Where are your feathers that I liked?

June 15, 2022. Troitsk. Craftsman Anastasia Popova. Photo: Viktor Khabarov, Evening Moscow

A researcher lives in Troitsk, who impressed me with her hobby. An unusual hobby helps Anastasia Popova to take a break from research. Creates wings.

The craftswoman makes shawls, vests, capes and cloaks, similar to the plumage of birds and various mythical creatures. Order them worldwide. Someone as an unusual accessory, someone for performances on stage and someone as a gift to family and friends. Anastasia could not have imagined that feathers would become so popular.

From childhood, she loved creativity. She went to Trinity Art School, but at home she did embroidery – she knitted, embroidered and made clothes for toys. In these efforts, the future technician was supported by her parents. Although they themselves were far from such a hobby and worked as researchers.

“Nature has always fascinated me. We have a lot of forests in Troitsk, where I really enjoyed it and still enjoy walking. “It was nature that became my inspiration”, Anastasia remembers.

Having matured, the girl began to be interested not only in natural motives, but also in myths from around the world, the imagination. And it was then, at the age of 16, that she caught herself thinking that she would like to make wings like those of birds. Therefore, a resident of Troitsk decided to buy them for herself. Look for something that looks like plumage. However, not everything was the same. I had to postpone my dream. In addition, I soon had to go to university.

I followed in my parents’ footsteps and became a researcher. After graduation, she decided to stay in her hometown of Troitsk. I have been working at IZMIRAN since 2007. I do magnetic research, I study cables for sensors, to put it bluntly, – says the craftsman.

Having become a scientist, Anastasia, however, did not lose interest in the mythology of different countries. Although, it seems, where is the science with its clear calculations, formulas and calculations and where is the fairy tale!

However, the craftsman did not stop doing scientific research at the institute during the day and reading fantasy books at night. Maybe that’s why, years later, the girl came back to the idea of ​​making wings. According to Anastasia, in the beginning it was a complicated ritual: the product had to be spread out and assembled from wool, piece by piece. It turned out to be a wild shamanic costume that did not suit her.

On the Internet, a resident of Troitsk has already come across various products similar to bird plumage. Can

Anastasia Popova makes capes and shawls in the shape of feathers in various colors and sizes. Some are fantasy

I had to buy and relax … But Anastasia decided decisively that she should create a cape wings herself. But which design should I choose? What is the best way to visualize plumage? Walking in the Trinity helped her answer these questions.

“I used to go for a walk with the dogs, I think. I decided to take a walk in the woods near my house. And he met the hawks. How beautiful they looked to me! So natural and wild. “Then I realized that I wanted a design for my ‘wings’, like their plumage,” says Anastasia.

He made the first real fleece “wings”. Eventually they turned out to be embossed, with clearer carved wings. The craftsman painted them herself. Anastasia created capes not only for herself. Soon all her friends and relatives became “winged”. Someone himself asked to sew such a gift, gave it to someone for the holidays. Thus, step by step, information began to spread about the craftsman-feathers of the craftsman from Troitsk. When strangers started asking about products, Anastasia thought of promoting her hobby. I created pages on social networks and orders started arriving immediately. To expand the range, the girl gradually acquired other materials – synthetic curtain and even leather.

From the latest product, they prove to be more fantastic. For example, one of the most memorable orders for Anastasia is the dragon wings.

Made for men. In terms of creativity, we had hands free with a friend who works in a leather workshop. And we made a multi-layered outfit with natural bone clasps. The weight was great, but the customer liked it very much, – Anastasia remembers with a smile.

Now Anastasia accepts orders not only from Russia, but also from Europe and the USA. For example, a girl from the United States asked me to make feathers … For a wedding! And her acquaintances who were once interested in creating “feathers” help her with products. And now they are collaborating in her laboratory.

– I am very glad that many are interested in creating our capes. “First of all, I believe that every person should have their own wings,” says Anastasia. Well, that’s a huge help to me. After all, I still work in science, and making wings eventually became a form of meditation. Very relaxing.


It is believed that the first shawls, thin and at the same time warm, were made in the 15th century. They were built in the city of Srinagar, in the Kashmir Valley. They were made by hand from goat wool and feathers.

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