How to get rid of migraine

We train the diaphragm


What is a thoracic septum? This is a muscle that acts as a piston and causes the movement of the organs of the chest and abdomen.

If it does not work well (and if you have sedentary work, posture problems, then it is most likely to happen), we are dealing with stagnant processes, disturbed venous-lymphatic outflow, which affects the health of the whole organism. It also causes headaches and migraines.

Breathing practices will help train the diaphragm and reduce migraine attacks. For example, a breath of fire from yoga, when you breathe rhythmically and constantly through the nostrils. Or Strelnikova gymnastics, which not only restores the voice, but also improves blood circulation to the brain. You can easily find these techniques online.


Stretching the back of the neck


The connection of the neck and the head is direct. The neck is the most mobile part of the spine; here a lot of tension accumulates from the body, which is transmitted to the structures of the head. On the contrary, the tension of the head, especially from the sphenobase and the occipital bone, goes down through the neck.


There are many blood vessels and nerves in the neck area. And if there are malfunctions in this area, then, of course, this will lead to a violation of the outflow of blood from the head and hence to headaches.

Therefore, if you want to forget what the hell headache is, you need to massage the back of the head and the subclavian muscles and stretch the back of the neck. This will give a good refreshing result. Appropriate video exercises I post regularly on social networks.

Relax the eye muscles


Eye strain affects the violation of venous outflow from the head. Do you have poor eyesight? Do you twist often? Do not be surprised that you often have a headache. Tension of the oculomotor muscles causes pain. And the structures of the eye, in turn, can suffer from dysfunctions of the skull, spine and internal organs.

By working with the oculomotor muscles, we remove the cause of the headache, so we get rid of it for a long time. Osteopaths work with the oculomotor muscles, as well as with the skull, neck, spine, diaphragm (and more). We do not prescribe pills and we do not treat the disease accidentally. And we understand the cause-and-effect relationships of the problem, solving it once and for all in 3 sessions on average.



We think less

The thought is, of course, good, but if you drive the same thoughts in a circle, it will not just hit the temples. This can lead to nervousness and various psychological syndromes. And from disorders of the central nervous system, the head aches even more brightly and more often.


Obsession with something is the # 1 brain doctor. Do you think that if you run in cycles without rest all day, your legs will hurt? The same with the head. You need to be friends with her and relax her brain. When you are constantly in control of everything around him, he is in agony. Learn to change. It is important to build a balance between thought and emotion (senses).

Yoga will help with this, the same breathing practices, working with the body through facial plasticity and a course of psychotherapy, if the condition is serious.

We eat right


We are what we eat. And, of course, diet affects the functioning of the nervous and vascular systems. Fatty and salty foods can worsen posture and slow down the metabolism, which affects your well-being from head to toe.

To eliminate the nutritional factors that cause migraines, follow the principles of proper nutrition. Exclude from the diet fried, salty, fast food, convenience foods, sugar, soda, alcohol, coffee.

Also, if you are prone to migraines, it is best to avoid tyramine-containing products. This substance raises blood pressure, which causes headaches. It is found in cheeses, olives, avocados, nuts, pickles.

Will the migraine go away? No. All this, rather, prevention and instant help. To forget what the hell headaches are, you need to remove the causes of the problem, osteopaths will help you with that.

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