“Meet the hexapods!”: Why this event has become the most visited at the Kirov Local Peace Museum

For the little nature lovers, the museum activities are necessarily complemented by creative elements. Photo provided by the heroine of the publication. June 15 is the Day of the Creation of the Youth Movement in Russia. He is already 104 years old! More than a century ago, the first stations for young nature lovers (young … Read more

“If you do not know, do not take it”: where and which mushrooms can be collected in the Samara area

The mushroom season began in the Samara region A photograph: Ksenia TIMOFEEVA The Samara region is famous for its extensive forests, where more than two hundred species of various edible mushrooms, berries and herbs grow. Lovers of “quiet hunting” know exactly when and where you can pick up a whole basket of delicious delicacies. The … Read more