“They ask where the toilet is and I answer them, run to the forest!”: The miserable beaches of Kazan frighten tourists

This summer does not indulge in the heat of the people of Kazan – the more people want to spend sunny days on the beach, because tomorrow it will rain again. Having visited the approved and not so approved beaches, the correspondents of Vechernaya Kazan found out what the residents and visitors of the capital of Tatarstan think.

To date, there are five official beaches in Kazan: Nizhnee Zarechye, Lokomotiv, Lake Komsomolskoye, Lake Glubokoe and Lake Big Lebyazhye. But the townspeople are not limited to visiting these resting places – after all, you still have to get to Glubokoe or Lebyazhye, and Kazanka is that!

So we started our raid with a visit to a wild beach on the right bank of Kazanka, which was chosen by the residents of nearby houses and beyond. Unlike the Lower District, there are no signs of civilization on the other side of the dam – only water, sand and grass cross it. But this place is historic – after all, once on the shore, where the “Bowl” is today, there was the main beach of the city.

The adult vacationers we found on the shore were mostly sunbathing, the children splashing in the water.

– I prefer to swim in Kama, but I go here, because the beach is nearby, – explained the sports retiree Vladimir. – I am already old, I have the age of survival, but for the youth, for the children, of course, it is a pity – there is not even a normal beach in Kazan! But we live in two rivers. I wish they had adopted the experience from Samara, there is a beach there!

– I recently moved to Kazan from Cheboksary, I have not had time to see all the beaches yet, but I will not risk swimming here, the water is dirty. “There were no problems with the swimming parts in Cheboksary,” the girl told us Annareading a book on the shore.

The next point of our route is the official beach “Lower Zarechye”. There is some infrastructure here: a canopy under which you can hide from the sun, a lifeguard spot, a fence restricting the authorized beach area (where we have no fences?), A “No swimming” sign.

“How many years have I been going to this beach, how many years has this sign been standing here”, noted one of the vacationers. Anuar. – But I’m not afraid to swim, to be afraid of wolves – do not go to the forest. In other places, too, the water is not cleaner. In front of tourists, of course, it is inconvenient. Sometimes they ask where the toilet is. And I answer them that there is nothing, you are running in the forest out of necessity! And then they wonder where all the pollution in the water comes from. There is money for everything in Kazan, but they do not want to invest in improving the beaches.

The situation of Lokomotiv beach on the Volga, which is closer to the city center and where tourists are more frequent, is even more depressing. Trunks and sticks nailed to the shore, dirty sand, rubbish scattered around discourage the desire to stay here for a long time. But people sunbathe and swim with strength and above all.

– And where to go? This beach is close to my house, there is no time to go far. “On weekends, there is generally no place to drop an apple,” said one of the holidaymakers. Sergei. – The water, of course, leaves a lot of room, a shower would not hurt, but it is here only for reasons of appearance, there was never water there last summer and now there is not. But people are used to swimming in the mud.

Tourists from St. Petersburg Alexander and Tatianawhom we caught in Lokomotiv, admitted that their beach spoiled the impression of Kazan.

– We came with the advice of friends who praise your city, they say that Kazan is beautiful, the people here are friendly. Today is your first day, we decided to swim, the heat is open and here it is! – common feelings Alexander. – In St. Petersburg, even the wild beaches look much better. Of course, your authorities need to pay attention to this. I think it is not worth it to bring the beach back to normal.

The last beach spot we visited was Lake Glubokoe in the Kirovsky area. The landscape here is so beautiful that it is difficult to spoil it with anything.

The coast is full of children (there are children’s leisure camps nearby) and young people smoking hookah. Lifeguards watch over swimmers.

– I’m coming here from Gorky! said one of the few adult men we found in the lake one day, Valery. – And what remains to be done? Of all the beaches, this one is pretty much decent. As they say, Kazan is wonderful, but there is nowhere for an ordinary person to swim.

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