which holidays are celebrated in Russia, in the world and in Kuban

world day Wifi

World Wi-Fi Day is an international initiative aimed at bridging the digital divide. The purpose of the action is to recognize the huge role of Wi-Fi, which has become part of the lives of many people, in reaffirming the importance of implementing innovative projects that allow those who do not yet have access to wireless Internet networks.

The holiday has been celebrated since 2016. The technology of wireless internet connection and wireless data transmission was developed in the 1990s by Australian scientists. This technology was successfully applied and developed by engineers at Nokia and Aironet and was called Wi-Fi.

The significance of this development is colossal not only for each of us personally, but also for industry, the military sphere and the development of technology. Wi-Fi is used to set up wireless networks for industrial use (IWLAN), for example, to control moving objects, warehouse logistics, and remote or hazardous production facilitieswhere the presence of business staff is associated with increased risk or is completely difficult – as well as in cases where for any reason it is impossible to install wired networks.

International Motorcycle Day

The holiday is celebrated every third Monday of June.

In 1989, the owner of the American company Aerostich (Aerostich), which was engaged in the production of innovative motorcycle equipment, Andy Goldfine started an informal “Day Ride to Work Day” – “Day riding a motorcycle to work”. In 1992, one of the motorcycle magazines in the United States published an article in which July 22, 1992 was declared National Motorcycle Day. And so the celebration was born.

On this day, representatives of motorcycle associations organize “gatherings”, run around cities or between cities and exchange emotions. In Kuban, the largest club in terms of number of participants is the Night Wolves. This movement started in the USSR and quickly spread to all cities in the country.

As of 2021, there are about 2.3 million motorcycle vehicles in Russia. However, it is impossible to say the exact number of motorcyclists.

Day of the miner-torpedo operator and the specialists of the mining-torpedo service of the Russian Navy

The professional holiday of the Mines and Torpedoes Service was established by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy on July 15, 1996 and is traditionally celebrated on June 20 – commemorating the first successful use of landmines by Russian sailors.

In 1855, during the Crimean War, an Anglo-French squadron entered the Gulf of Finland to attack Russian naval bases, mainly in Kronstadt. To protect their lines, Russian sailors had to use minefields. As a result, the enemy lost four warships and abandoned the attack.

Everyone who has a direct connection with this date participates in the celebrations. They are service specialists, miners and torpedoes of the Baltic, North, Black and Pacific fleets, as well as the Caspian fleet.

The Russian Navy Mines and Torpedoes Service is responsible for the storage, maintenance of weapons and the training of personnel in their use. Its experts deal with the disposal of ammunition (old mines) left after the war between the two world powers. They have been assigned the function of organizing and conducting military exercises: firing torpedoes, laying mines and anti-mine operations, testing new developments.

Petrov Post (Orthodox)

This year, the Petrov fast will last from June 20 to July 11.

The apostolic edicts of the first centuries of Christianity say: “Having celebrated Pentecost, celebrate a week. and after fasting for a week; for it is right for you both to rejoice in the gift of God and to fast after you have been relieved. ” Since then, the duration of this summer fast has changed and can now last from eight to forty-two days. It begins, as before, a week after the Trinity, and its starting date rolls, and now it always ends on the day of remembrance of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Peter’s Lent is especially recommended to those who for various reasons could not observe Lent. In addition to modesty in eating right now, it is best to follow a measured lifestyle, read prayers, and train the soul.

During Peter’s fast, meat and dairy products are excluded. Fishing is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

In Kuban on June 20 they celebrate:

– 70 years since the birth of Tatyana Leonidovna Epifantseva, Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic. He lives in Krasnodar.

They also celebrate today:

– World Refugee Day

– International Awareness and Nystagmus Day.

– Girls Learn Programming Day (Canada)

– Fedot Urozhaynik (popular).

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