Announcement on the site BST – from 22 rubles / day
The farewell to Panarina Valentina Zakharovna will take place in the Orthodox Church of St. Osinovka on June 16 from 19:00. Retrieval of the body and burial on June 17 from 12:00 to 13:00.
Drivers required. C, clock 30/30. Salary 120,000 rubles. Tel. 8-983-400-47-97.
Required MUP “TsAP”: drivers category D, electrician, tractor driver, washing machine-roller cleaner, cleaner. Tel. 41-65-89, 41-16-62.
Energetik village is looking for: Procurement manager, designer, electricians, fire and safety system installers, installers (furniture placement, box assembly), welders, tinsmith, slingshot, loader, tipper truck driver. Tel. 48-03-54.
Truck drivers required. Tel. 8-908-666-85-25.
The financial institution requires: cost estimation engineer, economist (knowledge of federal law-44), tel. 410-448, 410-687, 267-011; category B, C drivers in Central, Padunsky, Pravoberezhny (full social package). Tel. 410-448, 410-687.
We are looking for a cashier (carpet) in the Padunsky area. Tel. 8-902-567-22-23.
A controller is required to pick up and ship round timber (clock). Tel. 8-902-173-32-82.
Wanted: cylinder driver, loader excavator operator (Caterpillar). Tel. 8-901-666-10-87.
Wanted: Driver From to Kamaz (single person), tipper truck driver, hydraulic operator (hardener). Tel. 8-902-173-32-82.
8th grade driver required. Tel. 8-901-666-10-87.
An electrician is required. Tel. 8-902-179-95-60.
Class C driver required (long distance, salary of 50,000 rubles). Tel. 8-902-569-39-02.
The restaurant (Central District) requires washing machines (tsy) and cleaners (tsy). Tel. 289-289.
Restaurant (Central Region) is looking for a cold store chef. Training, employment. Salary 30,000 rubles. Tel. 289-289.
You need a guard in the Padunsky area, schedule day / two, salary 30,000 rubles / month. Tel. 8-964-732-36-74.
Licensed guards are required. Tel. 8-950-145-53-33.
Wanted: concierge, kitchen worker, cook. Tel. 35-00-54 (center).
Gazelle car driver temporarily requested from 30 July to 14 August. Salary 44,000 rubles. Tel. 35-00-54 (center).
The hospital needs an accountant. 5/2 program, complete social networking package. Salary of 32,000 rubles. Tel. 35-00-54 (center).
Wanted: Guide C, seller (p. Energetik). Tel. 44-10-40.
The engineering company “TIMOKS” in the industrial installation of the aluminum plant in Bratsk hires: mechanical assembly engineers, mechanics-repairers, electricians, fasteners, turner, gear cutter, gear mill, boring machine, sniper driver .C, D), drivers (KAMAZ), welder and gas, furnace lining, process engineer, design engineer, quality controller, chief electrical engineer, production foreman, salaried accountant, trader, occupational safety and fire safety specialist, chief . Salary of 75,000 rubles. and higher. Social package. Tel. 49-28-30.
Drivers required: 25 ton dump truck, roller and excavator loader. Tel. 8-908-647-41-00.
The timber business requires: a carpentry equipment operator, forklift trucks and front loaders, a Class C, E driver, a checkpoint controller. Tel. 35-00-15.
Shipper requested in Vikhorevka. Tel. 8-902-173-32-82.
The window company is looking for fitters and loaders. Tel. 8-964-100-85-55.
Carers are wanted. Parking. Centre. Tel. 8-902-179-46-49, 8-929-438-87-53.
JSC “BraZMK” (p. Padun), due to the increase in the volume of work, are required: painter, slingshot, craftsman. Tel. 356-056.
Wanted: bartender-cashier, hot shop cook. Tel. 28-48-78.
Advertising company is looking for employees. The pay is decent. Tel. 8-929-431-71-11.
Required: cost estimation engineer, turner, labor protection specialist, crane operators (aerial and pneumatic), tractor driver, car driver (cat. B, C), formworker, gas welder and welder, assembly worker, laboratory assistant for production , equipment repairer, building materials store technologist. Tel. 8-983-247-43-31.
A construction company requires a Hyundai 260 excavator driver. Central area. Tel. 8-904-127-36-86.
The wood processing company in Vikhorevka requires: an automated line sorting and processing line operator (LT-86), an electrician to repair crane equipment. Contact by phone. 8-914-957-26-15.
Craftsmen are required for permanent work at Ilim Group JSC. Questions at tel. 8-950-149-66-32 (call during business hours).
Wanted: vet, electrician, loader, poultry farmers, laundries, poultry processors. Tel. 40-80-51.
The company in the city of Vikhorevka is looking for a tipper truck driver. Contact by phone. 8-950-109-20-79, 27-34-91.
The wholesale warehouse in the village of Energetik needs pickers. Opening hours 5/2 (from 7:00 to 16:00). Delivery with official transfer. Service employment, feeding at the expense of the organization, uniforms. Salary of 35,000 rubles. Tel. 8-924-619-14-49.

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