Abrau-Durso will host for the first time a large-scale yoga festival “Equilibrium”

On August 20 and 21, the Abrau-Durso Tourism Center invites guests to the first “Balance” yoga festival by Yoga Magazine! For two days, the festival guests will be fully immersed in the culture of yoga, getting acquainted with the basics of a healthy lifestyle, as well as outdoor activities.

The Balance Festival will bring together not only yoga experts, but also supporters of an active and healthy lifestyle, creative and conscious people who strive for harmony with themselves and the outside world, want to replenish their internal resources and achieve physical and spiritual health.

The festival site will be the Abrau-Dyurso Stadium, which will host seven theme zones. There will be master classes, lectures and practices by top yoga instructors, psychologists, internists. Guests can also buy handicrafts from local artisans, eco-friendly products, natural cosmetics and clothing at Yoga Bazaar.

There will be gastronomic discoveries – at the festival’s food court, the best chefs in the area will be happy to offer guests a variety of vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes from local products. Knowing new flavors and popular dishes, guests will be able to participate in themed cooking lessons, where they will learn how to cook their favorite healthy food on their own.

The ethno-groups JAMBEY and Ritmango will create the right musical mood for the festival, combining the use of traditional ethnic instruments and modern rhythms in their work.

The organizers of the festival chose Abrau-Dyurso as the venue for the festival not by chance. The rich nature, the lake, the mountains, the olive groves and the vineyards, the picturesque valleys and the proximity to the Black Sea make this place unique and truly magical.

There are many legends about Abrau-Durso, and for many it is a place of power that has long been known to yoga lovers from all over Russia. For more than seven years, the Abrau Yoga School’s shelter has welcomed visitors from all over the country. Classes are held both in a welcoming yoga studio and in open spaces with stunning views of the lake, the Black Sea coast and the surrounding area. The result after the lessons is complemented by the energy of nature and the healing air.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the website.


Tourist Center “Abrau-Durso” is one of the important objects responsible for the tourist flow of the Krasnodar Territory. The status of the most visited autonomous winery in Russia, as well as the most visited tourist facility in Novorossiysk, has been safely assigned to the Russian Wine House “Abrau-Durso”. The Abrau-Dyurso Tourism Center, established in the village of the same name in 2008, has been actively developing the area and infrastructure around the sparkling wine factory in recent years. The hotel complex “Abrau-Dyurso” includes: boutique hotel Imperial hotel & Champagne SPA category 4 *, leisure center “Estate Round Lake”, yoga camping “Ecology”, tourist camp “Abrau-Dyurso”, car camping “Round Lake”. There are also seven restaurants and cafés, a spa center, a private Abrau beach equipped on the territory of Maly Liman Bay in the Black Sea. Throughout the year, classes are held at the Abrau Yoga Center, the School of Gastronomy and creative workshops, the equestrian club and the Abrau Sailing Club. A permanent exhibition opened at the Abrau Gallery of Light Center for Audiovisual Art. In warm weather, the resort becomes the center for various cultural, sporting, mass and professional events. Neighboring areas are also developing: new hiking trails have been dug in the vineyards around Lake Abrau.



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