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The Russian supplier of solutions for BFS self-service banking systems is going to produce domestic ATMs by February-March 2023 – with the Elbrus processor and Russian software. At least 1,500 cars will be released in the first batch. And banks are already interested in them – for example, VTB.

The clothing retailer Mango will stop direct sales in Russia due to “geopolitical uncertainty”. According to the newspaper El País, the company has already agreed to transfer 55 stores to Russian partners, which will then become franchises. Mango will save 800 jobs. The first two items promise to be delivered next week.

Moldova has banned the broadcasting of news and news programs, as well as military films from Russia. Such a bill had already been approved in 2017, but then generally aimed at combating “foreign propaganda”.

The owner of the Smile shopping center in St. Petersburg wants to terminate the lease agreement with the new owner of the McDonald’s restaurant chain in Russia. “A restaurant that opens under your chain brand can reduce the flow of potential visitors. “A new brand is the risk of not receiving the planned income (rent)”, the appeal states. In the same place, the owner suggested that the restaurant could stay in the mall if he paid double.

U.S. sanctions against Russia that were intended to benefit U.S. taxpayers have ended up being “shot in the foot,” said William Ruger, president of the American Institute for Economic Research. “They told us about all these yachts we captured and then we had to pay for their maintenance. “We see the same in the case of oil prices, food prices,” he said.

On 18 June, Lithuanian Railways informed Kaliningrad that it was suspending the transit of certain goods subject to EU sanctions. WTO and international transport conventions. “Lithuania is the flagship of the destruction of international law,” he said.

Mikhail Shvydkoi, the president’s representative for international cultural cooperation, believes that it is pointless to engage in a substitution for the introduction of the entire cinema space. But the share of domestic films can increase to at least 45% if the state helps with money. “In the 1940s, Stalin said, ‘Why do we need so many films? We only have to do masterpieces. ” But we have to understand that the American film industry produces about 350-400 films a year for distribution. How many of them do you know? At best 20-25. “To get these 25 paintings, you have to shoot 400,” he explained.

Domestic companies are considering entering Eurasian Union markets, said Artyom Sokolov, President of the Association of Internet Trading Companies. These are mainly Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. One of the reasons is that the public of these countries “mentally resembles the Russians and appreciates the Russian goods”.

Denmark is facing a gas supply crisis. Gas prices are rising, production is becoming more expensive and with it the cost of goods is rising – including the Danes themselves. This was announced by the branch director of the Confederation of Danish Industry Troels Ranis. Companies are in danger of losing their gas supply and shutting down. Italy is more optimistic. Oil and gas group Eni says the country will be able to survive next winter if it seeks the support of other gas suppliers.

Due to logistics problems, the number of foreign students in Russian universities is likely to decline, says MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichy. However, the universities, according to the rector, will do everything possible to “maintain the admission” – including the preparation of distance education forms. Cooperation with professors and science schools in other countries, Sadovnichiy believes, should remain independent.

In St. Petersburg, prices for home appliances and electronics fell in May. Cameras fell in price during the month by 17.4%, home stoves by 9%, flash drives by 7.7%, laptops and electric kettles by 6.3%, mixers and blenders by 5.8%. The head of INFOLine-Analysts, Mikhail Burmistrov, sees two reasons: the ruble is strengthening, the most expensive goods are leaving.

In January-April 2022, the turnover of garment manufacturers from St. Petersburg increased 2.1 times to 8 billion rubles. compared to the same period in 2021. In the Leningrad region, it increased 1.5 times to 400 million rubles. Among the reasons is the increase in the volume of sewing uniforms, special and work clothes, as well as the general restriction of imports.

In the field of waste management, Russia is dependent on the supply of imported equipment, so it will have to either redesign facilities or buy equipment from friendly countries, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko. According to her, the substitution of imports in this case is an absurd measure, as the conditions are limited: 100% of waste should be separated and landfill should be reduced by 50% by 2030.

Users and media outlets report that they can not download and install Windows 10 and Windows 11 from the official Microsoft Web site without a VPN. The TASS agency asked the company for a comment, but the company has not yet responded to the request. Denis Kuskov, CEO of Information and Analysis Agency TelecomDaily, says users will be able to continue using pre-installed versions of the operating system or download new ones via VPN.

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