How not to get lost in the Yugra forest: tips from rescuers

Dozens of people are lost in the forests of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region every year, in Russia the number reaches thousands. Not everyone can do it alive. According to rescuers, hundreds of people were found dead or not found at all.

Most people get lost in late summer and early fall when they go to the forest to pick mushrooms. But the first “losses” in Hungary have already appeared. Two people went missing this week in the woods near Kamenny Mys near Surgut. Rescuers who arrived at the scene focused on humans using cellular communications – as a result, they were able to get out on the road independently.

Here are some simple rules that will help you not to get lost in the woods and not to panic if you go astray.

Tell me where you are going

Before heading to the forest, let your family or friends know where you are going and for how long. This is one of the basic rules that applies to any campaign in any composition. If you do not return by the appointed time, they will start looking for you.

Get ready

Charge and recharge the rest of your mobile phone. Make sure you have the essentials with you: compass, knife, matches, salt, charged mobile phone, small amount of food, light spare clothes. Pack the matches and clothes in polyethylene so that they do not get wet in case of rain. If you are constantly taking certain medications, take them too.

Be bright

Rescuers advise wearing brightly colored clothes when hiking in the woods and not camouflage, as many do. Bright clothes will allow you to notice a person among green trees and shrubs. It is also recommended to wear a hat, long pants (suddenly you have to go through the bushes) and comfortable shoes.

Decide where to park and return time

If you came to the forest with a company, then be sure to determine who will go and in what direction and at what time you should return to the parking lot. If someone gets lost, this will help you start the search in the indicated direction in time.

Look around the area

Before entering the forest, find out where the main landmarks are: roads, rivers, streams, settlements, to schematically imagine the boundaries of the area. Use the compass to set the directions so you know which direction to turn.

What to do if you get lost?

Rescuers recommend: do not panic, remember basic knowledge about the behavior in the forest and determine the course of action yourself.

to stop

Rule one – stop. Try to contact relatives or friends if you came with them and be sure to call the rescue service. If you can not reach someone, do not panic. If you start running back and forth, there will be a feeling that your forest is “swallowing” and you will panic. You should not sit on the ground or on a rock – in the forest they are the main thieves of heat. It is better to do a lifting of branches and moss for this.


Remember where and how you walked, listen to sounds that indicate the proximity of people. In silence (especially at night), listening to the various sounds is as follows:

– the movement of the car along the highway 1-2 km.

– the traffic of the car on a dirt road 1 km.

– rifle shot 2–4 km.

– conversation – 250 m.

– loud scream 1–1.5 km.

Do not rush to follow the sound. It is necessary to check its direction several times. The sound is best heard on the slides when the air recedes.

Look for landmarks

If you see linear landmarks – glades, trails, forest roads, stick to them and do not enter the forest, they will find you more easily. Pay attention to the stumps: if there are characteristic traces of saw cut, then there should be traces of equipment nearby that removed the fallen wood. These trails will lead to logging. Going out into the woods in a stream or small river, go downstream, the water will lead to people. When leaving the forest alone in a settlement or with people, you need to provide information about yourself.

Give signs

To signal, repeat your steps three times. For example, shout or whistle three times. Repeat after some time. Do not shout too often and loudly – there is a risk of breaking your voice. You can also give beeps by tapping a stick on the trees, the sound from them deviates greatly in the forest. Find an open area, preferably on a hill. It is useful to place three large (three meter) crosses of twigs and spruce branches on the nearest glade. If you have matches, you can light three fires.

I’m warm

Rescuers also recommend building a hut using spruce branches and moss. To keep warm, you can light a fire.

Remember: they will certainly look for you, but salvation depends to a large extent on your capable behavior in the forest.

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