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Kennel Yuri Kovanov and veterinarians Maxim Pitetsky, Sergei Alekhin and their assistant Daria Pokatilova on the veranda of a partially damaged veterinary clinic in Mariupol

43 (6048) dated 17 June 2022

Kenyans and veterinarians Ryazan help colleagues in Donbass

Eight years of genocide of the Russian population in Donbass is not only a human tragedy, it is also an animal tragedy. People can at least leave their homeland in search of salvation by becoming refugees. What can pets do? Yesterday they had a house, food and a favorite owner. Today, the owner died after one of the many bombings and the house was completely destroyed.

Loneliness and panic

“With the exception of the head of the family, the entire Mukhtar family managed to evacuate from Mariupol on March 20 and the farmers remained to take care of the house. About a month later, during one of the attacks, the man died and was buried right in the backyard of the house and Mukhtar remained in charge. “A neighbor visited him a few times, but the whole dog world faded for Mukhtar, no one he loved so much stayed with,” said Andrei Shatalov, manager of the Donetsk 4-foot animal shelter.
Loneliness and panic. This is what the volunteers saw in the dog’s eyes when in one of the first rescue raids they were looking for injured animals in Mariupol. And yet, five meters from the barrel, pierced by fragments of shells, into which he got stuck when he was scared, they saw the tomb, near which Mukhtar must have been all these days.
Thanks to the caring people, the dog had the opportunity to start life again. He was taken to the Donetsk shelter “4 feet” and already here was found his former family, who were previously in Russia. “In our country, Mukhtar first had to recover and then it was planned to find new owners for him. And then, after the publication of a report about our trip, miraculously his family falls on a video on social networks in which they recognize their yard and Mukhtarchik! “. says Andrey Shatalov. Last week, the relatives of the deceased were able to return to their home in Mariupol and Mukhtar returned to his family.

Dedicate yourself

“I have been running this shelter since the beginning of the war in Donetsk. In the beginning, people helped us a little and then the help stopped coming completely. Food was transported in very small quantities, the animals lived from hand to mouth, and even had to feed on missing vegetables. The shelter was simply abandoned. The animals survived all the bombing, there were even direct blows to the shelter. I also had to take care of them and hold them with my last strength. “Some ponytails came from the war zones, some brought the already wounded, but many just ended up on the road and were doomed to starve to death,” said Irina Volik, owner of the 4-foot shelter. The volunteer admits that she can not even describe everything she has experienced with the animals, but this only strengthened her desire to help them. Today in the shelter there are more than 300 pets and for everything there is a piece of human warmth and participation.
Fortunately, Irina Volik and her colleagues were not left alone with all the problems. Caring people from Russia and other countries began to help the shelter. Among the volunteers were veterinarians and kennels Ryazan. At the beginning of June, a two-day “Veterinarians Without Borders” action took place here, the main objectives of which were the start of mass sterilization and vaccination of animals in Mariupol, as well as the provision of veterinary care and advice to owners and pets. Yuriy Kovanov from the Ryazan regional public organization “Working Dog Lovers Club” ROMTAT “(CLRS” ROMTAT “) and specialists from the veterinary clinic Ryazan” 9 Lives “Dr. Maxim Pitetsky, Sergey Alekhin, their assistant Daria Pokatilova arrived in Donb .
A real on-site animal hospital has been set up in the bombed and partially destroyed facilities of the INOVET veterinary clinic in Mariupol. For two working days, Ryazan residents spayed 36 cats and three dogs, cared for and consulted more than 50 animals and their owners. More than 80 animals were vaccinated against rabies, 60 drops of fleas and anthelmintics were distributed to dogs. Cat and dog food was distributed by Russian charities. On the third day, already in Donetsk, before returning to Ryazan, 6 shelter animals were spayed.
“I would definitely like to thank Konstantin Vladimirovich Ivashchenko, the head of the DPR administration in the city of Mariupol, for his support and all kinds of help, thanks to which organizational issues were resolved and the area was cleaned in the damaged clinic.” Yuri Kovanov expressed his gratitude. “Mariupol is virtually without electricity today and today only a few dozen social infrastructure facilities are supplied, so special thanks to our respected and intrepid employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the PRC for the powerful electric generator provided for the duration of the action!”
According to Yuri Kovanov, the action of Ryazan kennels and veterinarians in the Donbass was made possible thanks to the numerous donations of sensitive and kind people from all over Russia, near and far abroad. Thanks to such financial assistance, fuel, essential items for both humans and animals, stocks and much, much more are purchased for each trip to Mariupol.

Second birth

The Ryazans’ humanitarian action in the city of Grozny continued. When Yuri Kovanov was in Mariupol, he met Antik. According to the volunteer, the dog was a service dog in the Azov Battalion (the activity of the organization is prohibited in the Russian Federation) and was nicknamed Adolf. However, after the demolition it became Adidas or simply Adik. For many Donbass animals that are now homeless, the best fate is a new owner from Russia. After undergoing rehabilitation, the volunteers, if possible, transfer them to caring hands. Antik was also lucky, he will now live in the Republic of Chechnya.
“The decision to give the dog to Ramzan Kadyrov was made because we see his role in the special military operation in Ukraine and for the good deeds he is doing here,” said Yuri Kovanov. On June 12, Russia Day, the volunteer arrived in Grozny to hand over the dog to its new owner. Yuri notes that he would like to encourage other Russians to help and become homeless Ukrainian-owned pets with the story of the Mariupol pit bull.
The President of the Republic of Chechnya described the gift as really pleasant. “Now the famous pit bull will bear the Chechen nickname, which really appreciates his unwavering character – Borz. “From now on, Borz will guard my house and become an integral part of our pets,” said Ramzan Kadyrov. According to the leader of the republic, the time spent in the liquid cellars of Azovstal did not affect Borz in any way. He is still the same best friend of man, ready at all costs to protect the peace of the owners. “I thank Yuri from the bottom of my heart for such a gift!” said Ramzan Kadyrov.
Today Ryazan volunteers are preparing for a new trip to Donbass. They always need cash, food and medicine. If you want to help them continue a good deed, you can always send a remittance or donate humanitarian aid, as well as get pets from Donbass to your family.

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Alexander Jafarov
Photo by CLRS “ROMTAT”

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