“Russian newspaper”. Why a businessman from Ulyanovsk changed his office in the city to a rural farm in Ulpressa

Changes are coming. Vladislav Rossoshansky’s farm in the near future will move from an ordinary farm yard to a new farm equipped with the latest technology. At one point, 13 years ago, a city businessman turned into a cheesemaker. And now comes a new stage.

First there was a cottage

In the meantime, the farm is located in the yard of an old village house, next to which a two-storey mansion was built, where, in addition to the owners, the staff also lives. The hut in the village of Belaya Rybka on the shores of Turgenev Bay, where the fish farm once stood, was acquired by the Rossoshansky family in 2006 “for a dacha”. Painfully wonderful places here. Bay, forest, abandoned fields…

The fish farm has ceased to exist for a long time, the local pier has emptied and collapsed, where, as before, small “omic” motor boats no longer go. To get here, a significant part of the trail must be crossed on a dirt road. Silence, silence and loneliness. And at the same time – very close to Ulyanovsk. The dream of a city dweller longing for wildlife. The house was bought as a gift to Galina’s wife. Once, after leaving for a picnic, he fell in love with these places.

But the Rossoshansky eventually did not just become summer residents. Here, and not in a city apartment, their main life takes place.

Such a radical healthy lifestyle

Above the gate connected to the chain there is a carved wooden sign “The Ninth Goat”.

Our first herd consisted of eight animals. Dairy goat and seven goats. Daughter Arina was then four years old. The goats were constantly counted – as if they were not losing. Right next to us and somewhere the daughter was spinning. It got such a comic code name from us – “ninth”, says Vladislav.

What made you a goat in general? It all started with little Arina. The baby suddenly started coughing, some unexplained seizures. The doctors were “confused by the testimony”, not being able to make a clear diagnosis. With difficulty he helped to cope … goat’s milk. Bought in the civil private sector. Soon, the whole family appreciated the wonderful properties of this seemingly simple product. And what is important, his head.

At the time, Vladislav was the head of his own company. Real, with office. I had to work 18-20 hours a day. Working in such a stressful regime has affected health, profoundly undermining the immune system. And the doctor recommended an urgent change in lifestyle, otherwise you should say goodbye to health. So he said.

The decision came suddenly. The puzzle is complete. Health – immunity – goat’s milk – cottage in White Rybka. You need to combine business with a healthy lifestyle, that’s all. This is how LPH (personal subsidiary farming) came about, a year later it was already registered as KFH (agricultural farm).

From the office to milking

– That day, leaving the office, I called my wife and said: “It seems that now we will start breeding goats”. This is an unexpected turn for everyone. He made a business plan. The transition period from the outside would seem quite funny if there was one to evaluate. Besides, I could not take them all abruptly and erase them. Can you imagine? I’m in the White Fish. I feed and milk the goat. After that, I go to town, I work on a business project. Then again the car, the cottage … More specifically, it was no longer a cottage, but a farm. Feeding, milking again, says Vladislav.

Marina shows me cheese and curd, a young trainee girl who was assigned to the “Ninth Goat” for an internship at the agricultural college where she studies. She really likes working here. It’s nice when everything is okay.

The room is sterile, shoes are not allowed here. Tiles, metal containers of various sizes, appliances, milk cans. KFH “Ninth Goat” now produces three types of cheese, but work is already underway to create five new varieties. In addition, Vitalact is also produced – a fermented milk product to normalize digestion and boost immunity.

Two other practitioners, Ksyusha and Sevil, graze goats in the surrounding area. The girls help the key workers well. There are 174 heads in the herd now.

What is good for a goat is death for an official

An area of ​​65 hectares is exactly what is needed for the grazing of these animals. Plenty of bark, trees and shrubs – self-seeding in abandoned fields. Small ravines for goats – that is, in the mountains do not graze on such steep. But Vladislav fears the excessive zeal of the officials.

There are now more and more calls for confiscation of leased agricultural land from those who do not use and cultivate it. The requirement is generally fair. But officials often approach the issue formally, you can not explain to them that uprooting trees and shrubs in the case of the “goat”, to put it mildly, is not appropriate. And it will be done by them. They will consider the land abandoned and put a tick: the enemy has not passed.

Unfortunately, I did not find the whole family in White Rybka. The wife, a lawyer by profession, although she works “remotely”, but due to the Internet that is little understood here, she is forced to perform her duties while in a city apartment. Arina’s daughter, who decided to become an immunologist, has an exam this year. The son, although he was waiting for the holidays, some important things keep him in the city. Usually, children spend all the time here and are very reluctant to return to the city in the fall.

Like an atomic bomb, only better

The recipe for the first cheese was born as the design for the first Soviet atomic bomb. Partly hidden, partly self-invented.

“At that time we only dealt with milk. But one of the employees, whose mother once worked in a cheese factory in Ukraine, decided to make cheese for himself. The feature is that he did not share the recipe. But later, remembering all his manipulations and experimenting, I got our first basic variety “aritosh”. – says the head of the economy.

The name was formed from the names of the children – Arina and Tosha-Platon. Then we decided to try smoking this variety. So another variety of “smoked arithmetic” appeared. Experts find in it a resemblance to Indian paneer cheese.

Four years ago, a cheese tasting at Ninth Goat was hosted by NTV presenter Let’s Go, Let’s Eat, John Warren, this episode was included in his episode dedicated to a trip to the Ulyanovsk region.

the home installation will come

The road to the new farm turned out to be thorny. A group of workers hired to build a base building with a milking parlor approached the issue in bad faith. And this was spent on grant money they won in the regional competition. Now I had to hire other people and do everything again, investing my own funds. Now the facility is already there, the equipment is partially installed.

There is nothing formal here. The body itself is round, in the shape of a washer, with a cone-shaped roof, which ends in a glass lantern through which the natural sunlight passes. The rounded shape is more in line with the natural movement of the herd, the animals do not bump into the corners. The heating of the house is just around the corner.

“RG” Help
Vladislav Rossoshansky was born in 1977 in the city of Navoi (Uzbekistan), graduated from school N 22 in Ulyanovsk and in 1999 graduated from the School of Physical Geography of the Ulyanovsk Pedagogical University. He worked as head of training at Aviastar Airlines, head of staff at Volga-Dnepr and later opened a business consulting firm. Has been involved in goat breeding since 2008. Head of KFH. Produces cheese and other products from goat’s milk. The wife Galina. Two children – Arina and Plato. My daughter is taking an exam in 2022. My son is a fifth grader.

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