No worse than Baden-Baden. Tourexpert talked about the resorts in Russia, which are worth going to, and the cost of rest

Baltic Sea. Resort Svetlogorsk.

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Olesya Suvorova.

Olesya Suvorova.


– Today we have a very resounding word “import substitution”. It seems to me, in our country there are resorts of foreign level, and even better. Say, Can we really find analogs of the conditional Baden-Baden?

– Historically, that Russian resorts were known all over the world. But due to the opening of the Iron Curtain, Russian tourists forgot about them unjustifiably. One of these places is the Caucasian Mineralnye Vody. Unique story, The wonderful nature and the thermal springs have attracted and continue to attract many tourists here.

There is also news, in no case is it inferior to this, resorts with comfortable infrastructure: Sochi and Belokurikha, Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk, as well as the Tyumen thermal springs, still unknown to tourists.

– And what unique resorts, unlike any other in the world, is there in Russia and where should you go?

– In the last three years, many interesting resorts have appeared, it is difficult to single out one of them. Rostourism Travel Refund Program Helps Home Hoteliers Rebuild and Upgrade Facilities, making them even more attractive.

I would pay attention to the Armkhi resort in Ingushetia. Once upon a time there was the base of the Olympic Reserve. It is now a modern ski resort with a new hotel, renovated buildings, roads and convenient elevators. Summer is also there, things to do: for example, spend time by the pools, admiring the picturesque landscape, or go on a trip to the North Caucasus.

Armkhi Resort in Ingushetia.

Federal travel agent “RESORTS OF RUSSIA”

Buryatia Baikal Resorts can also be noted. People come here for treatment with mineral springs and mud from 1810 until today. Worth visiting are the resorts of Ural Klyuchi, Uvildy, Ust-Kachka.

You can list the unique health resorts of our country for a long time. To go on vacation, that will satisfy your taste, It is worth contacting our service and tourism experts. They will tell you in detail about all the unique medical and climatic zones of Russia.

Service and tourism experts.

Federal travel agent “RESORTS OF RUSSIA”

– one of the reasons, which some call, refusal to rest in Russia in favor of conditional Turkey – a mismatch between the price and quality of services provided. How has the Russian market transformed in this regard in recent years? Is there a positive trend?

– Undoubtedly, positive dynamics can be identified. Now sanatoriums and resorts have to fight for tourists, therefore offer interesting new wellness programs, development of leisure infrastructure, expanding the area of ​​the rooms and doing what is possible, be better than competitors.

Sanatorium number.

Federal travel agent “RESORTS OF RUSSIA”

– What advantages and disadvantages of resting in such resorts could you single out?

Let’s start with the bad. Unfortunately, Not all sanatorium accommodation facilities meet modern standards – this is the main disadvantage. But, as I said, the situation is changing for the better: the number of rooms is being actively reconstructed, and new buildings are being built.

At the same time, the strength of our resorts is an excellent medical base. This is a huge advantage. You can offer a good selection of medical treatments and wellness treatments. Therefore, it is possible not only to solve health problems, but also strengthening the immune system, relieves stress and improves sleep.

Alushta Resort.

Federal travel agent “RESORTS OF RUSSIA”

– If you go to different types of leisure in Russia – how much does it cost to relax this year?

– If we are talking specifically about the sanatorium-resort vacation, then about 3 thousand rubles a day per person. This price will include accommodation., Full diet, access to swimming pools and wellness treatments. Of course, the cost depends largely on the destination.

Dagestan.  North Caucasus.

Dagestan. North Caucasus.

Federal travel agent “RESORTS OF RUSSIA”

If you choose an introductory tour, price starts from 5 thousand rubles for a tour on the weekend. by the way, I want to suggest a new direction: sea and river cruises along the Yenisei, summer Baikal, Volga and Kama, in the Solovetsky Islands, in Tatarstan or Kalmykia.

Our partners offer trips with the latest ships. This is accompanied by a premium service., exclusive programs and concept cuisine of the beach kitchen. This is, this is not a city yacht, literally a hotel on the water. The cost of such a two-day vacation is from 12,450 rubles per person.

I can also suggest sightseeing tours in Chechnya, Dagestan and Abkhazia. Delicious cuisine, Caucasian hospitality and wonderful beauty – all this will immerse you in a new culture, another reality. In five days you will be able to get acquainted with the authentic customs and history of the North Caucasus. The cost of rest from five days – from 28,200 rubles per person.

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