In Odintsovo, the boundaries of the physical area are changed for the construction of a “sports core” school in a new residential complex

To accommodate the “sports core” of the school in the new micro-district “Ingrad” in Odintsovo, a specially protected natural area of ​​local importance (SPNA) “Dubkovsky Forest” will be reorganized. The decision was adopted by a majority of the Odintsovo district council at a meeting on 17 June.

Deputy Governor: “The area of ​​protected areas does not change”

The draft decision for the reorganization of the natural recreation complex was presented by the deputy head of the regional administration Alexandros Teslia. He said that Ingrad is building a residential micro-district under an agreement for the integrated development of the area and the project for the design and mapping of the area envisages the construction of a school in 1100 seats.

However, part of the forest fund is located within the boundaries of our specially protected natural area “Dubkowski Forest”, in the zone of moderate restrictions. Naturally, this zone does not allow the placement of a “sports core”, so we propose to adjust the boundaries of our protected area. The area of ​​protected areas does not change, only the zone of moderate restrictions changes.

The sports core is a flat complex sports facility for practicing sports and athletics.

“The location of the school was identified in the framework of the agreement for the integrated development of the territory, the design project of the area was approved. These documents were approved by the Ministry of Housing Policy of the Moscow Region “– the official answered the question of the deputy Alexandra Galdina (KPRF).

“If there is any cutting, it will only be related to the cutting of emergency and dead trees or trees that are affected by something.”– Teslya answered the deputy’s question Mikhail Ilyasov (KPRF).

“It is necessary to find ‘points’ for the placement of social facilities by reducing the appetites of developers”

The Member took the floor Stanislav Vodonaev (“Fair Russia”):

I no longer wanted to ask a question, but to express an opinion. Realizing the importance of the construction of social facilities and the search for building sites for their placement … It seems to me that it is not a very good precedent that we change the boundaries of a specially protected natural area. I believe that it is necessary to find “points” for the placement of social facilities by reducing the appetites of developers, and not by reducing the zones of specially protected natural areas.

So Alexander Teslya answered the question of the deputy Vladimir Kukin (KPRF) at the expense of which area the territory of the protected area will be returned:

Due to the same land forest fund. To date, about 350 hectares of forest funds are included in the “Dubkovsky Les” protected area. We are talking about reorganization in a part of about 1 acre, this acre just goes to another part of the forest fund. In order to be able to carry out this event, a comprehensive environmental research was carried out. A specialized organization gave its opinion, this area was identified. Therefore, the area does not change.

Voted: 23 in favor, two against

Following this, the chair of the House of Representatives, Tatyana Odintsova, announced the electronic vote. Of the 27 deputies, 23 voted in favor. Stanislav Vodonaev and Vladimir Kukin voted against, Alexander Galdin and Mikhail Ilyasov abstained.

Discussion of the topic – from 17:09 on video

“There was enough land in Odintsovo for the construction of the Ingrad towers, but there is no longer enough land for the full location of the school”– Stanislav Vodonaev commented on the result on his social networks after the meeting.

The passport of the Dubkovsky Forest Natural Recreation Complex was approved by the Odintsovo District Council of Representatives in 2009. The protected area is located in the eastern part of the Pionerskoye Forest Office between the territories of Odintsovo, Dubki and Yudino.

A new multi-storey small neighborhood in the western suburbs of Odintsovo

The development company Ingrad Group of Companies is building a residential complex called the Semeyny district on the site between the northern bypass of Odintsovo and the western industrial zone, not far from the village of Krasny Oktyabr. The developer is SZ Prostornaya Dolina LLC.

OOO Prostornaya Dolina Specialist Developer is part of Roman Avdeev’s Ingrad Group of Companies. According to, SZ Prostornaya Dolina LLC was registered in Odintsovo in 2015. The beneficiaries are Investpro-1 LLC (holds 99.9% of the authorized capital) and PJSC Ingrad (0.1%).

According to the official website, the quarter includes 11 buildings on floors 24-25. According to the developer, the quarter is designed for 2965 apartments with total area 137.5 thousand m².

Earlier, Ingrad told Odintsovo-INFO that the opening of the school on 1100 seats scheduled for 2023.

Quarter “Family” in Odintsovo, from May 2022. Photo: Ingrad Group Website


“Family” district on the map of Odintsovo

The Odingrad project includes, in addition to the Family Quarter, two more blocks on Marshal Biryuzova Street near the Odintsovo-Lesnoy Regional Hospital (five houses in 1050 apartments) and “Central” (three houses of 15-17 floors on 376 apartments).

The estimated number of residents in Centralny and Lesnoy, according to the company, is 700 and 1700 people respectively. Schools are not included in the project for these two quarters, as, according to the developer, the infrastructure of the Odingrad project is available to residents of all three quarters.

Recall that Ingrad received land for the construction of housing estates in Odintsovo for the completion of the troubled housing complex Gusarskaya Ballad.

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