Astrakhan and Astrakhans. City Island – the beach is almost the sea

Even in these difficult times, information periodically appears that the people of Astrakhan perceive exclusively with a sense of deep satisfaction.

For example, last week the Minister of Regional Culture and Tourism, Olga Prokofieva, announced that the Astrakhan authorities, in agreement with Tourism. RF “plan to develop the island of Gorodskoy. I want to rejoice and be happy, it is not forbidden to even start dancing! On the eve of the beach, such news comes like grandma’s pies after a long journey.

The city island for many generations of Astrakhan residents is not just a piece of land surrounded by water. This is the summer and summer childhood of children. And many adventures in nature, since it is the only natural object in the form of a forest in the territory of the regional center.

Photo: Nika Damakina / POINT-A

No one really remembers how he got here. All these urban legends about the fact that Stepan Razin’s plow sank in this place (a merchant steamer, a barge with prisoners of war, an English submarine from the First World War, the Titanic, a tank of live fish) are underlined as needed) and at its base, the Volga foamed all over the island, it is extremely difficult to control. Now you can not even reach the depths. Another thing is important – the island is developing and progressing, living its own life. If you look at the maps of 1917 and 2017, then, without much effort, you will notice that the island has grown 7-8 times like this! And it continues to grow! Even in the movie “It Cannot Be” (1975), which shows a piece of the embankment, it is clear that the island is in the distance. And today the sleeve of the city is already quite narrow. And soon it will disappear completely, the island will become a peninsula! Or even “go downstream”, because the northern part of the island is constantly eroding, and the south is growing. Respectively, it turns out that the whole array is moving towards the Caspian Sea.

So we have to improve it before it’s too late.

Life on the island began a long time ago. Boat fishermen sailed there a hundred years ago and the ubiquitous boys, according to the memories of our classic Yuri Selensky, went up there in search of pre-war adventure. However, the active development of City Island in the form of a beach took place in the 70s of the last century, when the coastal strip was formed in the form of a sandy beach. The city authorities led a landing scene there, opened the music, opened the trade to something unpretentious. And they even allowed vacationers to drink alcohol and fry kebabs. And the island became a local Acapulco! There is no more! Oblivnoy is not a competitor, but Jergak is far away.

By the way, do readers know that it was in those Soviet times, when many today seem prosperous and safe, that on City Island people received the maximum number of wounds from cuts and knives? No, maniacs did not run here, although it is difficult to guarantee. The problem was elsewhere. The random “picnics” led to the fact that the entire coast was full of broken bottles, as well as open cans from which a snack was taken. These items easily pierced the then popular slabs. The Astrakhans cut off the legs of several people every day. And they went to the emergency room.

Photo: Nika Damakina / POINT-A

After the construction of the New Bridge in the late 80’s, the island generally became easily accessible, like the customs of the time. It was even chosen by either nudists or nudists, which is the same for most people. At the northern tip, in July-August, an entire tent camp grew, with naked people coming from various cities in Russia. And for some reason, the local equestrian police liked to guard it, apparently attracted by the beautiful view of the Volga sunset. At the same time, the nudist beach of Astrakhan even entered various, not always official, tourist registers.

Later, as the bonds grew stronger, nudists disappeared somewhere, but a whole variety of entertainment options emerged. It’s naive to think that City Island is a beach in the summer and a homeless shelter in the winter, like the Sherwood Forest. No, there is a whole range. Thus, they write that: “Every year, various games take place here: orienteering, beach handball, cycling. The island also hosts a cross-country track race, the Robinson Island race, in which the blind participate.

That is, the island is used, but not one hundred percent. And it could. In the old days (and we had already written it!) They planned to make something urban-fairytale from City Island. The plans alone were already dizzying. For example, in 2011, then-Governor Alexander Zhilkin told LiveJournal:

“On Saturday, a tripartite agreement was signed – the regional government, the Astrakhan mayor’s office, RusTekhnoStroy – to develop a project to implement a tourist and leisure complex on the city’s central island. The main requirements for the builders are the preservation of the island as a natural object, the minimum amount of concrete. I will show only sketches of the expected. “First of all, an arboriculture (all over the island), which should fit harmoniously in a yacht marina, a water park, an amusement complex, of course, a city beach, an artificial fishing lake, etc.”

But with all the richness of the plans, it was not easy to equip the beach, either the flood, or its absence, or some other temporary difficulties intervened. And every year in July, the Astrakhan press actively wrote about problems on the beach, mourning and hoping. Only in 2019, after cleaning and arranging and constructing simple beach facilities, the beach began to function as a beach and not as a spontaneous bath.

By the way, Astrakhan beach has become even one of the best in recent years. In the Caspian.

On the specialized website, in the section “The best beaches of the Caspian coast of Russia”, our beach in City Island occupies the honorable fourth place! Bypassing the beach of Makhachkala city, Jami beach and the beach of the sanatorium “Kaspiy”.

True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

Well, nothing, now landscaping is on the way, which means that first place is on the horizon. Minimum.

Photo: POINT-A

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