The man refused tea and coffee for two months and said what happened to his body

Many write about the possible consequences of refusing to use certain known products. Pavel Gorbachev refused black tea and coffee – read below what happened to him.

This story began on January 6, 2022. The big New Year holidays were late, the body was already tired of gastronomy and suddenly I wanted to do something unusual that would have a positive effect on the health of the body, writes The fact is that I have fallen victim to the habit of constantly drinking black tea for more than 20 years and about 10 years ago I became addicted to coffee. He decided to give them up and give them up.

Anastasia Yurpalova, a nutritionist and Men Today fitness expert, comments on the author’s subjective feelings during the experiment.

The next day, after a firm decision, I felt thirsty. He drank cold bottled water. Surprisingly, it turned out that only 1.5 liters of water a day is enough for me (I drank 2-3 liters of tea a day).

Expert comment: Very often, the consumption of tea and coffee is not associated with thirst, but simply with a pleasant and favorite taste. With a neutral taste, water will help satisfy the feeling of thirst, which can reduce the total intake of fluids during the day, this is a completely normal reaction.

I still drink water, I started adding fruit juices and drinks to it. I noticed that I was much less likely to go to the toilet for small needs. Urine became much lighter than usual.

Expert comment: When adding fruit juices and beverages, you need to be careful, especially if you buy them from a store. The fact is that the manufacturers often add a large amount of sugar. Also, juices, even freshly squeezed ones, are clearly lost from whole fruits, as they contain almost no fiber, are less filling and contain more calories.

My head started to hurt, and it keeps hurting. This is unlikely to be due to changes in atmospheric pressure. A strange pain, not acute, as with an increase in blood pressure, but pain. It’s hard to sleep because of this, so I go to bed later than usual and get up later. The performance is the same as usual.

Expert comment: The appearance of a headache when refusing caffeine is noted by a large number of people, this is the so-called “withdrawal syndrome”. In time, it goes away on its own.

The headache suddenly disappeared, one morning I woke up with a clean head. I noticed that during the work there are no longer so well-known seizures of inspiration and the feeling of a clean head, which was after a cup of strong tea. It takes me longer to get to work in the morning, and before lunch I often notice that I am sitting at the computer without a single useful thought.

Expert comment: It is also a manifestation of the “deprivation syndrome”. Reducing caffeine intake from tea and coffee can affect cognitive function and sleep quality. In this case, it is worth adding more physical activity and walks in the fresh air to your program, this will help you to get in the mood and deal more easily with the “deprivation syndrome”.

I also drink water, juices and fruit drinks. I do not like tea and coffee, which is surprising, because everywhere they write that a sharp refusal will lead to abstinence. If I used to notice a fast heartbeat after drinking coffee and tea, now I do not experience such sensations. Something is missing.

I noticed that the teeth became noticeably whiter and now there are no former ugly yellow-brown borders on the crowns of the teeth, although I did not change the brushing practice in any way: the brush and toothpaste remained the same. Sometimes during the day I really want to sleep and by the end of the working day I feel like a squeezed lemon. Usually during this period I drank coffee and could continue to work. I now understand how powerful the stimulant effect of caffeine is.

Expert comment: Aside from the fact that caffeine is a stimulant, the use of tea and coffee often becomes a habit and ritual that has been established in our lives. It is a great practice to replace one habit with another. If you spent 15 minutes for a cup of coffee at the end of the working day, then try now to dedicate this time to meditation, a little industrial exercise or listening to quiet music. Such simple practices will help you to take a break from work and feel better.

I noticed that I was practically not thirsty, although I started drinking less water. I try to dilute fruit juices and drinks with water, because they started to look sweet. I realized how much black tea “pounded” my receptors on the tongue, distorted the perception of taste. In general, there is now a slight aversion to sweets, you just do not want it. He used to be able to eat a cake and a half with tea, now that looks wild. I gladly eat meat in the form of pork kebab from the neck with onions and bacon. The appetite is the same as before.

Expert comment: Indeed, avoiding tea and coffee can help you taste better about food and drink. But it is better not to overdo it with pork skewers and bacon. Try to eat a varied and balanced diet.

Sleep has become noticeably better and more stable. Very often I wake up just before the alarm clock, and I feel full of energy. I work the same way as before, from a distance, but I began to notice frequent shortness of breath when climbing stairs. Obviously overweight, but so far there is no way to reduce the number of hours you spend on the computer.

The effectiveness is normal, there is no desire to miss a cup of tea or coffee. The strong smell of coffee salivates, but I understand that it has a bitter taste and immediately the desire to drink it disappears. The same goes for black tea. My teeth still look whiter than before, which I can call a very big advantage.

Appetite as usual, but I eat less. Apparently, earlier the stomach volume was bigger due to the constant use of hot tea, but now it has returned to normal. At the same time, he noticed with dissatisfaction that he gained weight – from 100 kg at the beginning of the year to 105 kg.

Expert comment: In fact, tea and coffee can help alleviate hunger for a while as the fluid fills the stomach. It is also worth noting that our stomach dilates naturally when filled with food or drink. As the food moves further into the intestine, it returns to its normal size. If you notice that you are starting to gain weight, then you should pay more attention to your diet.

I decided to add the use of matcha tea to water, fruit juices and juices. At first I was afraid that the thien from this would work like caffeine, but everything seemed to be going well. I do not feel any particular negative effects from the fight, although it also speeds up the heart and activates the heart rate. Again I started eating sweet and starchy foods with hot green tea, although I understand mentally that this is not good. Rather, I will refuse the match and return to ordinary water and juices.

He gained weight from 105 to 109 kg. Fat deposition, according to subjective senses, starts from the navel and goes down. The face, shoulders and arms were virtually round. But with jeans, which fit easily in November, I now climb with a little difficulty. Shortness of breath is also over, as before, it is necessary to move to a more mobile lifestyle as soon as possible, because I had never weighed so much before. I think that due to the rejection of tea and coffee, something has changed in the metabolism, and now everything is stored in the body in the form of fat.

But I do not want to start drinking black tea again, but also coffee. I plan to review my diet and eat more lean meats and generally exclude sweet and starchy foods as much as possible. I will fight obesity with exercises on the horizontal bar, skating and long walks. I do not plan to start jogging yet, I’m afraid I will not have enough strength for work and ordinary things during the day. Let’s see what happens.

Expert comment: Refusing caffeinated beverages does not affect metabolism in any way. Weight gain is affected by the energy balance. If you take in more calories than you burn, then weight gain is inevitable. Eating fruit drinks, juices and pork kebabs on a regular basis probably added a few hundred extra calories to your diet. Calorie deficiency and physical activity can help you manage weight gain and keep you healthy. You should not completely give up flour and sweets, just be more careful with the amount of such foods in your diet.

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