Attractions, picnic areas and spontaneous landfills – an informative media tour of the Bostanlyk area

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( – Nature is the world of planet Earth, in the creation of which man did not participate. Nature is the Universe, which appeared independently of human desire and activity. Nature is forest, sea, flowers, mountains, field, birds, animals, fish. Nature is the most precious thing that humanity has. Man himself is part of nature.

People living on Earth today must realize that the level of development of modern civilization allows them to take a sure step, crossing the line from the industrial age to the world of logic, abundance and prosperity or completely destroying the planet Zoe.

It all depends on what most people choose: small tasks to ensure material comfort and the relatively tireless consumption of resources or large-scale goals based on the attainment of new levels of spiritual development, the key to which is the upbringing of high morals. and children.

With the onset of summer, the Bostanlyk region becomes the center of attraction for tourists from all over Uzbekistan. More than 48 thousand people visit Bostanlyk in just 1 day, which shows the popularity of this destination.

However, along with the tourists who visit, the amount of waste also increases. Despite the popularity of this destination, tourists do not know many attractions in the Bostanlyk region, they are limited to “wild” trips, rest in tapchans or rest houses. Along with the famous cities of Uzbekistan Samarkand, Bukhara and Hiva, the Bostanlyk region also attracts with its ancient settlements, burial mounds, the unique pottery that you can find literally under your feet on the tops of the “tepa”. There are also more than 120 archeological and cultural heritage sites.

On June 20, an information tour was held to familiarize the media with the potential of the Bostanlyk region. As part of the information tour, little-known places of worship were displayed, opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses were revealed, and media representatives were able to see first-hand the scale of spontaneous garbage accumulation due to low ecological and recreational clutter.

The information tour for journalists was organized by the Directorate of TRZ “Charvak” together with the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan and the khokimiyat of the Bostanlyk region.

The route of the journalistic tour was divided into three squares:

1. Consequences of low environmental


– Picnic area, main route along the road with

Gazalkent to Chimgan

– Picnic area on the way to Qinggan

– Picnic area, at a sharp turn on the way to

to Qinggan

– Picnic area Blue gazebo

2. Ziyoratgokh:

– Holy place Kadamchibuwa

– Ancient settlement of Zharboshiavlie

3. Consequences of active construction:

– Constructions and household landfills in the village

Novobod (2 pcs.)

– Brichmulla construction landfill

– Khumsan household landfill

– Soylik landfill

The first point of the route was a picnic area on the road from Gazalkent to Chimgan. At first glance, this is a large green area with a huge number of trees, but if you approach, you can see here “traces of vacationers” – plastic bags and bottles, napkins and cans.

“Unfortunately, it is not the only picnic area that suffers from the human attitude towards nature. “There is also a pleasant shady picnic area along the main road to Qinggan, but even here animals and people are resting in the rubbish from former holidaymakers,” said Dilshod Aripov, Deputy Chief of Bostanlyk District Tourism Police.

In the photos: the current state of the sites of the picnic areas.

Surely, the question arises why this garbage is not removed by special services for it? The management of TRZ “Charvak” conducted an experiment: on a hill in the Galvasay area, where there is a popular picnic area with a gazebo and panoramic views, this area was cleared. Exactly 2 weeks later, even more rubbish was found in the area. If we turn to the data of the “Toza Hudud” section of the Bostanlyk region, only on June 1, 88 tons of garbage were removed. Such facts can only frighten. Studying the world experience, the natural areas similar to the Bostanlyk area do not have intensive maintenance and the cleanliness is maintained only due to the awareness and the high culture of the vacationers. Unfortunately, with such levels of waste generation and low liability, even all landscaping workers will not be enough.

In addition to the contaminated picnic areas, there are also construction and household landfills where locals dump their waste. To date, there is no approved construction site in the Bostanlyk area – the nearest Tuzel site is in the Kibray area – so construction waste is dumped in quarries, near rivers, on cliffs. Thus, in the village of Novobod, on a mountain rock, a spontaneous landfill was formed – people just throw waste on the rock, which later can not be eliminated. A huge landfill was formed in the village of Khumsan, not far from popular holiday homes. For a long time now, residents have been dumping rubbish here, for a variety of reasons – not everyone has contracts to dispose of household rubbish, some do not want to wait for rubbish to be collected through the alarm system, everyone is used to the fact that this is a rubbish bin . As the rubbish is inaccessible and it is impossible to manually dispose of this landfill, the Management is currently negotiating with international companies specializing in the production of mining equipment to dispose of this landfill. Then the planting of a garden in the landfill is planned.

In the photos below you can see the status of such sites as: Khumsan Landfill, Soylik Construction Landfill, Novobod Construction and Domestic Landfills and Brichmulla Construction Landfill.

“CCTV cameras will be installed at the sites of such landfills to detect offenders. With the participation of the Directorate of TRP “Charvak”, the Ecological Inspectorate of Bostanlyk, Uzavtoyul, Khokimiyat of Bostanlyk, the Ecoprocurators of Bostanlyk, as well as the “Toza Hudud” department of Bostanlyk, an active project is underway the elimination of spontaneous and construction and domestic landfills. Thus, on April 30, a landfill in the Soylik area was liquidated, where waste from all nearby villages was disposed of for a long time. However, within a month, construction waste was formed again in the area of ​​the mixed landfill.

However, in such a contrast to garbage and government services, the forces, unfortunately, are not equal. “Garbage continues to accumulate, causing damage and polluting our environment,” said Lazizbek Hasanov, Deputy Head of the Department of Ecology in the Tashkent region.

If we are talking about resolving these issues, then today the Management of TRZ “Charvak” together with the Khokimiyat of the Bostanlyk region are implementing the “Sustainable Bostanlyk” program. As part of this program, a series of educational classes were held among students in the Bostanlyk region. The result of this project will be the creation of creative and navigation signs based on children’s drawings created by students of school No. 36. Social outdoor advertising by Bostanlyk children can already see this tourist season, “said Suna Park. , Deputy Managing Director of Charvak TRZ.

In addition, with the participation of interested representatives of businesses or the state, it is planned to improve the picnic areas, install garbage bins, plant gardens, set up common landfills and establish waste disposal points. However, together with the area improvement tasks, it is extremely necessary to form a conscious attitude towards the nature and resources of the Bostanlyk area.

Despite the glaring problem of landfills and litter, the Bostanlyk area is a veritable repository of historical monuments, rare flora and fauna. The second part of the news briefing for journalists was dedicated to opportunities and attractions.

The Kadamchibuwa Heritage Site was selected as the first place to visit. Landmark Kadamchibuva is located in the village of Burchmulla in a picturesque gorge. The locals associate this place with the name of the prophet Idris.

Here is a thermal spring and a legendary age-old plane tree, which can only be embraced by four or five people, holding hands. Pilgrims who come here circle around this tree seven times. No one knows when and why such a tradition was formed, but this once again confirms that all humans are children of planet Earth.

There is an amazing orchard around Kadamchibuwa. Here you can find apricots, cherries and even lavender, which are so rare in our area.

Journalists then visited the Zharboshi avliyo heritage site, one of the most famous Sufi shrines in the Bostanlyk region.

Legend has it that three Sufis met at this place in the Zhar Boshi Cave – Khazrati mullo from Sidzhak, Bahauddin Muhammad Naqshband, known among the Bukharans as “Balogardon” (“reversing misfortunes”), and Shaikh Umar Bogistoniy, the founder of a wonderful Sufi dynasty of teachers.

In remembrance of this event, pilgrims come here to pray, make wishes and then, after drinking delicious water from a mountain river, taste the delicious delicacies for which Uzbekistan is so famous.

The last stage of the informative tour was the presentation of opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Thus, under the “Sustainable Bostanlyk” program, representatives of the public, media and business can directly contribute to the development of the Bostanlyk region.

The Management of TRZ “Charvak” invites the businessmen of the Bostanlyk region and not only to participate in the implementation of a series of projects aimed at resolving the issue of pollution and promoting eco-tourism and leisure opportunities.

One of the projects is the creation of public picnic areas in the territory of TRZ. Public excursion zones provide for the creation of infrastructure that allows holidaymakers to have organized picnics, with barbecue facilities, toilets and other facilities necessary for outdoor recreation.

Thus, business representatives can open their own commercial facilities, create protected picnic areas where the garbage collection process will be regulated and also contribute to the development of the Bostanlyk area. It should be noted that TRZ members also receive a number of privileges and preferences.

After making simple calculations, the world scientific community came to a disappointing conclusion: the conflict between man and nature has reached a critical point and threatens the existence of all life on the planet. And what the world of the future will be depends on each of us.

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