Here even skeptics become “enlightened”

Natural power points in Karachay-Cherkessia that charge tourists with powerful invisible energy

If you do not believe me – see it!

They say there are many special places in Karachay-Cherkessia where people capture strong energy. But few can show where they are. They only cryptically suggest, they say, that it is not these landscapes that are presented to you in advertisements and in colorful posters.

Mysterious places are hidden in mountains, caves and gorges, lakes, next to thermal springs. These are places where virgin, strong wildlife has been preserved.

There is even a special category of tourists who come to democracy exclusively for “communication with virgin nature”, in order to get rid of illnesses, diseases, bad habits and more for a “mental restart”.

And these places have their own classification and energy. They are divided into light and heavy and every tourist finds what he is looking for.

For example, people come to the Bermamyt Plateau to “change the parameters of their space”, to “catch” the energy-information changes and to “find the right wave”, to solve their problems, to change themselves and their fate.

Bermamyt Plateau

By the way, Lermodov and Pushkin, Chekhov and Gorky used to come here, besides them there are many public figures, including those of our time, but in incognito form. Is that why they did not come?

And if we reject the mystery, then you can actually touch the clouds here. Literally. In Bermamyt, travelers have the feeling of the “end of the world” and a person, similar to an airplane, is surrounded on all sides by clouds and the earth is not visible …

The following are testimonies from people who have had this experience: “I never thought I could touch the clouds. I always thought they were weightless, like steam, you could not feel them. But here I realized how wrong I was! You feel them on you like a touch of light saliva. Beginners are warned, if you are wrapped in clouds, do not step, wait for the clouds to dissipate. Set aside – and you can fly into the abyss.

They just do not call it Bermamyt: the earthly space, where the unusually “inflated” air, mountains and clouds “walk along the earth”. A place where “clouds are born and storms are formed”. By the way, the storms here are lilac and the rocks are also colorful: at dawn and sunset, depending on the rays of the setting sun, they change color.

But for pragmatists, Bermamyt is simply an unsurpassed panoramic platform that opens onto a scenic view of Russia’s highest peak – the Elbrus volcano, which, incidentally, is only about 30 kilometers in a straight line.

From the same location, only from a different point of view, enchanting views of the Caucasus Mountains and the entire mountainous Karachay-Cherkessia with peaks, wooded and snowy, open.

And people come here to see the “Brocken Ghost” – their own large-scale shadow in the clouds and even the shadows of people on the plateau, sometimes surrounded by rainbow radiation.

This phenomenon can be observed more often at dawn, in conditions of mountain fog or cloudy, in the opposite direction from the rising of the Sun.

The shadow can change size – from small to huge, it can be colored and even fluctuate due to the movement of the cloud layer and the density in the cloud.

So not mysticism.

But back to the positions of power of Karachay-Cherkessia. They have not only their own classification but also a reputation.

One of them with the reputation of “narrow specialization” is located in the settlement of Lyaso-Kyafar.

Lyaso-Kiafar settlement

The settlement is in a geopathogenic zone, and the rhabdoscopic frame here “goes crazy”, it turns without finding a permanent direction.

These places were chosen by healers of every lane, healers, psychics, enlightened, sun worshipers and curious skeptics. Here they undergo a “spiritual re-examination” and receive an “energy recharge”.

It happens that the locals find strange people in the area of ​​the old tombs and dolmens for meditation and rituals.

Ordinary tourists say that here they are overtaken by acoustic illusions. They are surprised by the extreme quiet, even in summer you can not hear the rustling of leaves on the trees and the song of birds, although they are in the forest. There is a feeling that you are lost in time and space. Strange things happen to them: they cross a known road and go to an unknown place.

There are many cases with mushroom pickers who wandered for several days literally in three pines. This is why ordinary tourists without guides are advised here not to walk and no crime.

The settlement of Lyaso-Kyafar has been little studied by archaeologists and scientists, so there are many rumors and speculations around this area.

For example, about the wormholes through which one adapted to go to another mountain. And also, that having visited this place, he remembered his distant past – how he lived in this city many centuries ago, how he was destroyed by half people, half beasts, who are still wandering there …

From the truth, it sounds true that then, they say, this person went crazy. In 2004 Murat Kubanov wrote the book “City of the Sun” about the settlement of Lyaso-Kyafar.

But in Karachay-Cherkessia there are places with negative energy, which takes away not only human strength but also life. It is Mount Ertsog, considered one of the most dangerous peaks in the Caucasus Mountains, located at an altitude of almost 4 thousand meters above sea level in the western part of the Teberdinsky Mountains. If anyone remembers the words from Yuri Vizbor’s song “Dombai Waltz”: – The proud handsome Ertsog accompanies us with you, then it’s for her.

The mountain looks beautiful and sad with its statistics at the same time, it is called a miracle of nature.

Mount Erzog

Locals say that in ancient times, when the whole Caucasus fell under water, as well as the main mountain range of the Caucasus, and there was an ocean on the surface instead of peaks, a particular ship fell and crashed into the rocks of Ercog. Since then, some spirits have settled there, obviously not very friendly with humans.

It is said that every second climber who wants to conquer a rocky peak dies. But despite the terrible statistics, this mountain fascinates and attracts so much that every year more and more people want to conquer it.

However, the one who managed to return alive says that, while at the top of Erzog, he experiences such a wave of emotions and energy that accompanies the climber in the plain for many months and even years.

Unlike the Erzog, the Khudes Labyrinths, located at the top of the river of the same name and closer to the Elbrus, are considered a positive place of power, giving people their energy. And that it only depends on the tourist whether he will be able to take the positive energy that comes from strange stones and, sinking into its streams, direct it to his good.

Those who were able to “catch the wave” share: “The soul is unusually warm and light. Some powerful invisible energy comes from huge stones. You go and drink it to the fullest “.

According to the claims, here travelers not only find the energy of peace and unity with nature, but also technology reacts positively to the stones. Defective gadgets suddenly start working, phones recharge themselves and batteries add power.

Hudes Labyrinth

The Khudes maze are either stones or rocks, reaching heights of 1 to 9 storey buildings. They are arranged like labyrinths, with intricate turns, now narrow, now widening passages. In some passages, you can get stuck so tight that you can not push backwards or forwards.

Some believe that these are the ruins of the castle of the giants who lived in these places before the advent of human civilization and left good energy to humans.

Particularly striking are the general outlines and some connection between the Hudes Labyrinths and the British Stonehenge.

Here we have named many interesting natural attractions of KChR. However, there are even more hidden, inaccessible places in a democracy that are known only to a very close circle of people.

One day we will open them for you too.


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