Salom alaikum, Tajikistan! Announcements of events, a day in history, weather forecast for June 17, 2022


1960 – Garmchashma Hospital opened in the Pamirs.

2001 – All hostages taken in Tavildara and Teppai Samarkandi have been released.

2003 – Citizens of the capital of the republic were legalized.

2009 Former Tajik Interior Minister Mahmudnazar Salihov has committed suicide in Dushanbe.

2009- The former head of Tajikistan Air, Khokimsho Tilloev, has been arrested and placed in the TDF of the capital’s Directorate of Internal Affairs.

2014 – Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree providing for the entry / exit of Tajik citizens to / from Russia only with foreign, service and diplomatic passports.

2020 – MN MO RT has ratified a $ 40 million agreement with the OPEC Fund for the rehabilitation of the Obigarm-Nurabad motorway. Parliament also approves $ 134 million World Bank grant to rehabilitate Barki Tojik


1943 – born film writer, journalist Leonid Makhkamov.

1959 – Honored artist of Tajikistan Mehriniso Khadzhibayeva was born.


Today World Day to Combat Desertification and Droughtwas established by the UN General Assembly in 1994. The date was chosen in connection with the anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.

The purpose of the Day is to raise awareness of the need for international cooperation to combat desertification and the effects of drought.

Like today in 1925 signed protocol to ban the use in war of suffocating, poisonous or similar gases and bacteriological agents (also known as the Geneva Protocol). It was signed by representatives of 37 states and entered into force on February 8, 1928. In fact, it is an international agreement to ban the use of chemical, biological or toxic weapons in time of war. Its action is not limited in time.

As of 2005, 134 states were members of the protocol. Incidentally, the United States ratified the protocol only in 1975, unilaterally reserving the right to be the first to use chemical weapons in armed conflict, and in the 1960s widely used poisonous substances during the war in Southeast Asia.

The same day in 1967 China tests first hydrogen bomb. About 900 scientific and industrial organizations worked on the project to develop nuclear weapons.

In October 1964, the first Chinese atomic bomb was tested at the Lop Nor test site (northeast of Charklyk County, XUAR) and on June 17, 1967, a 3 Mt thermonuclear hydrogen bomb was dropped. . In total, by 1996, 45 tests were performed at the test site. At present, China has nuclear weapons on land and at sea on a global scale.

June 17, 1961 Soviet dancer During a tour of Paris, Rudolf Nureyev sought political asylum.

Nureyev soon began working at the Royal Ballet in London and quickly became a worldwide celebrity. For more than fifteen years he was the protagonist of the Royal Ballet of London and was a regular collaborator of the great English ballerina Margot Fontaine. From 1983 to 1989 he worked as a chief choreographer at the Paris Opera. Nureyev appeared all over the world.

In the USSR, his decision to stay abroad was considered treason. For almost 30 years, the name of Rudolf Nureyev was banned in the USSR. Only after the collapse of the Union in 1995, by a decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, was acquitted under the law of the Russian Federation “On the rehabilitation of victims of political repression.”

52 years ago – June 17, 1970, American optician Edwin Land patented the Polaroid camera. Edwin Land founded the Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1937 to manufacture optical equipment. During World War II, Land inventions were in great demand: night-vision devices, periscopes, binoculars. Land also received a government mandate to develop a control system for infrared missiles.

As early as 1947, the inventor introduced a camera in which the whole process of creating a photograph took 60 seconds. In 1948, the first commercial Polaroid Land-95 was released in Boston for about $ 90 and sold out in one day. And on June 17, 1970, Edwin Land patented the first fully automated “Polaroid SX 70” pocket camera – just pressing a button and taking a photo in a minute.

As a result of the high sales of the camera, Polaroid’s share price increased 90 times and it was included in the list of the 50 most successful companies in the United States.


In the Sughd area – A few clouds in places, occasional rains, in places thunderstorms. West wind 4-9 m / s, strengthened in places up to 13-18 m / s. Temperature: in the lowlands 19-24 warm at night, 32-37 warm during the day, in the mountains 6-11 warm at night, 18-23 warm during the day.

In the Khatlon area – Partly cloudy in places, partly cloudy, mostly in the lowlands, occasionally in the mountains, in some places thunderstorms. Westerly wind 4-9 m / s, in some areas intensified to 12-17 m / s, gusts. Temperature: in the lowlands 23-28 warm at night, 34-39 warm during the day, at the foot 16-21 warm at night, 27-32 warm during the day.

In the Gorno-Badajsan Autonomous Region – Partly cloudy, with occasional rain in some areas, thunderstorm in places in ZGBAO. West wind 4-9, strengthening in places up to 12-17 m / s. Temperature: at ZGBAO at night 10-15 warm, at day 21-26 warm, at VGBAO at night -1 + 4, day 12-17 warm.

By areas of democratic subordination – Partly cloudy, with occasional rain, in some strong mountains, thunderstorms, possible hail. West wind 4-9, in places intensified to 12-17 m / s, gust. Temperature: in the lowlands 16-21 warm at night, 32-37 warm during the day, in the mountains 9-14 warm at night, 23-28 warm during the day.

In the city of Dushanbe – Partly cloudy, with occasional rain, thunderstorm. Westerly wind 4-9, sometimes stronger up to 10-15 m / s, gloomy. Temperature: 16-18 warm at night, 34-36 warm during the day.

In the city of Khujand – Light, partly cloudy, at times light rain, thunderstorm. Westerly wind 4-9, sometimes stronger to 12-17 m / s. Temperature: 21-23 warm at night, 34-36 warm during the day.

In the city of Bokhtar – Partly cloudy, mostly without rain, thunderstorm. West wind 5-10 m / s. Temperature: 24-26 at night, 36-38 during the day.

In the city of Khorog – Partly cloudy, with occasional rain. West wind 4-9 m / s. Temperature: 13-15 heat at night, 24-26 heat during the day.

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