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Krasnoyarsk equestrian school is 35 years old

The popularity of equestrian sports is growing every year. As in the heyday of the Russian aristocracy, the ability to ride a horse is gaining prestige today. The rider is a symbol of beauty, strength, health. The Children and Youth Equestrian School opened in 1987. Over the years, the staff of the only special education institution in the village of Krasny Yar have freed many generations of students for whom beautiful noble animals have become guides in the world of selfless love.

Anna PYANKOVA, trainer-methodologist of JV DYUKSH

How can we measure school performance? Medals, certificates? Over 35 years of work, teachers and students have accumulated a huge case of achievement – absolute victories of regional and global importance. We measure our success with the happy eyes of children and their parents, with words of gratitude from people who come to us to escape the daily hustle and bustle. Many have lived and experienced in 35 years. There were difficult years, there were successes. The main thing is that we stayed in the saddle, and there are still many plans ahead that need to be implemented.

Based on the results of participation in competitions, our students become members of the equestrian team of Samara Region in disciplines such as demonstration jumping and gymnastics every year. They adequately represent the Samara region in various parts of our country. The geography of travel is extensive: Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Orenburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ufa. On the podium there are always students of the Krasnoyarsk school. We are proud of their results, behind which are the work of many people.

But our goal is not only sports achievements. It is important to teach a child to take care of a living being, to overcome uncertainty, to instill in children a sense of responsibility, companionship, because both children and adults are a single group.

Equestrian sport is one of the most difficult, because both the readiness of a person and the level of sport of a four-legged companion are important in it. You can not treat the horse as a means of transportation. The horse is our ally and friend, it must be friendly to man. This can only be achieved with affection, patience, kindness and care. The horse perceives the aggressive behavior on the part of a person as a weakness.

The riders say: whoever has not fallen off his horse 33 times, does not know how to ride. In the early stages, it is more painful for self-esteem than for health. It was after the first fall that there was a separation between those who, having overcome their fears, re-entered the saddle and those who said to themselves “not mine”. Here it is, the upbringing of qualities so necessary in life: perseverance, desire to achieve a goal, ability to overcome fear.

Fresh air, nature, positive emotions are just a small part of what a child gets from communicating with a horse. Everything that nature has created has the highest value and needs our careful attitude. The child will be able to get this thought out of communication with another living being and not from television or the Internet. An important fact: according to world statistics, there are no drug addicts among children who love equestrian sports. Happy are the children who spend most of their time with their favorite animals – horses. An old folk proverb says: “The horseshoe rests on a nail, the horse rests on a horseshoe, the rider rests on a horse, a fortress rests on a horseman, a state rests on a fortress”. We want students to be worthy citizens of our country – this goal remains relevant at all times.

Anastasia Dunyaskina,
head of the SP DYUKSSH GBOU high school in the village of Krasny Yar:

– In 2022, the school received the status of an internship space in the additional education system of the Samara region with the theme of guidance support in the context of the implementation of the general development program “Equestrian Sports”. Today, the guidance system covers all students. Shared care for animals, socially useful things, participation in sporting events – all this unites children, contributes to their unity, mutual help, friendship. Congratulations to all those who teach us children a good attitude towards horses, which help us in our difficult task! We know that school has a huge social impact, it is a job with the new generation for the future.

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