We are on the World Wide Web or Who in Russia may be upset by the blocking of new Microsoft software

An expert at Online47 assessed the risks and gave simple recommendations for personal digital mastery

This weekend, there was a wave of information on the net: Microsoft seemed to have decided to take part in the “punishment” of the Russians for violating US rules and ruled out the possibility of downloading the official versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10 from the official website.

At the same time, there was not much fuss anyway, because the professionals immediately shrugged their shoulders calmly and ordinary users generally tried to remember which version of Windows they had on their computer and then stopped. Not that they relied on luck, but, as evidenced by a non-representative sample of Online47, they decided to overcome the problems as they arose.

Our IT expert, Igor Primakov, generally shares this reaction, but still recommends that you take care of something right now.

Russia on the World Wide Web

According to the latest census conducted in 2020, 147 million people live in Russia – plus or minus 0.3%.

At the same time, at the beginning of last year 2021 In Russia, there were about 124 million Internet users and the audience is growing.

That is, almost every second Russian uses the Internet, including infants and the older generation.

Well, one more statistical detail: more than 75% of Internet users in Russia “live” on the World Wide Web using mobile devices, not desktops – have long been “privatized” by children for schoolwork and computer games. .

By the way, readers of Online47 confirm almost exactly the statistics: 75.4% of those who read our news do so with the help of gadgets.

So for them, according to our expert, any problems with Windows are not relevant at all.

The PC as a tool

However, connecting to the Internet is no longer just a private ride in the form of “seeing people and showing yourself”. This is also a job, and it already requires personal computers and, consequently, software.

And here, in theory, is the section where reports of problems with Windows 11 and Windows 10 could upset someone.

But, as it seems, they were not upset.

Expert Online47 initially recalled:

“Users are working on applications and on what platform they are installed – Windows 7, 8 or 10 – is a matter of taste,” explains Igor Primakov. – Yes, the vast majority work with MS Office. But a pretty worthwhile alternative is openOffice. Or the so-called “Russian Office” – Rus Office: the interface is familiar, it solves the main tasks – it is quite suitable for standard functionality at work. As for Windows 11, in general it is still a “thing in itself” and no application requires this operating system.

By the way, Microsoft has not officially supported Windows 7 for a long time – and nothing: many companies in Russia use this version this way.

Russian software: tomorrow is coming today

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko, by mid-June 2022 in the register of domestic software already had about 14 thousand products from more than 4 thousand manufacturers.

And Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin also claims:

“By 2025, all foreign software and hardware solutions and systems, according to the plans, should be decommissioned and replaced with Russian ones,” the head of the Russian Federation’s government reminded.

This was discussed in the forum “Digital Industry of Industry of Russia” and these data confirm that the digital disclosure in our country by itself will not happen due to the disconnection of the Russians from this or that software.

Why, then, all these waves of “punishments”?

“And from evil,” believes Igor Primakov. – Any changes bring discomfort – well, they try to spoil the mood. But most importantly, I think this is just marketing advertising – once again I reminded myself. In fact, their well-developed functionality is used by a maximum of 15% of users. ”

But, suppose, that the opponents took it and “cut” us completely everything. So what?

“Nothing,” says Igor Primakov. Nothing will happen on the same day. If you’re not a fan of online services like Office 365 and you do not keep your documents and photos on remote Google drives, nothing will happen to you. And if that’s not the case then here’s what they say … But if all your important stuff is stored on a separate drive and you back up everything that has been stored on your computer at least once a month, then you have no problem. ” explains Igor Primakov.

For those who use state-of-the-art packages like “Adobe Master Collection 2022” – that is, working with multimedia products or software in recent years, Igor Primakov believes that if everything is really blocked, they should just “take a step back”. to obtain this software.

This, of course, does not mean that everything is calm in the digital world – but here the situation is already completely different.

Instead of a hysterologist

For now, for reference only:

“The average Internet user in Russia spends 7 hours and 52 minutes on the Internet every day. That’s almost an hour longer than the world average of 6 hours and 54 minutes. “

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Is it a lot or a little? Everything is relative. Try to figure out how much time you spend meeting loved ones? Or walking with children? Or just to get some fresh air?

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