Where can you find coolness on a hot day?

Having been waiting for summer, the people of Haikov are happy and mourning at the same time. The heat, of course, is good, but how do we explain to our body, for which plus 25-30 degrees in the shade is a serious test, that it’s time to enjoy life? However, if you use some recommendations for summer habits, you can even relax this summer.

Where can you find coolness on a hot day?

Sunday 19 June 2022, 12:00

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Spicy food will cool the body

In many southern countries, spicy foods have been rescued from the heat. Meanwhile, on a hot day, we usually drink ice water. This habit leads to a quick result, but the cold body immediately begins to make up for the lack of heat – and we become even hotter.

Spicy food works differently. Increases blood flow, warms the body, as a result, a person sweats, sweat evaporates, cooling the skin. Thus, the body regulates the temperature on its own, while the heat returns more slowly.

Note that if you suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, it is best to consult your doctor before changing your diet.

Less protein and salty foods!

Salty foods and proteins release metabolic heat during digestion and cause water loss. Thus, proteins take up about 20-30% of the calories produced. Due to the energy consumed, some people may feel sweat on their forehead after eating a steak. As a result, the body temperature after a heavy meal may rise slightly.

As for salty food, it absorbs fluids in the body, resulting in even more heat.

Eat oranges!

Daily intake of vitamin C reduces the time it takes for the body to adapt to a warmer environment. Scientists believe that this is because it stimulates the sweat glands.

The most important thing is not to overdo it. Doctors recommend consuming 65 to 90 mg per day. This is about 1-1.5 oranges. The maximum dose of vitamin C is 2000 mg (about 5 kg of oranges).

Give up caffeine

In addition, it is worth limiting not only coffee, even cold, but also black tea. Caffeine intake is directly related to an increase in body temperature. It causes the blood vessels to constrict, causing the blood to heat up and with it the whole body. That’s why black tea helps keep you warm in the winter.

Be careful with the fans

According to preliminary research data, if the thermometer rises above 35 degrees, then the distilled air will only increase the thermal load, contribute to dehydration and, in the worst case, can lead to heatstroke.

Much also depends on humidity. If this indicator is elevated, the air moving around the room will carry moisture with it and this makes it difficult for sweat to evaporate. Therefore, it is best not to turn on the fan in the room where the clothes are drying.

Mint – in a cup!

By the way, this herb can be used not only in salads and drinks, but also by putting the plant in water or using aromatic oils. They activate the TPRM8 protein. Reacts with menthol, which is found in mint and other plants of this species. The same protein is activated when we feel cold and activates a mechanism that sends information to the brain about the drop in temperature. In fact, menthol cheats on protein, however, because of this illusion, we feel cool.

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