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How to behave when you meet a taiga oystercatcher

A resident of the Tunkinsky area of ​​Buryatia went to the forest for wild garlic and met a bear. The clumsy man suddenly found himself right in front of the man and immediately got to his feet. The details of the terrible meeting, the hero of our story, Andrei (his name has been changed), told the Novaya Buryatia journalist almost in a whisper. He “left” his voice in the forest.

“I live near the forest, on the outskirts, you can tell. My mom asked me to go and see if she had grown wild garlic to pick for pickles. I took a pack, a knife and went to the forest, where it usually grows. “Every year we gather and salt for the winter”, Andrei began his story.

When asked why the bear approached him so unexpectedly, the young man replied:

“I walked quietly, I looked around, as if I saw a clearing behind the trees. I turn my head – and it’s in front of me. He is as tall as me, about 180. He immediately raised his legs and grew “, our hero remembers the seconds of a terrible meeting.

Andrei is sure that knowing how to behave when he met the tailed master of the taiga helped him escape. But at that moment, more out of fear than from the information that had settled in his head, he raised his hands and screamed. He says he did everything on a subconscious level.

“It simply came to my notice then that I was screaming, but it turned out quietly. He started to walk away slowly. And he kept shouting. I do not remember how much I spent. It was as if time had stopped. Then he turned and ran. I have never run like this! Their scaffolding is over, legs and arms are shaking, everything inside also bounces. I returned home and realized that I could not speak. “It turns out that I was screaming so much that I was hoarse,” the man admits.

Andrei realizes that he could die. He says he will never go to the forest alone again. And our hero lost his knife.

“It simply came to our notice then. “It’s a pity, it was a good knife, a ‘mushroom’, happy,” says the young man with regret for the loss.

The fact that in Buryatia reports of cases of bears going to settlements and livestock camps has become more frequent, Baikal Reserve inspectors said recently.

“Due to poor food supply and forest fires in the Trans-Baikal region, there is a migration of bears to Lake Baikal,” the official FGBU team said on social media.

Conservation inspectors remind you that you can reduce the chance of meeting a bear and attacking a person by following these rules of conduct:

– while you are in the forest, always remember that a meeting with a bear can happen at any time and in any place, so you must be mentally prepared for it.
– While resting, look carefully around for signs of a bear.

– If you suspect that there was a bear here, leave this place immediately.
– When being with children in the forest, always be extremely careful. Children should always be in your eyes, do not let them go far.
– Placement of camps in open spaces with sufficient visibility.
– to avoid the critical approach distance and not to collide unexpectedly with a bear, it is necessary to move in the forest noisily, freely and loudly, preferably in a group of at least three people.
– it is important to ensure that conditions are not created for their complementary feeding. Food scraps and carcasses of dead pets should be discarded so that predators do not exploit them.
– do not leave food scraps, garbage in the forest.
– when you see a bear in the distance, do not approach it, carefully leave this place, navigate.
– under no circumstances run – it is useless and can only additionally cause the bear to chase.
– it is necessary to stay in their place, trying to keep your composure as much as possible, calling for help with a loud scream or, slowly retreating, retreat. In this case, you can try to scare the bear by ringing metal objects, a loud scream and clapping your hands.
– raise your hands high, letting the animal know that you are taller and stronger than him.
– do not look the beast in the eyes, do not show your teeth.

If you find a bear showing aggression, a wounded bear, you should immediately alert other people who are in or near the same place and report it by phone:

A single call number for emergency response services – 112, 102.
Burprirodnadzor – 8 (3012) 44-44-97.

As reported earlier by newbur.ru, the body of a bear was found in Tunkinsky National Park, which was killed by a resident of the Irkutsk region with two shots from a rifle. Now the man faces a fine or imprisonment.

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