Unmerciful: Paid money does not save greedy Kostroma poachers from justice

Kostroma District Court. Article – “Poaching”. In the chair is a man who is not sure about himself. He hides his eyes from the video camera and willingly answers the referee’s questions.

Last fall, the remains of two elk were found in the forest near the village of Sukhorukovo, in the Kostroma region. An elk mother and her one-year-old son were killed in the cold by poaching – after all, no one was allowed to hunt in this area. The cartridges that remained in place were sent for ballistic examination. According to the results of the work of the experts, the police located the person who possessed the weapon. He came to his house with a search. And they found another 4 elk carcasses. Animals just killed, again without permission. The hunter has just finished slaughtering.

Aleksey Akkuratov, prosecutor in the trial: “Six representatives of elk killed by this person are really many. And it caused irreparable damage to nature. Given that among them were representatives of the female sex, women “…

Even during the investigation into the criminal case of poaching, the man fully admitted his guilt and repaid part of the damage caused to nature – 480 thousand rubles. He told the court he needed moose meat to eat.


Correction: “Why do you need so much?”

Accused: “That’s it”.

According to experts, the total weight of the moose harvest exceeded one tonne. A person needs 75, at most 80 kg of meat per year. Even for a family of four it would be enough for 4 years. And given the hunting conditions – he watched moose from a snowmobile, was shot by a rifle with good visual acuity – experts talk about excessive greed or unhealthy enthusiasm.

Kostroma citizen faces up to 5 years in prison for mass elk killing


Vyacheslav Perminov, Head of the Department of Rapid Reaction and Wildlife Monitoring of the Department of Natural Resources, representative of the injured:“You can not call it hunting at all. There is only poaching, in its most negative form. [Подсудимый] must be punished in accordance with the strictest liability measures provided by law.

Another criminal case is still under investigation. In the Antropovsky area in February this year, the hunter discovered the remains of three threshing floors. He was arrested as a suspect 34-year-old resident of Ivanovo region. He categorically denied any involvement in the crime. But investigators gathered evidence and went to court.


Olga Vakurova, Senior Assistant to the Head of the ICR Research Committee for the Kostroma Region: “The suspect was detained by an investigator of the regional commission of inquiry, at the request of the investigation, the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention.”

After spending a day in a detention center, the young man immediately changed position. He confessed to illegal hunting and willingly repaired all the damage caused to nature. And this is 880 thousand rubles.

Every year in the area up to 20 criminal cases are prosecuted under the article “poaching”. Moose are most often shot by poachers, followed by bears and wild boars.. Police say it is difficult to determine the poacher’s guilt, but it is possible.


Roman Sozinov, Head of the Research Organization Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kostroma region: “Thanks to the meticulous work of the investigators, the services and the police units that provide escort in a criminal case – these are operational units, for the service of the local police – in some cases, the person who is guilty of this crime is identified. “And then, inevitably, he will be held criminally liable and will be compensated for the damage caused to the environment.”


Sergei Prostov, Head of the Hunting Department of the Department of Natural Resources: “Poaching is undoubtedly a negative phenomenon. “And if we do not stop the events of illegal animal hunting, then the number of these animals, in my opinion, will be much smaller.”

Kostroma District Court. The investigation of the case of illegal hunting continues, with the result that 6 moose were killed. Representatives of the injured party – employees of the Department of Natural Resources – insist on the severe punishment of the accused. With the article “poaching” it is from 3 to 5 years of real imprisonment and a fine of one million.

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