The bear destroyed the hives in the apiary in the village of Tomsk, the other pulled the horse

Dmitry Kandinsky / Experts are watching three bears that went to settlements in different parts of the Tomsk region – one destroyed the hives in the apiary, the other, according to eyewitnesses, pulled a horse, another bear walks near two villages. It is not yet planned to shoot bears, but such a decision can … Read more

in Europe, the number of “contaminated” fruits increased by 53%

Everything is bad with blueberries, peaches, cherries and celery.In Europe, the contamination of fresh fruit with dangerous pesticides has increased in the last 10 years, writes the Guardian, citing a study. Growth in a number of fruits amounted to 50%. Pesticide residues were found in one third of all apples and blackberries examined. Such substances … Read more

Traditional Armenian dishes and European variations await us at the #GARoon Lamb Dishes Festival –

The food festivals of the country are designed to reveal the most original combinations and delicious characteristics of the cuisine of our region and to conquer the locals and the tourists. The #GARoon Lamb Festival will feature a range of chef ideas and different meat-cooking styles: traditional Armenian dishes and European variations await us. According … Read more

The sowing of early spring crops is completed in Kuban

In the fields of Krasnodar Territory, work is in full swing, despite all the natural disasters: rain, wind, as well as unexpected snow for March and sub-zero temperatures. At present, Kuban growers are completing the sowing of early spring crops, peas and perennial grasses and continuing the second top winter crop dressing. According to the … Read more

Fermented foods are the foundation of a healthy immune system

Modern medicine is beginning to recognize that fermented foods and other elements of traditional Japanese cuisine promote a healthy gut flora and are beneficial to health. Farmer Yoshida Toshimichi grows organic vegetables and works with kindergartens and schools to help improve children’s immunity. Yoshida Toshimiti is a fan of organic farming, using special microorganisms to … Read more