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A few years ago, Tatyana Dozmorova worked as a programmer, but she realized more and more clearly: she wants change. Looking for a new business, one day she realized she was very inspired by flowers. And soon she was already actively involved in setting up her own farm with daffodils and tulips.

After that, Tatiana’s life changed, she moved to another country. But the Daffodil flower farm near Seversk continues to grow and the owner herself has big plans for the future – one day opening a real flower park in her hometown of Tomsk.

One day in May, Tatiana and her mother came to the family plot, where they usually planted potatoes and berries to clear it of grass and cut branches. But the narcissists – strikingly bright against the general gray background, as if dancing in the wind – caught her eye:

– My mother and I remembered how retired grandparents grew narcissus and tulips for sale. How the grandmother wrapped onions in a wet newspaper and put them in the fridge. How I went with her to the market at the supermarket to sell flowers … My grandmother had baskets of tulips and a box of daffodils. Entire fields of tulips, narcissus, gladiolus, phlox, stars developed on their plot, Tatiana recalls. – I always picked up bouquets for school on September 1st. Then the flowers were perceived as something ordinary “from our garden”. On the other hand, you understand that a person has grown flowers with his own hands, they can be presented to other people. I felt such warmth and got on fire – I want to plant a lot of flowers!

Without rejecting the idea, Tatiana began researching information about narcissus and tulips and soon recklessly picked bulbs on the common market site. In the fall, a package arrived with bulbs weighing 40 kilos. Tatiana remembers how her mother sighed then: “Lord, what are we going to do with this ?!”. “Put!” the girl replied. Together with their mother and sister they planted all the bulbs on their plot.

– Next year we were waiting for a vacation! We planted about a thousand flowers, mostly daffodils. I remember I cut a part, I went with them to a friend, we took pictures with them. He gave flowers to friends. “I wanted a vacation and we made it ourselves,” says Tatiana. As a result, I immediately got a lot of varieties – 50 varieties of both narcissus and tulips. But the tulips did not grow the next year – due to inexperience, I cut them completely, but I had to leave at least one or two leaves. This is bad for light bulbs. And we did not touch the narcissus, they can not be dug for 3-5 years. So everything was fine with them.

Narcissus Dick Wilden

Tatiana planted the first flowers in 2016. Deciding to continue her plans, she realized that she would need more flowers. A friend who grew up in the countryside recommended that you get 500 instead of 20 bulbs of each variety. Tatiana thought that then a real flower park of spring could come out and then she remembered her forgotten dream. To defend her degree, she once searched for a photo that could be a Russian Internet agency showcase. She liked the image of tulip fields with a windmill. Since then she has had the desire to do something similar in her hometown. Leave not on such a scale and, of course, not in a year, but in 5-10 years. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

– I had the idea of ​​a Tomsk park, not a farm. Such an open-air museum, where various varieties of narcissus will be collected, where everyone will be able to take photos, learn the history of flowers, the characteristics of their cultivation and buy them at an affordable price. And I started acting, – says Tatiana.

To realize the idea, you have to “accumulate” different varieties of flowers, says Tatiana. Therefore, it set its goal to acquire new varieties every year – 400 bulbs each, no less. In this case, we can consider it stable in the collection. Gradually, the flowers multiply – the narcissus, if properly cared for, doubles every three years. The farm founder mainly buys bulbs from the Netherlands – either in small wholesale direct or from Russian suppliers. The wholesale price of a narcissus bulb last year was about 40 rubles, tulips are cheaper – from 18 rubles. But you have to get 400-500 pieces, plus you have to pay the shipping costs. And there are new varieties that are more expensive, at least 60 rubles.

Funding was required to implement the flower park project, selling flowers was a good choice:

– In 2019 I made a great effort in sales, in collaboration with florists. We ourselves are not experts in this matter, we do not know how to compose beautiful bouquets. For us, the main thing is to grow flowers and take care of the bulb so that it feels good. “We thought that if we sold simple flowers, even in bulk, we would earn good money to go and finance the farm,” says Tatiana. – True, in cooperation with florists there is a difficulty. When daffodils bloom in our open space, the spring theme in florists is in decline, peonies, dolphins and other summer flowers are already on offer. Spring in floriculture begins on March 8 and until May the world “spoils” with tulips and narcissus. Although this is strange to me – they grow up here and now, in our spring, in the countryside! And we have different varieties. For example, the Acropolis, my “king” is a late daffodil that blooms in the second half of May, closer to June. It is always tall, white, tender and with an amazing magical aroma that seems to envelop our entire farm. Why not take an interest in florists?

Farm Daffodil May 2022: Narcissus blooms

Tatiana wants as many people as possible to learn about her idea with the park and to buy flowers, then the project will grow faster. But the farm does not have its own living room. Now the mother and sister are engaged in the work “on the spot”. There is always a lot of work to do to take care of the bulbs – this is still a priority. For sales this spring, we found an option with a flower subscription:

– Subscription means that we deliver flowers every week for four consecutive weeks on the same day. I made a selection from choices, mostly offered narcissus and sometimes tulips. “In minimalist packaging or without at all,” says Tatiana. The flower subscription is a good choice for those who want to decorate their home, their interior with fresh flowers.

Sales during the season are still small in volume, as working on the farm requires a lot of time. At first, Tatiana thought: just plant flowers, water them and they will grow. In fact, everything turned out to be much more complicated. It is necessary to loosen the soil, water with fertilizers, uproot constantly, cover the flowers from the rain when the buds are already open. Many things come only with experience, mistakes can not be avoided:

– We somehow participated in a charity event on June 1, we promised to bring flowers. I wanted to cut them in the evening, but I left it for the morning. When I came at five in the morning, it turned out that everything was frozen on ice … – Tatiana remembers. – I was very worried: when you prepare flowers for someone, he is very responsible. Then we bought tunnels to cover the flowers in case of frost.

There is a lot of constant work on the farm during the season, and you should also watch out for collectible narcissus. They “sit” separately and require constant care so as not to be reclassified during transplanting.

Tatiana herself now lives in Germany – she got married and had a daughter. Her life changed immediately after the opening of the farm – the girl is sure to have acquired her favorite business that influenced her:

– My husband was also interested in my farm, now he finances it mainly, since I am on maternity leave. Even before the wedding, he came to Russia three times. I did not arrive in Seversk due to the permit system, but I saw the color and even exchanged narcissus with me in South Square. “He liked this strange experience,” says Tatiana. “I put all the money I can into what I love. For me the main gift from my friends is bulbs or money to buy them.

The couple got married and left for Germany on the eve of the pandemic. Tatiana thought she would come to the farm every spring and summer when she had to take care of the bulbs. But everything turned out differently, getting home was problematic. The current conditions also do not allow the flight:

– I hope to come at last time – I miss you so much! I immediately told my husband that I was only ready to live in Germany if I came to the farm every year. But so far it does not come out. I do not despair, I really want to finally realize my work in Tomsk. I believe in him. The big interesting things come from something small. Keukenhof Park in the Netherlands, for example, was created when demand for tulip bulbs declined after the war and farmers began planting flowers in the park for free. And then the tulip frenzy began in the Netherlands.

Tatiana wants to create her own flower park in Tomsk – to give the city another chance to be heard more often, and Tomsk residents – one more reason to be proud of it:

– I would like the people of Tomsk not to have to go to the Netherlands for the sake of the tulip fields, we can also cultivate them here. It is important for me that people in my city have the opportunity to see beautiful flowers. Now flower growing is a very popular direction in Russia. Many local farms have appeared. The girls in Tomsk also grow something: ranunculus, dahlias, dolphins … They do not stand much in vases, but these are beautiful flowers. Value is not in how long they last, but in what they give to a person. And also that he was raised by people who live next to you.

For her park, Tatiana is going to fully assemble at least 30 varieties of flowers. So far he mainly buys what allows you to cut flowers and sell them. In the future, he plans to acquire others to make the collection more interesting.

– There is such an oriental proverb about narcissus: “Whoever has two loaves, let him sell one to buy a narcissus flower. “Bread is food for the body, but narcissus is food for the soul.” I think it’s on point. “For me, it turned out that way,” says Tatiana. – For years I could not get out of a boring situation, to start building a life. I wanted a family, but I did not have the resources, the strength… The flowers healed me. When my mother and sister and I were growing, we were not just planting flowers. For us it was flower medicine. And he revived the love of my life.

Text: Maria Simonova

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