How to get there, what to see and what the weather is like: everything you need to know about Sabantuy in Kazan 17.06.2022

Sabantuy, a favorite of the people of Tatarstan, has already died in the regions and villages and now Kazan is preparing for a large-scale event. The main national holiday of democracy is scheduled in the capital for July 18 and 19. On Saturday, traditional races will be held at the Kazan Racecourse (starting at 16:30) and on Sunday, the citizens of Kazan will be able to fully immerse themselves in the holiday atmosphere at the venues for folk festivals. This year there will be three of them: Birch Grove in Derbyshki, Lebyazhye and Mirny village. We tell you everything you need to know about the coming weekend (based on the Sabantuy main site – Mirny).

It’s best to get to the locations where Sabantuy will take place by public transport. With such an appeal to the residents and the guests of the city, the head of Culture of the capital Azat Abzalov. He promised that a convenient traffic plan would be prepared for each of the three points.

The Sabantuy site in Derbyshki will be accessible by special routes from the compaction station stop and the Mega Mall. Regular buses No. 1, 25, 34, 60, 84, 91 will also go here.

Towards the Maidan in the village of Mirny, the itineraries will be performed by the Philharmonic (Pavlyukhin street), from the stop “Metro Station” Pr. Pobedy ”, as well as from the 10th micro-district (Glazunova St., 10). “It will also be possible to get here by train from Kazan-1 station or from Vakhitovo station,” Abzalov added.

Buses run from Rempler (Zalesnaya Street) to the holiday spot in Lebyazhye. You can also get there by regular buses Nos. 36, 46, 72.

If you go to Sabantuy by public transport, note that special qar codes will be placed inside the buses. Point the camera at them, follow the link on the screen and you can get acquainted with the holiday program in detail

The main entertainment venue at Sabantuy in Mirny, however, as elsewhere, will, of course, be the tent. To imagine at least its scale, it can be noted that 90 people participate in the installation and installation of equipment.

And about 1000 artists from the best dance and vocal groups of the democracy will appear in it. The program will start at 9:30.

How to get there, what to see and how to dress: Everything you need to know about the upcoming Sabantuy in Kazan

And what is Sabantuy without the Tatar scene? Married couple of the most popular singers Zufar Bilalova (by the way, it has not appeared in public for a long time) and Zaynab Farkhetdinova become one of the pioneers of the festival. Among other protagonists, a duet is announced Rizat and Zinira Ramadanovas Lily of the Nigmatzhanova valley.

Traditionally, in the main location of Sabantuy in Birch Grove, areas of Tatarstan present their farms to holiday visitors. This year it will be 11 at Mirny.

Each farm has its own characteristics. Arsk Compound, for example, is dedicated to Tatar arts and traditions; here you can see a corner of a leather mosaic. The courtyard of the Mendelevsky district will be decorated in the style of an old commercial town. In the traditional Tatar courtyard of the Buinsky district, you can see the Tatar national hut “Bua .rlәre”. At Kukmor, there will be an exhibition of famous felt boots, as well as wooden sculptures of characters from the folk tales of the Tatars, Udmurts, Mari and others.

In the area of ​​в Ze. В Ze. Zelenodolsky district, visitors will meet the character of the famous Tatar writer Kayum Nasyri. On the terrace of the house, he will offer to try tea drinks according to his own recipes from herbs that grow in the territory of Tatarstan. Composition of the Vysokogorsky district will present the courtyard of the Tatar village of the early twentieth century. In the courtyard of the Laishevsky district, a residential building is decorated in the style of Russian carved architecture with decorative carvings and facade painting. The courtyard of the Zainsky district will present the Kryashen culture: the Kryashens’s house and ancillary buildings show national elements of life.

How to get there, what to see and how to dress: Everything you need to know about the upcoming Sabantuy in Kazan

In addition to the dozens of competitions and contests under Sabantuy’s main program, we suggest you pay attention to the numerous master classes that will be organized on almost every farm. For example, you can:

– Learn to knit baskets or cook flour of different varieties on the Mendeleevsky farm.

– Cut homemade Tatar-style noodles in the courtyard of the Nurlat district.

– Construction of kalfak and embroidery of skull cover in the yard of Vysokogorsky district.

– Knitted brooms in the yard of the Alekseevsky district.

– Familiarize yourself with the basics of ceramics and blacksmithing in the courtyard of Zelenodolsk.

Without a doubt, we assure you that in the territory of Maidan there will be many shops and stores where you can eat.

– What is Sabantuy without chak-chak ?! – Abzalov asks.

According to him, about 60 kilos of tea and about a ton of chuck-chuck have been prepared only for the visitors of the farms in the area (the calculation of the required amount of food is still in progress – Ed.). In addition, almost all the representatives of the exhibition plan to treat the visitors with traditional dishes from their area.

How to get there, what to see and how to dress: Everything you need to know about the upcoming Sabantuy in Kazan

According to open sources, on Sunday, June 19, the weather will be clear, but not too hot. About 21-22 degrees of heat is forecast. Take care to have the presence of a hat on vacation, which will save you from unnecessary trouble in the form of a sunbeam. By the way, you do not need to be afraid to pick up a tick in nature because of the open clothes. According to Abzalov, the Maidan area was treated for pests and rodents.

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