Former hockey bison boss calls for more active killing of real bison – Sunevich dangerous for another Belarussian symbol – In the spirit of the times – Blogs

Militant lieutenant general Igor Sunevich, who was born in the Luhansk region of Ukraine, was often distinguished by outrageous statements and actions. As interior minister, he repeatedly wore the NKVD uniform for the May 9 parade, which, in his own words, he ordered with his own money. A replica of those uniforms that suppressed and … Read more

Reform of veterinary education has been delayed in Russia

70% of veterinary school graduates are determined to care not for cows but for small domestic animals. Photo: GettyImages AIDS, Covid, Ebola, etc. came to the human world from the animal world. Or animals contributed to their distribution. Therefore, the health of domestic, productive and wild animals is a matter of our survival, writes our … Read more

At Revda, ticks start biting people and free vaccinations are not available at the hospital

Last week, dangerous insects have already bitten three residents – an unvaccinated child and two adults who have completed an incomplete vaccination program. At Revda, the tick season began in mid-April. Last week, dangerous insects have already bitten three residents – an unvaccinated child and two adults who have completed an incomplete vaccination program. By … Read more

Foot-and-mouth disease vaccination under way in the Altai Territory

Specialists from the state veterinary service vaccinate the entire livestock against foot-and-mouth disease. It is an animal infection that spreads very easily but is difficult to treat, so infected animals are usually destroyed and discarded. The works are expected to be completed by June 1. We asked Vladimir Samodurov, head of the Veterinary Department of … Read more

Doctors fear outbreak of rabies in Kazakhstan

An increase in the number of homeless dogs and cats threatens the outbreak of a dangerous virus in Kazakhstan. Increasingly, victims are turning to polyclinics. How to behave so as not to die, says According to experts, the economic crisis has also affected animals. In just two months, 353 residents of the capital suffered … Read more

6 dangerous diseases that your dog can infect you with

A dog is a friend of man, but a pet can very well be the cause of the development of dangerous diseases. Pregnant women should be especially careful. “Doctor Petros” learned how to avoid infection and maintain a tender friendship with a pet. Can a dog living in an apartment infect its owner with a … Read more

A wide range of measures is taken to maintain the epizootic.

About the work of the veterinary service of the Remontnensky region in the first quarter of 2022 says the actor. Aleksey Kovalev, Head of the Remontnenskaya SBBZH Region Epizootic prosperity in the Remontnensky area takes place thanks to the band precautionary measures. As part of these events, experts from the Remontnenskaya Interdistrict SBBZh take yard … Read more

“We have to get as many dogs home as possible from the streets!” Animal trainer explains the dangers of pets being abandoned due to war

Andrei Dolzhenko – Ukrainian dog trainer: on his youtube channel “Konura” he gives advice on communicating with four-legged pets. However, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Dolzhenko has published completely different videos – in them he saves dogs and cats that suffered from bombings in the Kiev region or for various reasons lost … Read more