A Muscovite accused of the largest deforestation in the Smolensk region will appear in court.

The district attorney sent to the court a criminal case for the largest illegal logging of forest plantations. A 57-year-old businessman from the Moscow region is accused of illegal logging on a particularly large scale. The reason for initiating a criminal case was the results of the control of the legality of deforestation in the … Read more

Versailles in the mountains. The industrial losses of the past years are being eliminated in Karabash

Ecology is the main trend of the 21st century. Understandably: in the last century, the whole world, in pursuit of progress, has experienced an industrial revolution. However, according to the law of conservation of mass, if it reached somewhere, then it left somewhere else. And we are not talking at all about hypothetical issues, but … Read more

how cuttings in Primorye are called reforestation

Roslesinforg named Primorye one of the leaders in reforestation. The area of ​​coastal forests is growing faster than in other parts of the Russian Federation, and of course, the department said. However, according to coastal ecologists, the actual statistics are much sadder. SEE.RU. According to the Primorsky Ministry of Forests and Wildlife Protection of the … Read more

Global warming could disrupt freshwater food chains

An increase in temperature in water bodies can lead to a remarkable change in the life cycle of parasites, scientists at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, named after the VI ONE, have discovered. Severtsov (IPEE) RAS. Due to global warming, it is possible to change the “host-parasite” chains, which will lead to a restructuring … Read more

Remove restrictions for Covid, design code and open Tasty and Point: news review

Dmitry Kandinsky / vtomske.ru Important or just interesting news from 13 to 19 June. There will be two days left for the election of the governor of Tomsk The constituency committee of the region decided to hold the voting in the elections within two days – 10 and 11 September 2022. In addition to the … Read more

No worse than Baden-Baden. Tourexpert talked about the resorts in Russia, which are worth going to, and the cost of rest

Baltic Sea. Resort Svetlogorsk. Federal travel agent “RESORTS OF RUSSIA” Olesya Suvorova. Source: “RESORTS OF RUSSIA” – Today we have a very resounding word “import substitution”. It seems to me, in our country there are resorts of foreign level, and even better. Say, Can we really find analogs of the conditional Baden-Baden? – Historically, that … Read more

Load removed from train – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

The Federation Council called the blockade of supplies in Kaliningrad a violation of international law. The Lithuanian authorities had previously prevented the transit of goods through their territory. We are talking about rail deliveries of products that are included in the black list of the European Union. Kaliningrad region governor Anton Alikhanov said authorities would … Read more

There will be no revelation: the dirtiest city on the planet is overgrown with greenery

A photograph: Valery ZVONAREV Residents of the small industrial town of Karabash in the Chelyabinsk region have long been accustomed to jokes about the third horns on cows and mushrooms with eyes. And in the search you will find a million links to the dirtiest city on the planet. Industrialists came to these places in … Read more