It will suit the landscape: 19 playgrounds are equipped in Shchukinsky Park and All Saints Grove

Near northwest Moscow, in Shchukinsky Park and All Saints Grove, nearly two dozen modern playgrounds have been equipped. In the past, there were only five playgrounds in this 60-acre green space, which are outdated and unsafe. As part of the regeneration of the territory, another 14 small playgrounds will be reconstructed and constructed, which will be scattered throughout the park. Thus, families with children of different ages will receive new places for games and recreation that will fit perfectly into the landscape and will not harm nature.

global trend

From the scattered sections of Shchukin Park and All Saints Grove, a single green area with family recreation areas will be created. There are now only five playgrounds in need of repair.

“Their equipment is outdated, did not meet modern safety requirements and standards, and did not suit the natural landscape,” said Sergei Melnikov, deputy head of the capital repairs department in Moscow. “Almost all websites did not have coverage, which made them difficult to use and maintain.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that these sites were not in demand among the inhabitants. In addition, playground equipment was designed mainly for younger children, while older children were left on the sidelines.

The area around the park is growing rapidly – residential complexes are being built here and the flow of visitors to the park and playgrounds is increasing every year. In order to reduce the burden on the existing playgrounds, it was decided to expand the playground infrastructure in the territory.

– The approach, when the development is carried out in a complex way – houses are built and the corresponding infrastructure for leisure is strengthened – is the most capable of all possible, – says Elena Pudova, senior analyst at the Center for Research and Planning “City Development”. The more housing stock is built, the greater the demand for social services, the greater the demand for public space.In addition, in the new buildings, most of the residents are young families with children.Of course, Moscow provides space for its young citizens.

Arranging parks next to areas under construction and new housing estates is absolutely necessary, agrees a member of the Union of Architects of Russia, architect-urban planner, specialist in the territorial development service Big City Polina Neustroeva.

“And it’s not just that a favorable environment increases costs per square meter,” says Neustroeva. Creating a comfortable urban environment is a global trend.

Between a jeweler and a neurosurgeon

Experts stress that life in big cities does not end on the doorstep of an apartment. Many studies show that the urban environment directly affects the human condition, ie areas with spacious green spaces become more prosperous and “happy”.

“Now designing in a big city is more than just art,” says Polina Neustroeva. “This is a crossroads between the work of a jeweler and a neurosurgeon. In the urban environment, there are many conditions that must be taken into account. And often these circumstances contradict each other: for example, the desire to maintain trees and become spacious playgrounds at the same time.

When preparing for work in Shchukinsky Park, the specialists from the general repair department took into account the peculiarities of this area, so the size of the new playgrounds here will be more modest. This decision is dictated by concerns about the nature of the park.

– It was decided to make smaller playgrounds from 27 to 85 square meters. m and scatter them throughout the park and maintain the boundaries of existing ones, – explains Sergei Melnikov. “Thus, 19 playgrounds, along with those that are being reconstructed, will be equipped in the area.

Experts call this decision appropriate and delicate.

“Shchukinsky Park looks more like a forest with its unique naturalness,” notes Elena Pudova. “That’s why the decision to build small but connected playgrounds fits better in this area. With the right planning, even in a small area, you can make a decent place to relax and play.

Quiet zones for mothers, active toys for children

New venues have already been prepared for all playgrounds in Shchukinsky Park and All Saints Grove. The equipment has been installed in 14 playgrounds, while the remaining five will be launched in the near future. A secure rubber cover will then be placed to protect the little guests from abrasions and bruises.

The equipment will not be too bright, so that the play areas fit well into the natural landscape. The playgrounds will be of interest to children of all ages: sandboxes, slide play complexes, climbing frames, balance beams, rocking chairs, trampolines, carousels and barriers will be installed.

“I consider the decision to reduce playgrounds and differentiate them according to the level of difficulty for children of different ages to be exceptional,” Polina Neustroeva continues. – Cities have a high population density and all people have different interests. One of the issues on the agenda of modern urban citizens is the creation of an urban environment in which everyone is comfortable and no one interferes with them: mothers in wheelchairs need quiet areas and older children need active toys.

Work on Shchukinsky Park and All Saints Grove is scheduled for completion by the end of the third quarter.

“For a modern urban dweller, the park must be filled with modern elements: not only benches and lighting, but also sports and playgrounds, which have evolved a lot in the last 10 years, have become safer,” says Neustroeva. . – Children also need non-trivial child complexes. The more complicated and strange the filling of the playgrounds, the more creatively the children’s consciousness is formed.

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