At the bottom, why? A restaurant in the center of Saratov is ready to be demolished out of revenge on the builder. Businesses write reports and pack their bags

The Saratov District Arbitration Court has decided to demolish the restaurant building at 7 Oktyabrskaya Street.

The site below was moved to business more than 10 years ago, but in March last year, the district attorney’s office announced that the land had been illegally taken from a nearby Museum of K.A. Fentina. During the filing of the department, the museum itself filed a lawsuit and the prosecutor’s office, the regional government and the municipal architecture committee are involved in the case. And on February 2, the district arbitration fully met the requirements of the museum, canceling all decisions and permits of previous years and declaring overnight the building where the restaurant now operates. “Josh”self-construction.

The restaurant businessmen defended their colleagues, who sent a letter to the President of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin. The authors of the appeal emphasize that the demolition of the building means a reduction of jobs, tax revenues and losses for businesses. Meanwhile, the focus has already proven to be one of the most affected industries after the 2020-2021 lockdown. Restaurants and cafes lost customers and revenue, could not pay rent, many of them are now on the verge of bankruptcy. In addition, the authors of the report recall that the land under the restaurant was leased by the Saratov district government and never fell into the protected areas of the museum itself.

“It turns out that initially the state authorities themselves provide land, permit and approve the construction and after five years reconsider their decisions, shifting all losses and responsibility to conscientious entrepreneurs, turning any object into a kind of lottery”, the appeal says. , under which there are more than 20 signatures.

In addition, a report has been posted on the portal in defense of the building on Oktyabrskaya. More than 150 people have left their signatures under it.

We wrote as citizens indignant at the demolition of a beautiful building. Moreover, those who are more or less immersed in the structure of this situation understand that today many court decisions are in conflict with the decisions of the courts that they took several years ago. With this decision, the authorities even say that we do not have a judicial system. And corporate confidence in the judiciary, which is a fundamental factor in the investment climate, has been severely undermined. “This angered us even more,” said Saratov,’s hotelier and restaurateur. Alexander Blagodarov.

He reminded that with the closure of any restaurant, at least 30 people will lose their jobs. In addition, the public catering in Saratov is already losing its popularity as a business. Taxes are high and the pressure from various controls is very high.

– This decision completely discourages any business from developing in the Saratov region. We do not understand on what legal basis to build our relationship. The legal framework changes very often. I am a representative of the hotel industry, we have had investment projects for decades. “If we plan a project with a depreciation of 10 and our legal framework changes every 2 years, this completely undermines the desire for investment,” he stressed.

According to Alexander Blagodarov, companies are now witnessing the real destruction of the concept of “investment attractiveness”, both regionally and nationally. Both the judiciary and the law enforcement system, in his opinion, need reform for a long time, the need for it has matured more than ever. Meanwhile, the business sector is declining rapidly.

“Saratov’s small businesses are enduring, the medium ones are leaving for other areas, the big ones are leaving the country. We are not involved in politics, we are entrepreneurs. But we, as a knight at a crossroads, have 3 ways: the first is to endure, the second is to run to another area, the third is to grow up and leave “, says Alexander Blagodrov.

The trial has been going on since last March. The plaintiff insisted on the annulment of the refusal of the Fedin Museum from the permanent indefinite use of the location where the restaurant is now located and the expiration of its lease right. IP Nadezhda Shilovskaya. The department also insisted that the CUI peripheral order to change the permitted type of land use, cancel the topography results and cancel the building permit issued in 2013 was canceled. authorized construction. The accused intends to appeal against the verdict.

The key question immediately arises: why, if the district attorney deems it illegal to transfer land near the museum for a restaurant, did he just announce it? The transfer of the space for rent to a business has already taken place under the current governor Valeria Randaeva – autumn 2012. But for a whole 10 years, neither the audit and supervisory authorities, nor the government, nor the regional Ministry of Culture, nor the museum itself have made statements that the rights of the museum have been violated in any way.

Secondly, it is worth remembering the very history of the Konstantin Fedin Museum. It was created in the building where, before the revolution, the Sretensky Men’s Elementary School was located, where the author’s grandfather taught and at the same time rented an apartment and Fedin himself studied in his childhood. The decision to open the museum was made in 1979 by the USSR Council of Ministers.

At that time, on Oktyabrskaya, 7, there was still an old two-story building. It was only when it was demolished – around the late 1980s – in the early 1990s, as old photographs of Oktyabrskaya Street show, that empty space was included in the museum area.

It is also worth remembering that about 3 years have passed since the site was abandoned by the museum in 2009 and leased. All this time the land remained under the jurisdiction of the area. Why does the prosecution believe that the museum did not have the right to cede the land in the area?

The fact that the current story with the restaurant on Oktyabrskaya, 7 looks like an act of intimidation against the builder of the building, CJSC “Sargrad” associated with the former member of the regional Duma Sergei Kurikhinmost experts who are aware of the situation do not even doubt.

Head of law firm Saratov “Yurkom” Nikolai Skvortsov I agree with Alexander Blagodarov that such proceedings initiated by the prosecution are a very unpleasant trend for businesses.

– An interesting story! Very straightforward! It can affect any business. And not only! commented on the outcome of the case on his page at Facebook. – The reason for the demolition is clear – the war with the owner. Do you know what legal reason for the demolition was chosen? In 2009, part of the area of ​​the neighboring museum, 10 acres, was allocated for the building. The director of the museum signed the documents. The regional government issued an order. The tenant of the plot agreed on the project and got a building permit. He then constructed and commissioned it, having received an entry permit. The property is registered in Rosreestre. Well, it seems, what should I complain about? So be careful !!! The director of the museum, 12 years later, made a statement that she signed the documents by mistake! I did not look well! In fact, that’s all!

The expert is surprised by the conclusions drawn on the basis that the director of a cultural institution “did not look carefully” more than 10 years ago. This careless look was the reason for the cancellation of an entire package of documents, starting from the lease of the space, until the permission to put the new building into operation.

A reasonable question is what will happen to the site if the building is actually demolished? If, for example, the Fedin Museum has nowhere to store funds, it will have to build something else in this area at a budget. Who and how manages the social construction in our country, the whole of Saratov has already noticed the example of kindergartens with schools. Party creators will not be able to build something similar on the site of the current restaurant. Urban community “Saratov. Construction & Architecture »opened a discussion about what will be in the place of the restaurant – a park or another house-candle.

There were not so many court rulings on the demolition of buildings in Saratov. And it is almost impossible to remember a case that was fulfilled. Thus, the famous mansions on Piterskaya, from which the inhabitants were expelled by battle, still stand, smoothly transformed into Silent Hill. Get rid of high-rise buildings «Novostrogia XXI» Fortunately for the shareholders, he did not succeed, the buildings were saved from demolition by the radars of the new Gagarin airport. The multi-level parking lot on Dzerzhinsky Street may soon celebrate its anniversary, as a court decision has been made to recognize it as self-made. the court decision.

Sergei Kurikhin’s personality and his work as a member of the regional Duma can be treated as you wish. But the demolition of the building as the last chord of this confrontation seems completely unprecedented in the eyes of both businesses and residents. And this is a very, very bad message for businesses, which in fact turns out to be a hostage of the prevailing moods in the authorities. As no license seems to reduce the risk that what was owned yesterday will turn out to be unauthorized construction today.

It is noteworthy that neither the prosecutor’s office nor the regional government have claims against the officials who issued the building permit, the director of the museum who accidentally left the site and other officials. Businesses are always responsible for their mistakes. Material. And no one even promised to compensate for his losses.

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