“Meet the hexapods!”: Why this event has become the most visited at the Kirov Local Peace Museum

For the little nature lovers, the museum activities are necessarily complemented by creative elements. Photo provided by the heroine of the publication. June 15 is the Day of the Creation of the Youth Movement in Russia. He is already 104 years old! More than a century ago, the first stations for young nature lovers (young … Read more

Top 5 Dangerous Myths About Fires

About 100,000 hectares of forest are burned every year in Russia. Photo: Evgeny SOFRONEV / TASS About 100,000 hectares of forest are burned every year in Russia. This is not just a myth, but the truth, and bitter. Imagine: a small private house in the village burned down. Suffering? Even some! What if a hectare … Read more

The Red Book of the Bryansk region includes 13 species of rare animals

Photo: Bryansk Forest Shelter. 2017 has been declared the year of ecology in Russia. In January, the second update of the area Red Book was released in Bryansk (read more about this in the February 15 issue and on the website kp.en). It includes 13 species of rare and endangered animals. “For ten years of … Read more

Road infections and heatstroke at home: the main dangers of spring for dogs

In the spring, dog allergies can be caused by pest and insect bites, plant pollen and more. A photograph: Vlad KOMIAKOV In addition to the beautiful flowers, in the spring, a lot of waste appears under the snow, which wink at our pets. In addition, the usual weather is replaced by rain and dew, then … Read more

The price of feed has risen, there is not enough anesthesia: how the sanctions have affected the pets of the inhabitants of Voronezh

Animals also have difficult times. A photograph: Elizabeth KLYUKINA Last month, significant changes took place in Russia in the veterinary field: prices for animal feed and medicines have risen, and there has been a shortage of some medicines and therapeutic diets. Although the manufacturers have not yet announced a full withdrawal from the domestic market, … Read more

“I pierced it with a fork and put it on public display”: in the Sergievsky area, a man brutally killed a dog

Shocking shots are still standing in front of the eyes of the residents / Photo: Katerina Sazonova In the spring of 2022, the Samara region sank into the bloody slaughter of animals. Unimaginable in their cruelty, they caused violent indignation among the inhabitants. Some dogs were found to be extremely thin, but alive. Others were … Read more

Spring. Cats arrived: Moscow rescuers said in which cases the cats needed help

Elena Shalimova, employee of the public search and rescue formation “SpasReserve”. Photo: courtesy of OPSO SpasReserve “Podolski Cadet Street. At a height of nine meters, a cat sits in a tree, meows and can not get down. “They climbed the tripod ladder to the animal, took it out of the tree and placed it on … Read more

A good boy catches the bad guys: Indigo dog from Magadan finds banned substances in any building within minutes

Service dogs are trained by real professionals in their field Photo: Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Interior for the Magadan Region Plato Balko, 46, works as a senior inspector-kennel at the Dog Service Center of the Russian Interior Ministry in Magadan. For 26 years of service, his work has many times made it … Read more

Save Our Souls: Thousands of abandoned pets remain in Donbass

Young skeleton cat. The animal has been starving for many days. A photograph: Dina KARPITSKAGIA And together with the disadvantaged, homeless and homeless, they remain thousands of cats and dogs. It was the same once in 2014 and now history repeats itself again. What will happen to them? And who in the Donbass participates in … Read more