Destroying myths about products: doctor’s sausage is healthy, but pimples on the face from chocolate

The doctor’s sausage was prescribed by the doctor himself and there is only fiber in vegetables – we are told from childhood. What is really wrong with the food that we considered “right” food?

Myth 1: Raw vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

No matter how! Undoubtedly, vegetables will help fill your stomach and relieve hunger, but again you should not get carried away by the raw fruits of nature. Excess fiber can damage the body: lead to nausea, bloating, gas and heartburn.

Myth 2: Yogurt maintains a healthy balance of intestinal microflora.

Beautiful vases on supermarket shelves are full of similar signs. Yes Yes. On ordinary shelves, not even in the fridge. And if you look at the expiration date, with such a product you can safely fly into space and not be afraid that it will spoil. Fermented dairy products, which are really healthy, can not be stored for a long time and at the same time contain beneficial microorganisms, not to mention pieces of “fresh” fruit.

Myth 3: Non-fat cottage cheese is more dietary than fatty

First, the caloric content of low-fat foods is not much lower than that of the corresponding fats. Second, the higher the fat content, the more nutritious the product, respectively, the much less you eat. Third, in order for the product to be fat-free, it must undergo a special chemical treatment that destroys the useful vitamins. In general, there are many more disadvantages than just the positives. Neither losing weight in such a “miracle” will work, nor “getting better”.

Myth 4: Cereal bread has fewer calories than a white loaf

Well, if not more! Nuts, seeds and bran make this bread rich in calories, but at the same time healthy and filling. Of course, it is obvious to whom to prefer. However, it is best to abstain completely from flour products during a diet, for the sake of a dress that is several sizes smaller.

Myth 5: Chocolate causes pimples on the face

To completely destroy this myth, let’s turn to the origin. Chocolate in Latin means “food of the gods”. We do not believe that the presence of acne on the skin is a card in paradise. Much research has already been done to prove the absence of rashes on the face from your favorite delicacy. But only natural, with a high cocoa content. And if you have noticed a similar phenomenon on your skin, then this is rather an individual reaction of the body to the high sugar content in milk and white bars, which are very indirectly related to real chocolate.

Myth 6: You can not eat potatoes and pasta while dieting.

Indeed, starchy foods are high in carbohydrates. And now let’s understand it. Potatoes are high glycemic carbohydrates and can cause a sudden rise in blood glucose. It is necessary to limit the use of such products, but it is still not worth categorically refusing. Fast carbs give energy and mood. All you need to know is the measure: eat as much as you can in your palm and do not add butter, cream and other fatty sauces. And durum wheat pasta is in complex carbohydrateswhich are processed by the body for a long time and are able to prolong the feeling of satiety.

Myth 7: Egg yolks are bad and raise cholesterol levels.

A myth that has become extremely popular with nutritionists. Scientists have shown that eggs contain “good” cholesterol, which does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is one of the healthiest foods and essential fats for the human body: a source of fully digestible protein, eye protection, weight loss aid.

Myth 8: The doctor’s sausage is healthy, even the name fits

A misconception known to many generations because of the ironic name of the product. Few people know that the composition of this meat product was developed specifically for the mass “fattening” of patients after the civil war. This product could not be dietetic in any way, it had a completely different work. Now the composition of the sausage doctor is dramatically different from the original source: the acceptance of various chemical additives for the preservation of the product does not make it exactly useful.

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