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If you’re starting to get bored of the nightmare habits of the fridge and finishing every meal with dessert, it ‘s time to do something. Without ignoring the advice of nutritionists, we offer several original tricks, the result of which may surprise you.

We need to drink more water – for many of us, trying to calm our appetite goes beyond this method. It is no surprise that the process is not very successful. More advanced is the choice of foods with low glycemic index, which prevents the rise in blood sugar and thus helps control appetite. The theory is quite controversial, clinical data have not been received. Hence the lack of desired results.

However, few people are ready to stop trying to curb their craving for sweets or fast food.

According to psychologists, in any business the main thing is to start with the head, thoughts and senses. An important piece of advice from them is to relax, playfully change some details in the usual way and, without expecting a miracle, just observe the situation. The results may still surprise you. So let’s get started.


1. Change the dishes to blue

The bizarre proposal to replace the usual white, yellow, colored dishes with blue, is supported by serious scientific research. The color blue is officially considered the most anorexic. Why; Because in nature there are no blue foods – meat, cereals, vegetables (blueberries and blackberries do not count, after all their color is not exactly blue).

In Latin America, there are rare varieties of potatoes with a slight tinge of blue, but despite the passion for innovation, these tubers are not in demand in the world – unlike exotic fruits.

It turns out that the usual dinner, but on a blue plate, is read by the brain as less appetizing. Even if you finish it, you probably will not want to complete it. More advanced users who want extra insurance can equip their refrigerators with blue lighting.


2. Work on acupuncture points

According to ancient Chinese medicine, uncontrolled appetite is the result of internal imbalance and improper distribution of energy. Acupuncture, that is, the impact on specific points – the meridians along which the life-giving energy of the qi flows – helps to correct this movement, to make it uniform.

There is a subtlety here: needles are used in acupuncture, but in its variety – acupuncture – there are several fingers with which you can stimulate the spots.

There are many such points in our body. However, we recommend that you pay close attention to the following two. Just because they are easier to influence, even if you are at a business dinner or a party where you would not want to eat much. The first point is the lobe of the ear, or rather, the junction of the lobe and the jaw. It is claimed that exposure to it for 3-5 minutes before the start of the meal leads to a reduction in hunger.

Another convenient point is the inside of the knee, right in the center. Just cross your legs while sitting and, without drawing undue attention, act in this zone.

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3. Eat in bright light

But this is funny! According to American scientists who conducted such studies, in the light of trying to control and control our eating impulses. It turns out that the darkness and even the pleasant twilight awaken in us the primitive savages, ready to sweep everything in front of them on the table, without stopping and without thinking anything.

No more candlelit dinners! We massage the ears and the knees, put blue dishes on the table and turn on all the light sources. Candles, if the soul requires classic romance, can also be lit. The main thing is to know which one.


4. Light the right candle

Citrus essential oils – and especially grapefruit – are known to have a scientifically proven ability to suppress appetite. You can, of course, have a bottle of oil on hand, but practice shows that you can forget to inhale bitter citrus vapors during the work day. And at night – too tired to try to catch up.

Another thing is candles. Grapefruit aroma probably exists, but in the life hack above we are talking about essential oils and not to imitate their aromas.

Candles are a different story. Just a simple vanilla flavor is enough to start your brain getting the right signals that hunger is not your problem and that eating all the desserts (or one, but the biggest) in the office cafeteria is not your intention . If it is not possible to light such a candle in your office, do it when you return home so as not to empty the fridge in the dark.


5. Add vinegar to your diet

Many stars admit that every morning they start with a glass of water with a spoonful of vinegar – to detoxify and improve digestion. Vinegar in general has many benefits – and all but apple cider vinegar is recognized by nutritionists as the best for oral administration.

German scientists from the University of Kaiserslautern claim that it should be taken as a medicine in order to reliably protect the intestines.

You do not need much – just one or two spoons in a glass of water is enough. It is best to have a drink before a meal. How does it work? Acetates in acetic acid not only have a detoxifying effect, but also lower blood sugar, thus neutralizing the unhealthy craving for sugar and generally help control appetite.
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6. Eat more greens

At first glance, another boring-correct tip. However, we address it to all chocolate lovers who themselves already doubt that their passion for bars and bars is within normal limits. As a rule, excessive passion for chocolate signals, first of all, that the body lacks magnesium.

What could be easier than to receive and replace this deficiency with the help of extremely healthy products, other than low calorie, full of vitamins and minerals?

Dark green vegetables and herbs are especially rich in magnesium. Champions – spinach, peas, cabbage, cabbage. Add a few pumpkin seeds and almonds and you have the basis for a pretty good diet and snack.


7. Use toothpaste and mouthwash more often

Another brain trick that seems trivial but actually works. The rinse and toothpaste can be used more often from morning and evening. Some experts urge you to brush your teeth as soon as you feel like you want to finish an already heavy meal with dessert.

It is said that mouthwashes literally “zero” the flavors, sending orders to hurry for something tasty and usually unhealthy.

And if toothpaste is easier to use at home, then rinsing provides much more freedom of action. It can be safely stored in your office and used as required. In addition, experienced users are advised to choose a rinse with the most intense flavor – so that even obsessive thoughts about food can be reliably defeated.


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