing watch faces for the Apple Watch.

IOS 16 lock screen

Apple offers many ready-made categories:

  • Suggested photos“- the system somehow selects the most interesting images from the iCloud library and offers to install them on the lock screen. In my case, most of the suggestions are interesting.

IOS 16 lock screen

  • Weather and AstronomyIs one of the most interesting categories. The weather lock screen is dynamic and depends on the weather conditions of your current location. It is now a rainy week in St. Petersburg and I often had gray clouds on my lock screen. He gets bored very quickly. But astronomical lock screens, in my opinion, are the most interesting. The planets magnify beautifully immediately after unlocking.

IOS 16 lock screen

  • emoji – funny lock screens for lovers of patterned wallpapers. They are mixtures of many types of emoticon emoji. Each of the suggested options is configured separately, the following options are available: “Mixed Grid”, “Medium”, “Large”, “Rings” and “Spiral”.

IOS 16 lock screen

  • Collections have iOS 16 wallpapers, some available in many color options.
  • colour – wallpaper with color gradients. The background color can be selected by default, as well as using the color palette. There is temperature control and adjustment using predefined parameters: Vibrant, Tone, Deep, Vapor, Bright and Solid.

IOS 16 lock screen

All options listed generally only affect background settings. IOS 16 has also introduced the ability to customize the display of important information and add widgets to the lock screen. To do this, all the elements of the lock screen are divided into three fields.

The top is the date. It can be replaced by a widget. You can choose from: Shares, Calendar, Reminders, Weather, Fitness and Clock.

IOS 16 lock screen

The largest field with a clock in the middle. You can not deny the appearance of the clock, but there are several options for customizing the clock. There is a choice of font and color.

What other options are there?

At the top of the Collections menu there are round buttons for additional lock screen customization tools. Most of them are designed to work with images from the photo gallery. The options in iOS 16 beta 1 have not yet been fully translated.

IOS 16 lock screen

The Photo button lets you create a lock screen with images from your media library. For convenience, there is a search and view of photos per album. In addition, there is a “Selection”, which somehow groups the most suitable photos for the background.

Also, in my case, groupings are available according to the following parameters: “People”, “Pets”, “Nature” and “City”. In the photo screen settings, there is another useful feature – “Photo Recovery”.

How to randomly change images on the lock screen

The last feature worth considering in detail is the “Photo Shuffle”. With it, you can select images from your media library, which will be shuffled at different frequencies.

  • Go to Collections and click the purple Shuffle button at the top of the screen.
  • In the next menu, you will be presented with two options: “Use photo selection” and “Select photos manually”.

IOS 16 lock screen

  • In the first case, iOS 16 will create multiple collections of your photos. I got “Pets”, “Nature” and “City”. You can leave it all out or highlight what you need using the blue checkboxes.
  • Below there will be a function to select the mixing frequency with the following options: “Hourly”, “Touch”, “Alarm” and “Daily”.
  • In the latter case, you will be prompted to select a photo for a random image on the lock screen manually – select the frames for the desired images and click “Add” in the upper right corner.
  • The selected images will be loaded on the lock screen in edit mode, where you can customize fonts and add widgets, as well as swipe left and right to apply filters to photos.

IOS 16 lock screen

  • A button will be available in the lower left corner of the screen, with which you can add images to your gallery.

IOS 16 lock screen

  • At the bottom right are the random play frequency options, as well as on and off depth and perspective effects.

So, using the new tools in iOS 16, you can create unique lock screens that can change periodically depending on your mood.

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