Let’s save the forest: over 150 million trees were planted in Russia in three years

Photo: Vladimir SMIRNOV / TASS

– Hold your groove! We are not going to someone else! – Brigadier General Alexander shouts loudly into the loudspeaker. He is the one who leads the volunteers who plant forests in the Istra region of the Moscow region.

We – and this is about a hundred volunteers – try not to leave the line. Although it is not easy. After the rain, the plowed soil sticks to the shoes in pellets, the gloves become heavy from the dirt. And the pine seedlings are so tiny that you are afraid to break them unintentionally.

– We dig a shallow hole, carefully insert a tree in it, pour water on it and bury it, – our caretaker continues to emit.

A photograph: Alexei BOULATOV

Accompanied and acted upon. My 10-year-old daughter manages to do it, paradoxically, skillfully, as if she did not grow up in the urban jungle, but somewhere in the countryside. He passed me by 10 meters and boasted: “Mom, I brought more benefits to nature than you today”. In response, I also moan jokingly: “Well, well, the one who laughs last laughs well. “Let’s count in the end.”

You will forgive me a little passion, but thanks to such tree planting campaigns, conscious parents have the opportunity to educate their children properly. Show by example that ecology is everyone’s business.


But such actions would be much less in the absence of state policy. From 2019, the country implements the federal project “Conservation of Forests” of the national project “Ecology”. On June 2 this year, the President of Russia instructed the government to extend it until 2030.

Every year, due to forest fires alone, we lose about one hundred thousand hectares of forest. Add to this the cutting, the natural death of the trees. If we do not restore forests, we risk running out of green wealth. This is exactly the main task of the federal plan: the more trees “lost”, the more they have to be planted and grown.

Photo: Denis RUSINOV / TASS

Photo: Denis RUSINOV / TASS

By the way, last year the ratio of reforestation to the area of ​​cut or dead forests was 109.6% – in favor of a green future.

“Russia’s forests are almost 1 billion 200 million hectares, that is 70% of the entire area of ​​the country,” said Ivan Sovetnikov, head of Rosleskhoz, in an interview. – Russia is the first country in the world in terms of forests. And the extent of reforestation is increasing. We reached 1 million 200 thousand hectares that year. This is a high percentage.

If we talk about the future, then in 2024 reforestation should cover an area of ​​more than one and a half million hectares.

Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS

Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS


Ever wondered where the seedlings planted by Conserve Forests volunteers and professionals come from? Harvesting seeds of forest plants is the most important direction of the national project “Ecology”.

How and where to collect seeds is not as simple as it seems. To answer this, experts make phenological observations (seasonal phenomena and processes in plant life), give predictions for the “forest harvest”. In addition, each tree species has its own seed collection period:

– Pine and European spruce – from September to March,

– Siberian Pine – from the end of August to September,

– Sukachev pine – from October to March.

Let’s say we picked pine, spruce, pine cones according to all the rules. Now you need to send them immediately for processing. Divide into lots and issue a document confirming the origin for each of them. The seeds are subjected to a mandatory test in Roslesozashchita. If all goes well, then the corresponding certificate is issued.

Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS

Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS

Incidentally, the Federal Budget Foundation “Roslesozashchita” has set up a federal fund for forest plant seeds for reforestation. There they are stored in vacuum packages at optimum humidity and temperature.

And, of course, planting new trees without caring about the well-being of the old ones is like carrying sieve water. Therefore, the federal project “Forest Conservation” of the national project “Ecology” is not limited to forest plantations. One of the most important tasks is to reduce the damage caused by forest fires. And for this it is necessary to equip the country’s forest companies and those who fight directly with fire with specialized machinery and equipment. With the funds of “Forest Conservation” the regions buy bulldozers and tractors, tankers and buses for transporting firefighters, as well as backpack fire extinguishers, motor pumps and much more.

Photo: Denis RUSINOV / TASS

Photo: Denis RUSINOV / TASS


The Forest Code provides for the restoration of deforested, dead and damaged forests. But who exactly should do that? There are two basic options. In areas that are not leased, the forest is restored by regional forestry offices and in areas that are leased, by the “tenants” themselves. Those who use natural areas for the development of mineral resources, construction and reconstruction of linear installations (roads, power lines) are also obliged to restore green wealth – in an area equal to the area left without trees as a result of their activities. This is called compensatory reforestation.

The second option is public campaigns for planting young tree seedlings. For example, “Let’s save the forest” is a pan-Russian action of the national project “Ecology”. In three years (from 2019 to 2021), the participants planted 150 million trees! The organizers of the major ecological initiative were the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation and the Federal Forest Service.

Photo: National project

Photo: National project “Ecology”

Such strong and flexible support helps to achieve two goals – the restoration of the forest and the attention of people to the problem of forest fires, 90% of which are caused by humans.

More than 1.2 million volunteers participated in the Save the Forest campaign in 2021. Together they planted 70.4 million trees in all parts of the country.

“Thanks to the implementation of the federal project” Forest Conservation “, the reforestation area is growing by an average of 5% per year, – said Mikhail Klinov, deputy head of Rosleskhoz. – All these years the set target index has been exceeded. In 2019 – 113%, in 2020 – 108%, in 2021 – 102%. The target for 2022 is 1.3 million hectares.

Let’s go through the regions.


In 2021, the start of action in democracy, which was severely affected by forest fires, was given in August. In the same place, just a week later, the jubilee, the millionth sapling was planted.

Chelyabinsk region.

As part of the Save the Forest campaign, saplings were planted near the affected villages of Dzhabyk and Zapasnoye, where there used to be a unique pine forest, but which disappeared due to the fire.


Thanks to the efforts of the locals and the forest officials, almost 100,000 saplings were planted there.


At the end of the season he planted 27,000 trees.

Nizhny Novgorod region.

Entered the top 5 areas in terms of the number of trees planted: more than 2.5 million seedlings

The national project “Ecology” has inspired large companies to take care of the country’s green wealth: in recent years, Russian companies are conducting more and more tree planting campaigns. Public initiatives are also popular: for example, from 2020, the “Garden of Memory” campaign takes place in Russia, in which my daughter and I participated. Its goal is the annual planting of 27 million trees in memory of all those who died in the Great Patriotic War.


National project

National project “Ecology”. Source: saveles.rf

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