“I can identify a person’s character by the smell of perfume”

– Nastya, how much time do you spend in music school?

– Almost every day. Music lessons are a great pleasure for me. Above all I like to sing, and I also play piano, guitar and ukulele. I like composing music. I started singing very early: they were children’s songs. Then I started listening to classical music. And from the age of 7 I started playing the vocals and from the age of 8 I started to master the piano.

– How did you get to the Okhta Center for Aesthetic Education?

– I studied in another city and came here four years ago. He faced some difficulties. The fact is that in my first music school I learned tracks in the ear. Or they showed me something to be exact with their hands. Here I had to deal with Braille notes, to learn musical notation almost from the beginning.

I’m from Ulyanovsk. My move to St. Petersburg is associated with a number of circumstances, including the fact that I dream of connecting my future life with music, and it seemed to us that the cultural capital is the best place to become a musician. I had never been to St. Petersburg before. A double emotion overwhelmed me when I first came here. On the one hand, I liked the city itself: we went on active trips with my family. But at school it was difficult, because the environment is different and the requirements are different. There were a lot of new things, so it was gloomy.

– How did you deal with it?

– With the help of music I made many friends in St. Petersburg. In the last school there were no people close to me in spirit. I tried to be friends with everyone, but I did not find close ones. And I’m very happy to have good companions here.

How was your meeting with the teacher?

– Olga Gelievna took me herself. It was a normal hearing and that’s how I got here.

– How are your lessons?

– First comes the technical work. I bring works with learned fragments. We check the text itself. Then we work on music and sound production. Most of all in music lessons I like the process of searching and creating. In the soul of every human being, even well-known works are heard in their own way, let’s play it as close as possible to the original. Having gone through the soul, we perceive it even differently. The main thing is to feel it.

– Who do you like to play?

– I really like Chopin, because he is emotional, transparent. The grace of his waltzes. I really like Scriabin: he was the founder of light music, he created great works, then we are already working on music and sound production. And his music itself is very secular. It has, for example, “Nucturne for the left hand” and I can not imagine how you can do such things with one hand!

My own work is born of momentary emotions: I can just sit at home and improvise and suddenly something is born. The next day they ask me: “Nastya, play”, but I have already forgotten. It is a pity that this is happening. Sometimes you want to pay attention to it. But there is no time. I also compose songs for my little brothers. Sometimes I sing about them.

– What are your favorite places in St. Petersburg?

– In fact, I love nature very much, it always fills me with energy. I also like Smolny Cathedral. Light always comes from it.

How do you balance music and school?

– I try to study well, for fours. I love literature because it is a creative subject. I also like learning languages ​​- English and Italian. It happened completely by accident. Italian is a musical language. When I was 7 years old I listened to the show “We speak Italian” on “Children’s Radio”. He cared so much about me, but I only got one program. Several years have passed and without doing anything, I decided to go back to him again.

– Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

– I want to connect my path with the song, it gives me real pleasure and I would like to prove myself in the composition.


– What inspires you?

– I listen to virtuoso musicians, I admire them and they inspire me and motivate me.

– What is your favorite book?

– “Six characters in search of their author” by Italian playwright Louis Giaperandello. This writer loves intricate and confusing plots. There are many philosophical reflections in his works. The play is semi-comic.

– Your place of power?

– Probably, Smolny Cathedral, walks in the parks. This is a place by the river, where there is nature. Sometimes you want to get out of the stone jungle and breathe the scent of flowers. I have such a characteristic: from the scent of the perfume, I determine the character of a person. As a rule, we choose perfumes that are close to our spirit. The smell of cherry fills me with energy.

– Who would you like to meet?

– There is such a wonderful Greek singer who sings in Berlin – Agnes Balzer. She has a beautiful deep voice and sings emotionally.

– Your dream?

– I have many wishes. Often associated with music: I want to be a very good singer. Now I have special courses in computer adaptation, I am learning to work in a special moderator and I intend to deal with the type of electronic music and neoclassical music.

– What is the motto of your life?

– No words, just notes! And in general: everything that is not done, everything is for the better.

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