Dangerous diet. What foods cause kidney stones? | Healthy living Health

Kidney stones are not uncommon. According to numerous studies, the prevalence of urolithiasis in the world is 3.5-9.6%. Traditionally, inflammatory processes and a series of failures in the body are blamed for the development of pathology. Doctors also note that there are cases where ordinary foods act as provocateurs. “Every individual’s metabolism is individual, but … Read more

Russified McDonald’s: What surprised the people of Yekaterinburg at Tasty – And this is

Yekaterinburg residents note that they are missing some items from the menu A photograph: Alexei BOULATOV In Yekaterinburg, on June 20, three parts of the former McDonald’s resumed their work. Now the foundation is called “Tasty – and that’s it”. The restaurant “KP-Ekaterinburg” on Malysheva Street to try old – new dishes and find out … Read more

Three days Bazhovka. How the festival became a crossroads of Russian cultures

After two years of pandemic, the Bazhov Festival hospitably welcomed lovers of folk art and folklore from all over the country. The festival site, located near the village of Demarino, in the Plastovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region, has been turned into a “city” of people. Here everything took on a national color. The spirit … Read more

“A path has been set for food self-determination” – Russia in world affairs

Hunger is a sacred phenomenon. The third horseman of the Apocalypse from the Apocalypse of John the Theologian. He won countless human lives. For the phenomenon not only of food security, but also of hunger as a socio-political phenomenon Fedor Lukyanov spoke with Alexander Nikulin, director of the RANEPA Agricultural Research Center, at “International Inspection” … Read more