The bear destroyed the hives in the apiary in the village of Tomsk, the other pulled the horse

Dmitry Kandinsky / Experts are watching three bears that went to settlements in different parts of the Tomsk region – one destroyed the hives in the apiary, the other, according to eyewitnesses, pulled a horse, another bear walks near two villages. It is not yet planned to shoot bears, but such a decision can … Read more

Great projects for promising resources – Kommersant Perm

In terms of ecology, Perm is unique. In addition to the full-flowing Kama, there are more than 300 small rivers in the city, more than half of the metropolis is occupied by forests, there are 24 specially protected natural areas where plant and animal species are found in the Red Book. Therefore, Perm is a … Read more

Ecumenical soldier. The new hero of the “Top of the most influential animals of Belogorye”

We have to admit that the nature of a Belgorod man is such that, embraced by a series of small things in life, he thinks less and less about the ferret. But in vain. After all, this fur adorns not only the coats of arms of dozens of cities in the country, but also the … Read more

Chelyabinsk Region Uraloved Red Data Book

The list (list) of species of animals and plants listed in the Red Book of the Chelyabinsk region and in need of protection. Animals: – Mamals – Insectivores – Russian desman – Bats – Natterer’s Nightlight – Mustache night bat – Brad’s Night Light – Water Nightlight – Brown earmuffs – Bat of Nathousios – … Read more

The list of trophies can be expanded – Kommersant newspaper no. 212 (6450) dated 19/11/2018

The Ministry of Natural Resources is examining the feasibility of hunting trophies for animals belonging to rare and endangered species, the department said in response to a question from Kommersant about a letter sent to State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik, a member of the Mountain Hunters Club. to Deputy Minister Ivan Valentik. Mr. Reznik proposes … Read more

Will the Red Book allow the killing of unique animals?

A powerful member of the State Duma, Vladislav Reznik, has suggested that hunting for those rare animals in the Red Book be allowed. The culmination of irrationality (or cynicism, choose according to your taste) is that Mr. Reznik justifies his proposal with “concern for the preservation of these rare animals from extinction.” However, the policy … Read more

Alki remains in the Red Book. What other animals are protected by the state Nature Society

Exceptionally Let’s go back to the elk story. What was the indication for the hunters who tried to prevent this animal from being included in the Red Book? They supported their request to cancel the order of the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources to include the moose in the Red Book with the fact … Read more

The Red Book of the Sverdlovsk Oblast has doubled in 25 years: Society: Oblgazeta

Nikolai Korytin himself is the author of several articles on rare animals in the Red Book of the Sverdlovsk Oblast. Photo: Galina Solovyova In May 1996, the first Red Book of the Sverdlovsk Oblast was published. In those 25 years, two more updates have been released, each almost double the previous one. Editor-in-Chief of the … Read more