Remove restrictions for Covid, design code and open Tasty and Point: news review

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Important or just interesting news from 13 to 19 June.

There will be two days left for the election of the governor of Tomsk

The constituency committee of the region decided to hold the voting in the elections within two days – 10 and 11 September 2022.

In addition to the elections for the leader of the region, by-elections should be held for the Duma of the regions Tomsk, Kargasok, Kozhevnikov, Tomsk. Also, many campaigns will take place in rural settlements: elections of deputies to councils and elections of leaders.

Candidates for governor of Tomsk region will have to pass the municipal filter – to collect 146 votes of deputies and heads of regions to start their election campaign. The filter appeared along with the law on the return of direct governors elections in 2012. Also in the September elections, the use of remote electronic voting (DEG) will be an addition to the traditional form, the head of the Regional Electoral Commission told reporters. Tomsk Commission. The people, he said, will be able to choose whether to vote with paper ballots in the polling stations or by distance. At the same time, in his opinion, there is no reason to doubt the transparency of electronic voting.

Restrictions on Covid removed (conditional)

On June 14, the deputy governor of the Tomsk region, Vladimir Mazur, announced the complete lifting of restrictions on the coronavirus in the region – according to him, the mandatory use of a mask and the measurement of temperature for visitors in public places, etc. are canceled.

The next day, however, the Tomsk resident refused to be admitted to the clinic because he was not wearing a mask. Deputy Governor Alena Levko explained that the area has lifted restrictions, including the requirement to wear a mask in public places, but the opening hours of medical facilities are determined by Rospotrebnadzor requirements. As a result, hospitals may require patients to wear masks, he said.

Mom is back

One of the best news of the past week was that specialists did not have to pick up the cubs in the forest, which had previously come to the field in the Kargasoksky area and prevented its employees from working – the cubs were picked up by a mother bear.

Two little ones came to the field a week earlier and for a long time interfered in the work of the workers in shifts – they climbed into cars, turned parts of various facilities and chased workers. Regional hunter Ivan Novoseltsev said the cubs were scheduled to be transported to the forest so as not to find their way back. However, this was not necessary – a bear came for the little ones.

Very useful information for those who go to the forest or live nearby:

You will not escape – material on why you should not approach even the smallest and cutest little ones, how you can avoid meeting a bear in the forest and what is recommended if this encounter could not be avoided. There you will also learn about the main signs of bear aggression and what can be done if the animal goes on the attack.

successor to McDonald’s

On June 18, in Tomsk, opened the restaurant Vkusno i Tochka, a new fast food chain based on McDonald’s that has ceased operations in Russia. At the same time, there are no signs with the new name of the institution in the building, however it is written on the order terminals.

According to Tomsk residents who visited the restaurant on Saturday, they noticed no differences in the taste of the dishes they had previously eaten at McDonald’s and tried new names today. However, visitors paid attention to the packaging – now it has no identification symbols and, according to Tomsk residents, it is quite simple. Visitors also noticed that the sauce boxes remained the same, but the McDonald’s logo was painted black.

Vkusno i dotka: The McDonald’s successor restaurant opened in Tomsk – photo report from the opening

Basement, above ground or four lanes

In the spring, the mayor’s office selected a contractor to develop pre-project documentation to determine the need, technical feasibility and feasibility of investing in the reconstruction of the Stepanovskiy crossing. Made by Avtodorproekt LLC from Krasnoyarsk. The company should do it before the end of the year, but it has already presented the first developments.

Thus, the designers, in advance, offer three options for solving the problem of Stepanovskiy passage – aerial, underground and extension of the existing road in four lanes.

Tomsk Duma Speaker’s appeal to prosecutors for MP Fateev

The speaker of the Tomsk Duma, Chingis Akataev, announced his appeal to the city prosecutor’s office regarding MP Andrey Fateev. The speaker said he had asked the department to assess whether the wanted MP could work in parliament.

Earlier, Fateev was added to the wanted list, which was reported on the Interior Ministry website, and the deputy himself also reported it. Fateev himself announced before the New Year that he had left Russia. At the same time, the court stated that a criminal case was filed against him. Also, along with Deputy Ksenia Fadeeva, who is now restricted in her actions in connection with a criminal case, Fateev was included in Rosfinmonitoring’s list of terrorists and extremists.

Recently, the MP took part in meetings and committees of the Tomsk Duma through a video conference system. However, for several months, Fateev said he could not attend meetings due to connection problems. In particular, he said access was restricted to him.

Tomsk has a design code

The Tomsk Duma has adopted a design code developed by the city administration that will regulate the color, size and placement of billboards on buildings. Now the mayor’s office will approve the design code with a municipal act, after which the organizations will have five years to align the signs with the requirements.

A design code is an illustrated set of rules, requirements and recommendations for the image of the city, the design of advertising and information constructions on the facades of buildings, constructions in order to reduce the visual noise and to preserve the historical appearance of the buildings. Requirements for the appearance of the urban environment exist in one form or another in the documents of all Russian cities, but are often fragmentary rather than uniform. The exact design code fully describes the requirements, with a graphic part.

The mayor’s office presented the design code developed for Tomsk – here is a detailed description of the created graphic design code

Walking around the village

Residents of the village of Lyazgino, in the Tomsk region, complain about the lack of stops in the village, and therefore travel to Tomsk and back causes great inconvenience to people.

The village authorities hope that the regional transport department will increase the number of stops in the village. However, the department states that the equipment of the stops is problematic, since the roads of the village do not meet the specifications.

We understood the situation – People’s News: on foot throughout the village

Question by removing Anikin

The Tomsk Duma did not support the proposal of the mayor’s office to change the boundaries of the specially protected natural area (SPNA) near the village of Geologists for the construction of a road junction to Anikino. The construction project, along with it, is being examined and they will not be able to start construction without making changes.

Earlier it was reported that the junction in the direction of Anikino should become one of the three transport junctions, which will relieve traffic in the south of Tomsk. Two other objects are a two-level junction on the Bogashevskiy Trakt and the reconstruction of Transportnaya Square. Work on the junction was completed in 2021: full traffic on this facility has begun. For the reconstruction of the transport ring near the South Square, the project is still in progress. A year ago, Tomsk residents were presented with various options for a possible reconstruction. In late May this year, the mayor’s office said it planned to buy about 30 plots of land from Tomsk residents to build a junction.

Land will have to be bought by owners in the south of Tomsk to build a new junction

Three new plants

Monolit-Stroy, which has a plant in Latat for the production of MDF boards, will build three factories in Tomsk for the production of plywood, OSB and special concentrate. Businesses promise to create 820 jobs.

The agreement on this was signed by the director of the company and the acting governor of the region at the International Economic Forum of St. Petersburg 2022.

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