Thunder is rolling. Beterbiev knocked out Smith in two rounds

eighteenI won by knockout in 18 fights, three champion belts in one hand – this is the result of a boxing night in New York for Artur Beterbiev.

Predicting the outcome of battles is like predicting the weather. Sometimes you know for sure that it will rain, but it is not entirely clear when. Now or in a few hours. Based on all this, by the way, the head of the Meteorological Department of Great Britain lost his peace and committed suicide in 1865. But his people owe him weekly reports.

The first weather forecast was heard on the radio in 2022. Just a year after the first broadcast of a boxing match took place there – it was Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier. It is difficult to describe Dempsey or Artur Beterbiev with formulas from hydrodynamics. Because this is not the time right now, but the facts.

Joe Smith tried to take control of the storm today – and it all ended sadly for him. The plan for the fight was to put your rhythm, the pressure. Next – work in a row, when the opponent retreats to the ropes, to develop success. Good design, honestly. Only the main weapon was not taken into account there – Beterbiev’s blow.

Joe Smith threw Bernard Hopkins out of the ring and sent him to retire. He did the same with Elinder Alvarez. Lost by Sullivan Barrera and Dmitry Bivol. I almost lost to Maxim Vlasov. In addition, in the fight with Vlasov, as Joe later admitted, at some point he was not sure he could reach the end of the round. The force of the rhythm and the constant pressure were just pulled out of it. Pressure is what Beterbiev knows how to do. This is like integrating organically into a duel. He leans in, hits a lot of punches with force, does not ignore your attacks, but they rarely slow him down.

Callum Johnson knocked down Arthur. Marcus Brown left a big cut. The rest did not even manage to win two rounds at most – only Alexander Gvozdyk got a little more. As a result, by the way, Beterbiev also learned in these fights: now that Smith has exploded in the middle distance, working dangerously with both his fists and his head, Artur has managed to counterattack and gently hold the opponent’s head in gloves. , just to avoid cuts.

If we predicted the weather, we would say that Smith’s style includes a large number of attacks, which means that the probability of hard counterattacks increases. Bob Arum, who took on the role of meteorologist, promised a “race of the year” in a press conference, although all the formulas said there would be defeat. Now, studying the tape, I can not even understand what was in the head of Joe Smith, he thought that in the minute and a half of the fight the plan succeeded. He chased the opponent back and threw many punches. It was clear that this could not continue for so long. Joe’s first fall was not a knockdown. But it was disappointing. Then there was a knockdown: Smith went on a wide attack, stretched out his left arm, pulled his right arm and seemed to tell everyone on the radio that he was going to hit with a hook and was punished with a short oncoming right, and Beterbiev managed to hit and move to the side and the opponent threw on the ropes. Then came the countdown and the gong, which saved Smith — at least for another minute.

But his team had no plan B. The left hook went through the defense like a knife into the butter, the duo tossed Joe further into the ropes and Arthur hit another hook on the already fallen Smith. Joe’s eyes were empty: he looked neither at the referee nor at the opponent, but then he seemed to pick himself up – so much so that he was allowed to continue. Realizing he could no longer lose these right crosses, he held his hands high – but two uppercuts with his left and right hand finally freed him from the belief in his own strength, humanity and chances of success in this fight. .

Artur Beterbiev knows this best – to turn the will into nothingness, the opponent’s minds into jelly, the feet into pasta and the judges next to the ring to ordinary spectators in the best places. Bob Arum suggested that the next opponent would be Anthony Yarde. He was in the ring watching. He did not come out in the ring at Arthur. Before fighting Kovalev, he went to watch Sergey fight with Eleider Alvarez. This, by the way, deserves respect, so the boxer makes it clear to everyone that he wants this fight. Declares spectators, supporter, television.

Yard has no better chances than Smith, but the Briton as a lively and determined challenger is far better than Bevollo in an incomprehensibly distant future. Zurdo Ramirez is presented as Dmitry’s opponent, as they have contracts with Beterbiev on different platforms, and this is an issue that can be resolved – but not right now, in two hours. This is a different type of forecast, here it is necessary to study long-term climate change, tectonic plate displacements and so on.

Well, spectators and opponents now just have to remember that if it smells of ozone, birds are flying low and thunder is heard from afar, you should not hide under a tree where lightning strikes every time in a storm.

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